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    I'm exactly in the situation we pointed out now... Joined as dual, had to buy more gold since i can't transfer the gold and now the main account decided they are quitting this server?! So i get messed up twice? first having to buy gold to "protect me" against my dual and now that i have bought gold on the new acc since i couldn't transfer, it will stay on the account and will eventually go into his account? Hardly seems like a good way to "protect me"? Unknown

    Every decent travian player stands here with you, however what you are proposing will never happen, actually it is not possible to happen.

    You forget TK is only still available for play because income from gold sales still covers the operating costs and garners a bit of profit on top. Therefore, TG will never, ever remove a potential gold buyer from the game, even if they brought an apocalypse upon it. The only solutions that 'can' or 'might' be considered are the ones that keep that player in the game, for the full duration of the round (so that player in question is in position to be 'tempted' to purchase gold as much as possible). Meaning, 10% pop punishment, -1 level of all buildings, removal of marketplace priviledges for a day, 10% less mines/crop production for a day/few days and similar. Proposing account deletion or anything as severe (while being proper) will never happen, and also require a professional to be hired on a hunter position, because account removals/deletions are not a small thing and you need someone experienced to spend hours investigating every trail leading to the occurance of cheating. Are you going to pay that individuals salary? TG certainly won't, as we witnessed for years now.

    Limit your expectations.

    you could also look at it the other way around: how many gold buyers have already quit the game because of the multi-accounting? I think far more than the amount of cheaters using gold

    Nope, too overpowered, the whole idea behind building the best WW hammer is that people should have a great start in order to max your amount of catapults. If you make it buyable, what would be the fun of it? It would only allow for less skilled people to get the greatest hammer.

    No i'm suggesting that since they are able to do that, they should also be able to transfer the gold to the account, since it ends up in the account anyway. This way dual players don't get negative consequences when buying gold in other servers and it will make them less reluctant to spend money on gold I guess.

    This way a sitter will be get bad consequences in either way Unknown, since when i buy gold on the account where i'm dual, i can still get kicked from the account or if the server is over, i won't get any of the gold that is still there since i'm the dual. So imho the argument you are using is invalid. Or should i then just not be someone's dual?

    Thanks in advance for your response and have a nice day!

    I found out about this too late, just bought 2k+ gold towards the end of com1x3, but most likely i will be a dual next server, so you are saying that i won't be able to use the gold i've paid you for since i'm not the main user, simply because you believe this "protects us"? seems like a way to purely force people to buy new gold and have gold stay in lobby??

    To be honest, i really believe Unknown is doing his best at the job, thanks for that! But i have to admit i agree with kicke in the way that some of the things should not be very hard to be implemented but still take way way too long for kingdoms to implement. The original idea behind menhir was that it would allow for people to play with their friends from the start of the game. If that is still the purpose of the menhir function, why would a person be allowed to menhir more than once? When he menhirs to his friends he can settle from there on and does not need to menhir any further. Same for the king requirement, you agree with the fact that the king spot is only suitable for experienced players, why not only allow people with a high prestige to be be king? in that way it simply won't be abused anymore and you make sure all kings are suitable players.

    I agree that you could cover the night using sitters, so for me it would be perfectly doable, but when you are new to the game it doesn't really invite people to join the server. So only premade teams will actively play the server, as new players without premade sitters will never be able to catch up. Don't think that is a good thing.

    Double storage is great, but we need more merchant capacity

    Disagree with that, we should not make the game too easy. The thing with double storage is that it allows for a normal sleep, which i think is great as it is just a game.

    Making the merchant cap too big however would make it way to easy to get a hammer to run 24/7 from early on, so we would see a lot more maxed out hammers on the server and it is not longer something you have to work hard for. That is just my humble opinion though.

    It isn't illegal, however it is just as bad as botting for your own games... there's cooperating with players but IMO totally controlling multiple accounts is not just cooperating. You do own those accounts as they are only there for your benefit.

    Nah, with more 15c's you would only stop people from fighting over them, so you will lower the amount of fights again. There's already too few wars out there, I think it is a good thing to have people fight for croppers

    Making crannies more powerful would only decrease the amount of farming and fights going on on a server = less fun for everyone. People would just sim for the win at the start.

    Easily at least 10-15k swords for below average players, experienced ones can build close to 50-70k or more swords during that day especially kings or raiders.

    On day 50 of a 1x?! So that means on day 150 of the server it should be possible to have 200k+?

    Thanks for answering!

    Resources are still the most useful, especially in the beginning of a server. If people would get items every adventure, the rarity and therefore the value and use of the items will decrease big time. If everyone has a hero with max. bonus strength, all heroes are still equally as strong. Especially in your first 10, or so it has always been (don't know if it is still the case), you get resources and some basic stuff. Later on in the game chances are bigger you get something useful, but chances are just as small for everybody, to give the goods value.

    If you've got too many ointments in the game for instance, what is even the use of hero health points? People will just keep hero healthy always. And what is the use of everyone having thousands of bandages? It will just reduce the damage you can do to players, as they will receive their troops back for free.

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for asking it in here, but not very experienced in hammers, first time playing as an offensive player on this game.

    If a 1x server is around day 50, what amount of troops would make a good Gaul hammer?

    I'm trying to find out if my teammates are on the right track for building a nice hammer of if there is little potential.

    I'm guessing at least 5k swords already right?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.s. it is Swords + TT's I believe