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    Geçmiş olsun...

    Fakat bu sadece TR serverlarında var olan bir durum değil, bir süre önce COM forumlarındada bu konular konuşuluyordu.(bknz:

    Kendi deneyimlerimde Destek COM'dada hızlı çalışmıyor, hatta TR desteği daha hızlı bile olabilir.

    Multi Hesap kullanımı çok zorlu bir süreç, kullanan insanların yanı sıra kullanmayan insanlarda yanlışlıkla cezalandırılabiliyor ve bunun örnekleride var. İnsan her şekilde bir açıklık bulma konusunda üstün olduğundan dolayı, sistem ne kadar gelişirse gelişsin bir şeyler buluyorlar. Buradada etik devreye giriyor, yapabiliyor olmak yapmak zorunda olduğunu göstermiyor ki malesef bende oyun yöneticilerinin anlık müdahale edebileceği bir durum olarak görmüyorum bunu. Malesef düşen oyuncu sayısı, oyun türüne olan istek azaldığı için bu oyuna yapılacak büyük yatırımlar mümkün gibi durmuyor. Buda farkındaysan bir kaç yıldır sadece aynı sistem üstünde ilerlerleyen çok büyük yenilikler, farklılıklar gelmeyen mümkün olduğunca stabil bir oyun sunulmasıyla sonuçlanıyor. Altın konusu apayrı bir durumda, comda oynarken kesinlikle hissedebileceğin bir zorluk, gerek son dönemde oyunda sabit bir kurun olmaması, türk lirasının muhteşem bir değer kaybı sonucu, yabancıların uygun fiyatlara aldığı altın bizim için büyük bir miktara dönüşüyor.

    Şahsi görüşüm, Sayın Kaos'un söylediklerindende yola çıkarak şirketin bu oyun için yeni formüller geliştirmesi. Oyuncular içinse bunu bu kadar içselleştirmeye gerek yok, bu bir oyun, günün sonunda bu oyunda eğlenmek için zaman veriyoruz, emek veriyoruz, eğer eğlenebiliyorsak ne ala. Diğer türlü dediğin gibi dışarıda çok güzel oyunlar var :thumbsup: Malesef webtabanlı oyunların devri(en azından bu ve benzeri oyunlarda) geçmiş durumda.

    It is such an honor to hear that from you Scorox but can't take all the credits for myself. Bay Tavşan and LovëGood did as much as I did.

    And I can't say nothing less about you guys! I am glad we met with you and your team, it was quite an experience.

    I wish we could play again :)

    Hey Folks,

    About a year ago, after our success in national servers, we found the kingdom “UNKNOWN” on COM1, As a kingdom we tried to behave ethically, achieve more success with fewer people. We didn’t win that server but we had happy moments, sad moments and some tired moments but most importantly we had fun. Throughout the whole server, we were against worthy opponents and I believe we earned their respect and friendships.

    Now, we are trying to create a new kingdom from scratch on March’s COM server with the name “UNTOLD”. Which will act ethically again and won’t break its principles. For that purpose, we are looking for members, who will put their selfishness aside and seeks the kingdom’s interest, who will try to contribute from the start to the end, who can enjoy this games and for that joy can sacrifice some of their sleep, who can afford to be destroyed. Also, like our previous experiences, we want to create this kingdom with 60-65 people…

    We would be happy to see applications from our previous members, opponents or the people who heard us the first time. But we are sorry to say that we need to choose between applications as we are trying to limit our numbers. For that purpose, we will give feedbacks positively or negatively according to our decision. We guarantee that we will evaluate objectively so we wish you don’t take the negative feedback personally(even though you would be our previous members doesn’t mean that you can’t get negative feedback.)

    As UNTOLD, our members will enjoy during the time they play, they will have the experience to improve themselves through the round. We will trust them and will make them join directly(every player will be responsible for their accounts and the actions)to any events of the kingdom for the whole round.

    For all who want to apply UNTOLD, we have some prerequisites as follows;

    ---> As we mentioned before since we believe ethics in the game, no members would only have any connection to multi-accounting but also account sharing.(Duals and sitters don’t count.)

    ---> None of the members would insult anyone.

    ---> No one is perfect, for that members need to open for improvement.

    ---> All of the members would see their villages, resources, croppers, armies as Kingdom’s assets. Moreover, members should be aware that playing alone doesn’t provide anything at all, and understand the importance of the team play and put their selfish behaviors out of the team.

