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    Hello everybody.
    I have unlocked extra queue slots paying golds. I thought it was a good advatages, actually is but not completely, imho.
    I mean, if you have all the resources available to set on queue the buildings it is fine,
    but considering that you do not have them already, you put the building on the slot anyway and you go off-line.
    in the meantime you are offline the neccesary resource should be automatically reserved for that building on queue, that is to avoid that the wharehouse will go overstocked, instead of just showing me the green sign
    Does it sounds resoneable?
    Thank you

    Happens that some one settle before than you,
    for example in this moment I have settlers on the way to the closest 15c available,1.48h distance, in the meantime someone else settled, so they are going to "new village" :D.
    Is that possible in this case to jump back instantly the settlers, or to get avaiable the "cancel" button, so we save time to settle in another place?


    Is that village relocation available even if I have already the second village?

    edit: i've found the answer: No

    But what happens if i settle the second village and I am not in a good position? In my case I have just enemies that don't want me in the kingdom (because they say I have stolen their crop)
    so what I have to do? delete???

    At the beginnig he found always the horse and chicken boots, and if you are not trooping enough you'll find some troops.
    So I think sis not about lucky is more about a code that calculate what could be more likely in that moment.
    And obv resources are always important...

    Hi, before I had 19 crenies into the village and one outside, but since not any achievement appeared I tried to built the 20st inside the village, nothing happened again so I built all the crannies to level 10 for the same reason...nothing happened.

    So, I asked to the forum, and just discovered in another post that the system is slow to notify the achievment (means that I might have alredy got it without knowing it)

    Do you think I can built down all the crannies now? Thanks

    Hello, thank you, make sense now for me. Didn't considered the oasis.
    So I know now that killing belves I get them scored for my ranking.
    But can I also raid a wild oasis or a kingdom's oasis?

    Also please another different question, hope it's ok to answer here:

    I do have two villages, second is 15g. Is it possible to up the resources on that to get the quest bonus? Or it will be possible just on first vilage?
    Have been told it is possible, but just want to be sure before starts... thanks again
    Have good week end :)

    Hello, I have just started a new server.
    3 days and top players have 250 averages points.
    I have attached just bandits, very quick, and I have just 33 point.
    Can you tell me how they can do it? most players have protections or chicken boots, I cannot understand where they find so much troops to attack!