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    There are several variables that might occur:
    -the level of troops in the forge,
    -the def or Off bonus of the heroes
    -, the bonus of the hero equipments

    TTo know the truesl value of the opponent back the elements of the attack in the Simulator and adjust the value to get the same resul

    Hero defense bonus only effects your own units (and only when the hero is present), meaning that the maximum boost any troop will have 20% (when his own hero is present with 20% boost)
    Weapons apply to ALL units of that type. If there are more than one weapon of same type only the best counts. This means you only need to have one copy of each weapon type to get the full effect to every unit on the field.

    So for example 3 armies (A, B and C) defend a village each having 5000 phalanx, 1000 druids and 500 Haeduans.
    Hero A has 20% defense bonus and defends with his troops with a Phalanx weapon
    Hero B has 0% defense bonus and defends with his troops Druids weapon
    Hero C has 10% defense bonus and is back in his home village with Haeduan weapon

    All 15000 phalanx and 3000 druids get the weapon effect, none of the Haeduans benefit from the weapon
    Player A's troops fight 20% harder thanks to his defense bonus
    Player B's and C's troops get no benefit from their heros defense