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    It is indeed a very good idea but I don't see this will get implemented anytime soon because,

    1. You need to spend resources for building and upgrading warehouses and granaries. If you combine them you will have plenty of resources to spare and that's not helpful in prolonging the game. Soon everyone will have so many troops and start fighting head on. As you know Travian is a game of math and calculation utilising what you have to reach where you want to be ;)

    2. If both are combined the cost of upgrade will get increased and then there will be wastage of resources used to upgrade the building especially in 15c croppers or capitals where you will be building more granaries than warehouses.

    It is known that you can make Palace only in one village. I was wondering if it is possible to make 3 villages from a palace and demolish it and rebuild it somewhere and have 3 slots for expansion.

    For example:

    Village 1 : Palace level 20 >>> Made V2, V3, V4. Demolished palace and built a residence

    Village 2 : Built a palace and make it capital >>> Upgrade to level 20 >>> make 3 more villages.

    I have personally never tried this but is it possible?:S

    If not, why not?

    Ok let me break it down in numbers.

    My kingdom union has 84k treasures

    My king has treasuries - 12k + 4k + 1k

    My vice king - 16k + 12k + 100

    Duke 1 has 12k + 1k

    Duke 2 has 14k + 1k

    Duke 3 has 3k + 2k

    Duke 4 has 3k + 2k

    So there are 14 active treasuries.

    From your reply, if the Duke has 2 10k treasures in treasury, can he open a third active treasury?

    So theoretically can Kings open unlimited number of active treasuries by satisfying the condition they need 10k treasuries to open the next?

    How many active treasuries can a King / Vice King / Duke hold?

    I recently saw in a kingdom which has 1 king, 1 vice king and 4 dukes - the king and vice king now has 3 active treasuries with influence being generated around them.

    I also need to add that WW just opened 24 hours back.

    So does that mean the rulers can have as many active treasury villages? Is there some limit / eligibility to make active treasuries?

    For a governor does having a treasury serve any valuable purpose other than saving tribute fund while being attacked?

    * Today the in game conversation in com2nx3 has stopped working.

    I couldn't open chat to any of the players.

    *Even though my third village is close to the second duke's treasury village, the stolen goods get sold to the first Duke's treasury village close to my capital. On selling it shows resources will arrive in 14 min but on clicking the merchants take 2 hrs to reach my third village from my first Duke's treasury village.

    *Even though I have good internet connection and though I can stream Youtube videos in 1080p without buffering, the com2nx3 server shows a red "poor internet connectivity" symbol.

    Please help developers.

    Thank you.

    Ok then.

    A few more facts to be clarified.

    1. My ally was attacked by an enemy with his hero. The enemy was able to loot resources along with 44 treasures. So how did my friend make treasures in the first place? If it is generated how to increase treasure production?

    2. I attacked my own village along with my hero and I raided 1 treasure. So how to know how many treasures I have in a village?

    Few extra info, if this might help.

    My friend's village and the village which I attacked myself are situated outside kingdom borders.

    I am a governor. In my kingdom, there are 2 dukes and 1 king with active treasuries each.

    Should i build a hidden treasury? If so for what use?

    Will I be able to activate it? If so, what does it do?

    In my kingdom, I can see people with different shades of tag close to their names. Some are full green, some are half green, some are yellow.

    Are these the same like T4 Travian?

    Blue = online

    Green = <24 hrs

    Yellow = < 3 days

    Red and grey..

    If so what is the time limit for each color and what are the available colours?

    A server with a new hero item, a birthday cake. After buying (or finding) it, It will appear in the hero inventory and consists of five (beause fifth birthday) slices. Upon usage, the next attack on the village doesn't land, but celebrates birthday. Can be used indefinitely, but the more cake slices you use on a day, the heavier your hero will become, reducing his movement speed, health and attack strength. After 20 slices on one day, he dies from diabetes.

    This made my day :D:thumbsup::love: