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    In this cases I can only ask that you report them, as it will be investigated and dealt with based on the information the CSR gets in her investigations.

    I just find it to be a bad feature of the game for your player base to have the be the people policing the exploitable feature you added to the game. Not to say that your staff does nothing for detection, but to put it on us to prevent exploitation seems misplaced.

    The best thing would be to get rid of the menhir, but as it is the only influential update made to the game it will never be removed, not to admit that the developers have failed.

    Even if you make changes you fix on one side and break on the other.

    How have they failed? They are asking their community for suggestions for balancing, I think think the effort they are making is great.

    Now, going back to menhir... as some of you mentioned, like Jak , there are good solid reasons why the menhir function adds to the game and we need to keep it.

    The most pressing issue then is, can we do something to avoid or dampen abusing that feature?

    How can we ensure that it is not worth abusing without damaging honest players in the process?

    I apologize for derailing the conversation, I just had wishful thinking that we could delete it.

    I completely agree with Jak. The sole function of it has to be relocation, if you want to prevent it from being used by cheaters. I don't believe there is any way to have menhir and make it impossible to abuse. I also don't believe speed settling should be a feature to this game. In my opinion, features that would help balance it would be:

    1) Make it a one time function

    2) No resources refunded

    3) Fields destroyed

    4) Drop into a 3 day noncancelable BP and/or a mandatory 72 hours in BP for those who menhir but have not left the original BP

    Even with points 2 & 3 it is better than suiciding which is why I think this penalty is appropriate

    It's still abusable, but less so.

    As King I cannot say how many times I have been asked to invite someone into our borders & have declined them due to our team being strong enough already, but I usually try to encourage these players to stay on the server & to ask around the map (recommending other good & long-term teams to approach) so that they may also find a team on the server and become a good enemy. If you remove menhir, then those players would just be left high n dry.

    Ideally, this is what every premade would do, but unfortunately not everyone enjoys a balanced, well-fought game. I think the concept of suiciding your spawn village is a much better solution because it allows for premade alliance play together while mitigating some of the benefit they get from being a prebuilt. Consider it a price for experience and the convenience of being close to kingdom members. Right now, as it stands, the people with the most experience have the most to gain from speed settling and menhir relocation. It MAY allow for newer players to better position themselves, but more often the not, it will just allow an out of control meta to grow a little bigger.

    also worth mentioning I have played this game from both sides of the pond

    as a King of a premade

    but also a a sole player on a random server & the menhir feature helped me find the right place to play in both instances

    You are a well-respected member of this comunity with tons of experience. I know you would be able to utilize any mechanic in this game with ease. I am more so worried about the negative consequences it has on newer players (i.e. giving those with the most experience a greater edge with tactics like speed settling with no drawback), and the inevitable MA defenders or scouts who can cheat much easier with menhirs. However, these MAs will exist either way of course just with a smaller advantage.

    As a side note I would like to also suggest banning MAs! :/

    I believe the only way to fix the problem is to take menhir out of the game. Even with penalties such as refractory period (or a one time only function), no resources refunded/ fields destroyed, and return to beginner protection it still allows for abuse. Furthermore, while not against the rules, I personally believe that the menhir's function as a speed settling method is an absurd mechanic which is also bad for balancing.

    The current function of menhir most strongly serves those who want to MA, those who are in prebuilt kingdoms, and those who want to speed settle. Because it favors these three groups, it is in no way beginner friendly and is a function more likely to alienate new players. I think if there was a steep penalty for using the menhir that took away the competitive edge it grants people who are using it for MA or speed settling, then it would still be open to abuse and unnecessary function in this game.

    From any suggestion given so far, the best case scenario is you limit the menhir abusers to people making MA defenders or you make it easier to form premade metas. Which is why I believe menhir should not be a part of this game.

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    Im a new player. Ive been playing as a Gaul but thought I should try Romans in this round. What are the Strengths of the Romans? Are Romans best as Deff or Offence?

    Romans can be either offense or defensive. They offer the best infantry defense/crop consumption troop, praetorians, the best cavalry offense/crop consumption troop the EC (this is with a lvl 20 Horse Drinking Pool), and the best infantry offensive/crop consumption (imperian). This however, come at the cost of expensive training, upgrades, and a long training time. Furthermore, you have the strongest catapults and the infamous emporer which are also best in class but, they are also very expensive. If you can set up a Roman hammer you are an asset to your alliance. If you can set up a Roman anvil you are an asset to your alliance.

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    i would like to know what troops are the best when you start as a deff player?'
    the most comon def trops for deff romans are the praetorians but for the sake of the hideaout i should make legionarie or imperian troops?
    maybe i should just make praetorians and wait for the attack??

    I would agree with legionarie if you want to start as a defense player. What is important to note is if you are attacking with praetorians you are inefficiently losing resources. Attacking with the legionarie is both much cheaper and more efficient. If you are making imperians however, you will be attacking able to attack better but now you are losing defense efficiency. I would recommend first recommend just simply clearing with legs. However, if you prefer waiting for the hideouts to attack you then, clear the hideout (of all the troops and resources) before the attack hits your village as it will 1) make you hit fewer troops in the hideout and 2) make the attack disappear thus eliminating the need to defend. This, however, comes at the cost of not getting as many treasures and resources from hideouts.

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    should i build up troops 24/7 when i play as a Roman?

    You will not be able to build troops 24/7 in the beginning because the cost is too high. However, within a few weeks, if you are raiding efficiently, then you will be able to run them 24/7.