    ---> We are trying to provide the best system for playing as a team, for that purpose we want our members to comply with this system.

    ---> We are expecting members to act emphatically and be tolerant.

    ---> Amongs our members, there could be former enemies and people didn’t like each other. We are expecting them to leave their past behind and agree on the one common purpose. Even though nobody can’t be forced to love any other, you must act respectfully.

    ---> As you know, this will be a long journey, we want nobody to let us down in the middle of this journey. Then Our request from the applicants is that you need to make ready yourself for at least 150 days of commitment. Cause when you drop the game, you harm other’s labor and changing the system of the kingdom. “Especially for UNTOLD, every member is like a column of a building, losing one of those columns makes the building weaker.”

    ---> Finally, we want everyone to apply individually. We have respect for the group of the people who want to play together but as we mentioned earlier, we need to limit our numbers, therefore we need to choose carefully.

    If you think you are eligible for our kingdom, we are waiting for your application. We will contact everyone individually and we will talk about the details(style, game etc.)We hope that we would provide you a new experience, a funny game and dozens of war.

    Thank you all for the time you spent.

    And yes, we can say that from the ashes of the UNKNOWN, UNTOLD is rising.



    LovëGood & Elerossë & Bay Tavşan


    16 I guess, probably it was one of the Stars' village. Actually, no I don't have any account on my own, just helped my friend at the start. But I am not playing like 3-4 months. Face you ?;( Are we friend ,aren't we ?

    Maybe we shall see each other in the battlefield again, looks like I will return to game.

    Until then I wish you good luck :thumbsup:

    PS: Excited to see your hammers and victory ;)

    When I play with gold, First I stack Books of Knowledge. Often I change it to Str, and Resources. But it will cost you since first days you could buy with the price between 2.5k-5k per book. If you have a good amount of gold, you do it like that but you need to be patient, like stack 3 adventure, change stat to str, send robbers and adventure then change it to resources. If you are lucky, or if you have silver as mentioned you should buy Scale armor. But it will be expensive too. Also I need to warn you when you start playing with gold, you will be craving for gold on every server. It is not so balance changer, but when you play this game like hours in a day, It gives great advantages.

    About Defensive Gaul weapon, you should buy Phalanx Weapons(spear, pike of phalanx), but some times, you won't be able to send your Phalanxes in time, so go for a cheap druid, or heduan(depends your preference ) weapons. Also it is important to have "Standart"(Small,Normal,Large as game continues) and you can get map for your troops to get back home sooner, it will help you when you have limited time. Phalanx has the most efficiency so I would advise you to get Helmet of Infantry(Mercenary,Warrior,Archon The ones gives Barracks bonus.) but it is okey to have a Helmet of Horseman too. For boots, experience boots is okey but also you can have a shoes of endurance(the one which give speed >20 distance).

    Buying those item in earlier days will be hard because everybody will bid it. You can stack you silver from different items, I saw Shield cost 100k silver. Maybe you would be lucky to sell one and use them in new items and some gold advantages.

    And as you mentioned that you are a new player. I recommend you to get crop production bonus and plus at some point. Especially in World wonder Era.

    1. Valuable resource, your troops' lives depend on : CROP

    2. Type of troop movement : Reinforcement

    3. Valuable good, generating victory points, often stolen or collected from other players : Treasure

    4. Left hand item, used mainly for protection in the real life, grants fighting strength in Travian : Shield

    5. Healing item, your hero loves it after a hard battle : Ointment

    6. Elite Roman defensive unit : Praetorian

    7. Sells delicious food in real life, helps with the crop production in Travian : Bakery

    8. Hides your resources during a battle : Cranny

    9. Fierce animal, sometimes found in oases : Tiger

    10. A list often used to raid other players/villages: Farmlist

    Com1- Elerossë

    Hızlı bir şekilde birinci köyümde bir çok fedakarlıkta bulunarak oraya köy attım, sonrasında Şehzade Bey'in söylediği gibi birinci köyümü acele ile yok ettim. Yabancı forumda kullandığım taktiğin bir rehberi var oradan bakabilirsiniz, son zamanlarda bir çok insanın kullandığı bir sisteme dönüştü ki fark ettiyseniz bir çok insan daha ilk günden 15 tarlaları bu şekilde doldurdu...