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    These are old bugs you have reactivated.
    I have seen all these messy things before and even the lag reacts in a familiar way.

    I gave up playing com7 becuz of lag. Com1*3 performed better. Now Com2*3 perform as com7.
    Give us com1*3 back plz.

    Your crappy lag ended up costing me 167 gold and you didn't give a damn, I doesn't have much patience left.

    I made a ticket explaining the 2 differences in the performance on com7 and com1*3 and it took you 2 days to respond. Since the speed-server was about to end and I had started my shutdown on com7,- I did just like you,- I didn't give a damn (about some ping-tingy).
    You were told this WEEKS ago and didn't give a damn back then, now you tell us you are working on it........

    I did 2 days ago. They haven't answered me yet. Well thx for your Time JJ. I think my Trav-king-time are running out. Com7 are not playable for me.

    I get you're noob, but if you don't get some things it doesn't mean they're bad ! Game/default setting can't know if some village is friendly and you want to send reinforcments there, or you want to attack it, only thing they could add there is it could remember last action you made on that village, and make that default for that village.
    Next thing, comfirming attacks is also good, especialy when you're sending catapults and waves, this way you can check if you made everything ok before you send waves, and you don't have some reinforcments betwean waves !

    In general i don't find anything bad about sending units, and i think you won't either once you'll understand system, and won't talk out of rage, because you lost some village due to your own mistake/inexpirience and now you try and blame the game for it ;)

    I get that you are an ignorant bezzerwizzer, but it actually seems that it is YOU that are the minority here. So when the new system come you can/will put me in top of your hate-liste when your blame-game starts.
    You have a point -however - about sending waves,- here the "Continue"-step looks to me (as well) to be a "must-have". This can ,however, be activated once you add multiple action in the topbar, apart from this "Continue" ain't needed.
    There was absolutely no reason for you to draw the noobcard when pointing this out. So bloody childish it was! Yet so often seen!!
    And I didn't loose a city, I didn't get it before a weekend-player activated Holiday, becuz my Senator have been travelling to the city in vain twice, and the loyalty was down to crazy 19.

    And yes Rashidix,

    Of course there's the option to implement a bit more elaborate "settings tab" by which players can choose their own defaults from 'no default', 'attack', 'raid' and 'support' :)

    Of cuz such choices can be made to us noobish newbees that only have played wargames online since the nineteen-nineties and prefer to handle our troops ourselves .......

    We doesn't need to be mothered. We are not Curlingchildren that needs to have our mother running before us sweeping away any might-be-an-obstacle.

    I really believe it to be impossible to make any default that makes sense,- so don't make any default at all. You are overruling my own gameplay.
    The whole idea of defaults is to make thing easier,- any default here only creates more Errors from players.

    Let me make my choices - myself - thank you.

    No Ariakus and no again.
    No I won't get used it, I haven't sofar!
    No, the defplayer wont get an extra step: Instead of using "Continue" they have to use "Reinforcement" and then "Send".

    I knows why this default-fåck-up was made. It has been made years back in Travian-days becuz players ended up attacking when they would send def. It was wrong then and it is wrong now, but it eliminated - primarily - newbee's errors. "My system" will put some newbees in the situation where they can't find out just how to send troops at all, but once learned it will work just fine, I am sure,- and they can allways make a few quests on it.

    Okii. NOW I HAD IT. My gold are running out on my 2 worlds I am playing and I WILL NOT renew but stops playing UNLESS YOU FIX what I will describe below.

    On short I can say to you: "If you can't make default-setting that are beneficial to us players, THEN DON*T MAKE THEM!"

    When I click on a enemy village/city and then send-troops-Shield your defaultsetting pops to Reinforcement, I doesn't reinforce enemy cities I attack such. So I have to change that to an Attack, Raid or Siege, AND then I can press "Continue" and then on a new page press Send. Now just how stupid is that?!?!??!!?
    It is not needed at all. You have added an extra action for me for a shitty default. A shitty default that produces the most errors by players in this game. It's all your making, all your doing, you have added a trap for us to make us make those wrongdoings that are so irritating and sometimes even critically.

    This is how it should be:
    I pick a city from the map and press the Send-troops-shield and then there is no default at all, so I pick my troops and choose what kind of "mode" this action should be, whereafter I will meet a send-buttom.
    I, and all other players, will then be spared for an extra and unnessary buttom to handle + my error-rate will drop dramatically. Errors that has just costed me a 1300-city.

    Will you fix this for us? And when? (when my golds runs out I stop playing - so you doesn't have to next year).