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    To be honest, i really believe Unknown is doing his best at the job, thanks for that! But i have to admit i agree with kicke in the way that some of the things should not be very hard to be implemented but still take way way too long for kingdoms to implement. The original idea behind menhir was that it would allow for people to play with their friends from the start of the game. If that is still the purpose of the menhir function, why would a person be allowed to menhir more than once? When he menhirs to his friends he can settle from there on and does not need to menhir any further. Same for the king requirement, you agree with the fact that the king spot is only suitable for experienced players, why not only allow people with a high prestige to be be king? in that way it simply won't be abused anymore and you make sure all kings are suitable players.

    I agree with daver, what i meant is that you probably haven't done anything wrong yourself and i guess people respect you for that. But you should understand that kingdoms cannot easily unban your account, as the account has been used in a way that is forbidden by the rules. So i would say, take your loss and next time get yourself a dual that won't share passwords. :)

    then why is there such a feature? Why did the game put such a feature? If not, why is there? Damn the day I give. I write to the managers to seek my right like a human. Managers don't even care. Here I am telling you about my problem. You just all blame me. I can't believe I fell into such an outrage. I do not halal the money and effort I spend. Because the managers do not answer. I can not get any answers. Because they closed my tickets. Because they don't care about us. That's why I say racism exists. If they had answered I would not have been seeking rights here for hours.

    The feature is there to share your account with a dual. But if your dual shared his password with other Ottoman players that is not your fault of course, but is cheating on your account, so to me it seems fairly logical that the acc gets banned tbh. I do understand that you feel treated unfairly, but you should really look at your dual, as he is probably the one that shared his login, instead of blaming the game for racism.

    It isn't illegal, however it is just as bad as botting for your own games... there's cooperating with players but IMO totally controlling multiple accounts is not just cooperating. You do own those accounts as they are only there for your benefit.

    Nah, with more 15c's you would only stop people from fighting over them, so you will lower the amount of fights again. There's already too few wars out there, I think it is a good thing to have people fight for croppers

    Making crannies more powerful would only decrease the amount of farming and fights going on on a server = less fun for everyone. People would just sim for the win at the start.

    Easily at least 10-15k swords for below average players, experienced ones can build close to 50-70k or more swords during that day especially kings or raiders.

    On day 50 of a 1x?! So that means on day 150 of the server it should be possible to have 200k+?

    Thanks for answering!

    Resources are still the most useful, especially in the beginning of a server. If people would get items every adventure, the rarity and therefore the value and use of the items will decrease big time. If everyone has a hero with max. bonus strength, all heroes are still equally as strong. Especially in your first 10, or so it has always been (don't know if it is still the case), you get resources and some basic stuff. Later on in the game chances are bigger you get something useful, but chances are just as small for everybody, to give the goods value.

    If you've got too many ointments in the game for instance, what is even the use of hero health points? People will just keep hero healthy always. And what is the use of everyone having thousands of bandages? It will just reduce the damage you can do to players, as they will receive their troops back for free.

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for asking it in here, but not very experienced in hammers, first time playing as an offensive player on this game.

    If a 1x server is around day 50, what amount of troops would make a good Gaul hammer?

    I'm trying to find out if my teammates are on the right track for building a nice hammer of if there is little potential.

    I'm guessing at least 5k swords already right?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.s. it is Swords + TT's I believe

    The idea behind this is that you have your 2nd village freaking fast, so that you can get the best cropper. Don't do any of the resource level assignments, they only cost you resources. If you use your cropper for your resource assignment, "all resource fields to lvl 5" comes down to upgrading 3 resource fields. From those assignments you will then get your rewards and build up your production level.