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    Came here to keep this post alive, I am waiting for answer from admins what they will do about the situation.

    My guess is nothing but lets see if someone has still some courage left maybe?

    We keep this post alive until you will act to it or atleast contact the new players to skip this game until something is done

    I think before you quit Sohvapeuhari the last thing you should do is write a comprehensive guide for cheating :)
    You have been fighting cheaters for so many years that you know more about it than any game dev. And you have a nice circle of friends to consult you.
    It's not against ToS, they cannot ban you or remove the thread.

    Best thing could happen to this game is to add th0mm as multihunter for even a month, but then the numbers would not look good :(

    Better use for my money is to give it to Russian army than TK. Would be more honorable

    Also this thread will be shutted silently and there will be some 20gold competition who is the sweetest boy around christmas.

    This is just an example for some local round

    If you would even use 5% of you brain capacity, you would see the problem what has been killing the game last years.

    Most of us have been here +5years looking at this and we basicly know your game better than you Bellatora. Makes me sad and pointless to even speak to you....

    We have had it.

    After thousands of euros and countless hours that we have poured in to this it's time to finally let go from this abusive relationship. For years this game has been infested with cheaters and multi abusers, the players are constantly being reported and solutions offered yet nothing happens.

    Meanwhile Travian kingdoms team STILL tries to convince us that they care, through the years it has become blatantly obvious that they actually do care, but not about the legit players but the revenue stream generated by cheaters.

    Too many times we have been promised action, yet nothing has ever happened, instead you double down on your promises of care and silence your critics. We have had enough. Reckless will no longer be playing this flaming pile of garbage and is finally ready to let go of this abusive relationship once and for all.

    Sincerely yours

    The Reckless leadership

    I think the real problem is that nobody takes you serious as you haven't played even whole round yet.

    Id say join some decent team on next comx3 and learn the basic things first you try to change them.

    And yes, cheaters are the main problem why this game loses players constantly.

    They even dodged all the major teams on BBASH so dont hold your breath that they would appear on any server with competition. And after all they are VIP customers.

    This is the problem. There is teams who could compete with these cheaters but they wont accept real challenge.

    Proud Turks run like little chickens when they see some team above 100 players on server

    I would like to see a 1 million troop quest. The 100k one is finished before ww even has a chance to spawn, so any troops beyond that can only really be tracked by checking troops lost in light society SS stats, though that is not always accurate, and it only works for def players. That would be sufficient to be able to track it to some extent imo.

    This how i thought it too. Ofc you can upgrade it even been more accurant