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    Yes, defending against Natars can be a struggle if it's not allowed to get new reinforcement troops.

    True. You can't reinforce player while he is having active vacation, BUT what if you send reinforcements before he conquers the village? Will the troops be sent back?

    Player X - has active vacation. Will chief WW at 16:28

    Player 1 - Player 20, will send reinforcements before 16:28 and arriving after 16:28. Since the WW is not owned by Player X (at the time before 16:28) this troop movement is legal and thus the reinforcements will arrive.

    I have not tested this yet, but from what I am seeing lately I think that those reinforcements will not be sent back when Player X chiefs WW, meaning he can have reinfocements in the WW.


    Player owning WW can get reinforcements.


    Even if what I wrote was not true, natars are weak on low levels of WW. Natars are only strong when the WW is first in WW rankings.

    Yup, that is really annoying.

    But from the dev point of view I think they have lists of features which are gold related (NPC, Finish earlier etc.) and since the player you are sitting for did not allow you to use gold there is a big 0 next to your name in database allow_gold_features (or something like that).

    It will took them quite some time to make this an exception.

    I am all four for the option to mute chat, not only in the mobile app but the browser version too.

    BTW, you can adjust push notifications as you want in the mobile app. For example, I get notifs only when player directly msg me (not for kingdom chat). But since then all other notifs are late, for example I am receiving attack notifications 30 mins after the attack has already landed, which sucks.

    Let me put you on the right path there, mate.

    1. If you are being attacked, ask your kingdom for help. You are all there to help each other.

    2. Travian is a team game. You are not playing just for yourself. Every member in a kingdom has its voice, but if that voice is heard depends on your king. Also have a look at statistics ingame or in hall of fame, there are not always kings and dukes.

    3. Actually this could be nice, but hard to implement.

    4. Long and confusing implementation. Not neccessary. Just switch language settings to what you currently need.

    5. If you are unhappy with your current location ask some king to place a menhir for you. If you are starting as a king, I wish you good luck.

    6. Troops in robber hideouts are calculated from your current troop count. So if you lose army while you have not cleared robbers, they will be powerful (as if you still had your army). Attack robbers first or ask kingdom to send you def if they are attacking.

    7. That would be really stupid. Imagine whole kingdom attack. You are defending some villages, few seconds before landing the attack is cancelled. Troops are starving, nobody gets def/off points. You just wasted several hours.

    8. If you mean World Wonder that is in Travian for a loong time. Actually you do not need to build WW as first to win the server. Your kingdom needs to accumulate enough victory points to win. You get VP by having treasuries and stealing treasuries from another kindom. So to obtain treasuries to get to the first place you need to attack another kingdoms - you might consider attacking another kingdom as a competition/challenge you are describring.

    9. Farmlist - 10 village FL is a free feature. If you want unlimited FLs with 100 villages each, you need to buy a PLUS (it is a FTP game, so servers need to be paid from microtransactions)

    Well I think it's not only about spying but also about private information. I sometimes also write about real life topics with some friends in travian and I don't want my sitters to read about some things there.

    I would not write personal stuff in travian chat, if I were you. Use discord or something like that.