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    COM2 x3 almost unplayble same thing was on COM1 x3 too every time we ask manager say they working on it but never fix any thing . ATM we can not see player names / village names on reports . can not see Kingdom names when you hover mouse over village or player profile and more other places. kingdom names not show on Rankings and some other place. Chat DC lot of random times and some time nothing on chat its Empty. there is much more pls Fix this things.

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    still same like 1 day it was good after that same again need to reload evert 2-3 min and if i tab out [ go to another tab on browser ] need to reaload . attacks / chat[msg] / merchants nothing update.

    how can we send cata wave like this if i change to another tab on browser need to reload each tab so i can send attack waves with 30sec-1min delay with each wave . you think its good ????