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    You seem to think I'm WST. Clearly you don't do much research pal. The fact that I'm currently in the same kingdom as WST doesn't mean i am WST. Infact were normally against WST, this is the first time we have played with them. Cerberus (formerly Phoenix) are our own entity. and yeah, we've come up many times against BM. Still to say they are the best is... naive ;)

    Everything I said in my original post is correct (because I played all them rounds). If you look I never said that you merge all the time. So before you go around spouting rubbish next time and accusing people of lying, Learn to fact check. Because you look like and idiot when you don't :)

    Ps. yeah I am proud of Cerberus. They are my Travian Family.

    No-one is crying about it Sinjin pal, That's the point haha. There's no need to be cocky or anything over it :D . I remember back to the Com6 when I was in Phoenix and you were in charge of VR pal, There were alot more report posts in general rather than just insulting each other. Just post reports and move on, let people admire any off/def reports and that's that (Like you do). The embassy forums too often turn into a place of trying to get a rise from other players nowadays rather than just reporting good hits and maybe the occasional trash talk (with good reports in tow) :D

    unfortunately I cant see these images from this computer so I'll have to wait till I'm home :( But I am looking forward to seeing them :)

    WST&CBRS&Lions&Periculu lost 20k treasures tonight (happen when you do 3off plan each week).

    Can nooby sissox teach us how hard it is to play simscity while he watch and blame OSEF for winning every fight ?

    Be carrefull, 3rd month of playing soon = 3rd off plan from fnf, happen less than sun eclipse, so impatient to see it.

    I think we've found a new Bananajoe...

    I just love watching people pipe up when they're having a good round as if the sun shines out their ...

    You weren't being this gobby when you was getting walked over by the Turks, Russians and BM on com2 Ike. It doesn't become you so don't start now.

    In few days we will see the tag WST&CBRS&Lions&Periculu& ???

    Is there a limit of player in one kingdom or a limit of characters in the tag ??

    Remember WST, each server against you had the same result. <3

    i meannn, it's not like OSEF don't absorb people either do they? 2 servers on the trot now you've had to absorb other kingdoms too ;)

    Well it will be hard to win the server since our duke Max punked us the second time. At least this time as duke not as vice king. Depends what you think Sims 4 is. 2nd place in attackers kingdom and 4th in defender, and only 4th place cause we were unlucky twice that we didnt catch WST.

    You will never get this! La la la la la!

    As Qira (My Dual) stated, The medals and achievements should be shared, Its the while point of a dual. They are not just a sitter, they are people that we trust enough to share the same privileges as the main acc holder.

    Good evening

    Just wanted to know if there are any intentions of splitting the UK and the USA flag into separate flags in game. I understand that both speak English but it can also aid in when looking at people to figure out what timezone roughly they are.