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    Thanks for everyone and I am sorry if you have negative feeling towards my team.

    For Fruits ; I think its a great success,maybe they didn't win but they didn't quit either. They lost many members, but they were still in the race. Best of luck our there.

    For Order and Codex; Hell of a team,great players. I really thought you would win this round :D We both did mistakes in our relation and probably have some misunderstandings between two kingdoms. Anyway best of luck out there.

    For 4yma; What can I say, you definitely deserved this game. Personally, I didn't like the thing with OCG(also they were great team), but this is also a strategy and intrigue game. You have a great defense experience, You always punished time mistakes, even those were just seconds. For offense, I would like to see your hammers, otherwise have no idea for your offensive strategies! Good luck on other servers, congratulations!

    also I can say Refugees were succesfull, they didn't give the WW, hold up to end of the game. Even destroyed some levels on WW, even they always said we are lack of experience. I wish you will improve yourselves and become one of the best teams at least you have the spirit. Thank you for this round and the support that you give to us.

    a special thanks to Moravia and Xanadu after WW era they supported us. Moravia gave their efforts to do that and with Xanadu we couldn't be cooperative everytime but time to time they tried to help.

    Also a big thanks to everyone that played with us, It was a fun round with lot of actions, we put our best efforts.

    Well I think in future servers, we can all agree to not trust Unknown, because they might just flip a coin on who they want to attack. Probably the most politically uncertain kingdom ive come across. I think their intention are unknown even to them.

    and now it is growing and continous. What do I need to say to that ? Are you guys real ? Or bunch of babies, that lost the game and cries, blaming other kingdoms. Or your leaders don't share anything with you. We cooperated you because, Fruits were strong, so we seek the balance, everybody can guess the advantages. Then,we warn your leaders, if they would do a merge with codex, we would attack them. They said "we are mergeing with them because to open up a second war againts 4yma. As I said earlier, of course we attacked you. While nememesis couldn't get their ww, while reborn didn't make much actions againts 4yma, while Order was a little late to action, we went there first, then again, also we cooperated with refugees, then now at the final era, Order comes to us, saying a cooperation againts 4yma is on table with 2 other teams, that 2 other teams are attacking Fruits at the moments. So I am glad we didn't agree that deal. So I am politely asking you to stop saying things like that. Think twice, think whole server.

    Well. you are still trying to belittle us. But you know what, you lost everything on Stars. While our losses were just on Avacado's treasury. Also still wrenching what I said, what makes you think that my sentences are opposite of yours ? I didn't say anything about our cooperation as a whole, I just said when we were helping you, this doesn't mean that you didn't help us. So are you sure about where you need to stop ? You were just blaming us for our operation names that makes propaganda, now look what are you doing.

    I don't understand you. You say "Here we go again" when you the whole server kept telling that "You don't want to win, you want the best to win". Why are you even angry? Why do you care that there are 4 sieges coming your direction when you don't want to win?

    this was the reason why I said that. See, whenever we say something you just wrench the thing, everybody amongs those 7 kingdoms want to win. I am not the reason, if 4yma wins. We are not saying "OMGG they are attacking us omg" We are saying that you are just throwing us your main hammers while you send your weaker ones to 4yma. So now Where is the logic ? while you could already pass us with those armies that you send on 4yma. I mean please don't fill the forum with your empty comments. If you want to argue, first listen then think then write. Otherwise you will get nothing. I think Lovegood pointed a good point. You guys are really emotional, why I say that because when Unknown was helping you, you were saying "You guys are the best" now look at the point where you came.

    It's not us who doesn't want you to win, it's you who doesn't want you to win :D

    Also are you really collapsing because of 4 sieges? That's hillarious!

    Here we go again...

    I hope you get your pawns on your future servers.

    And guys you know that it was SneJok 's masterplan, congratulations you did it :P

    Heh funny guy :D Maybe you are just REALLY bad at makinga good op against a kingdom actually able to defend themselves? What happened when you attacked us? YOU LOST! What happened when you attacked 4yma? YOU LOST? Look inside before blaming others :* Go abck to your Turkish servers please

    well bro, still you are crying, because of this team. So, go back where that you came from.

    Is there an argument ?