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    ElegantLexi#EN(1) wrote:

    Im a new player. Ive been playing as a Gaul but thought I should try Romans in this round. What are the Strengths of the Romans? Are Romans best as Deff or Offence?

    Romans can be either offense or defensive. They offer the best infantry defense/crop consumption troop, praetorians, the best cavalry offense/crop consumption troop the EC (this is with a lvl 20 Horse Drinking Pool), and the best infantry offensive/crop consumption (imperian). This however, come at the cost of expensive training, upgrades, and a long training time. Furthermore, you have the strongest catapults and the infamous emporer which are also best in class but, they are also very expensive. If you can set up a Roman hammer you are an asset to your alliance. If you can set up a Roman anvil you are an asset to your alliance.

    txogma#ES wrote:

    i would like to know what troops are the best when you start as a deff player?'
    the most comon def trops for deff romans are the praetorians but for the sake of the hideaout i should make legionarie or imperian troops?
    maybe i should just make praetorians and wait for the attack??

    I would agree with legionarie if you want to start as a defense player. What is important to note is if you are attacking with praetorians you are inefficiently losing resources. Attacking with the legionarie is both much cheaper and more efficient. If you are making imperians however, you will be attacking able to attack better but now you are losing defense efficiency. I would recommend first recommend just simply clearing with legs. However, if you prefer waiting for the hideouts to attack you then, clear the hideout (of all the troops and resources) before the attack hits your village as it will 1) make you hit fewer troops in the hideout and 2) make the attack disappear thus eliminating the need to defend. This, however, comes at the cost of not getting as many treasures and resources from hideouts.

    suneitherLT wrote:

    should i build up troops 24/7 when i play as a Roman?

    You will not be able to build troops 24/7 in the beginning because the cost is too high. However, within a few weeks, if you are raiding efficiently, then you will be able to run them 24/7.