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    Sounds different from the usual.

    Excited to play in it to learn how it is going to be!

    I have come up with some weird suggestions. I don't think people with reasonable mind will agree to it, but since it is a special server, I felt the need for something extra special and quirky!

    My suggestions (need not follow everthing).

    1. No Gold purchase possible. Everyone is given with the same prefixed gold, say 1800, at the game start. Once gold option is made redundant, we can see new players as well as conservative players become more aggressive and we might have battles all day long while resting in the night!

    2. As mentioned earlier, Natars should play an active role. Either the multihunter plays it. Or veteran Travian players are given a chance to play as Natars. The number of Natar players can be decided after server start based on the number of players registered.

    3. The animals must be given a chance to attack players who are in close proximity. Rate of animal spawn should be high. Animals preferably attack closer and bigger players. When a player captures animals from an oasis, if the oasis is not completely wiped out, the animals after sometime, launch an attack to the village in an attempt to save their animal friends!

    4. Maybe a building named "Zoo" or something to train animals? The trained animals cannot be used to attack oasis. Humans are the only living species who attack their own kind.Trained animals can be used to attack villages but they deal damage only to troops and not the caged animals.

    5. Captured animals can be used to attack only Natarian villages. Even Nature wants to team up on the battle against Natars!

    6. I feel speed at 3x is good. Speed can be increased to 5x but not more than that.

    7. Free construction completion at less than 15 minutes instead of the default 5 minutes cut off.

    8. No auctions! "Use it, or lose it!" The items found in adventures are gifts from nature. The hero can't choose the item; the item chooses the hero (Potter fans?). The items can be discarded in exchange for silver but cannot be auctioned off or transferred to players.

    9. In the late mid game or end game, it boils down to a few meta alliances. All the other players are mere spectators or become farms. There must be some way of including them into the fierce major battles.

    "Because of the constant chaos of the wars being waged against each other and because of being constantly raided and attacked by bigger players, these insignificant / poorly faring villagers feel enough is enough. To put an end to this struggle they join hands with Natars" This is the usual storyline.

    Here is the twist.

    9 a) These inactive players are invited to play as Natars from their original village(s). In this way new players can get a feel of the end game.

    9 b) The weakest kingdom or the weakest players in terms of troop count or getting raided count gets an invitation from the Natarian king to forge an alliance with them. These players remain as their own tribe but team up with Natars. They can get their village(s) relocated near Natarian villages. Natarian King provides them a defensive wall of troops for them to grow and fight alongside Natars to dominate the server.

    10. From the game start, Natars play like real players. Instead of spawning randomly, there is a chief Natarian King (different from WW Natarian King). He invites the Natarian villages spawned across the server to relocate in his kingdom region. Just like normal Kings and Dukes, Natars follow the same to expand the influence and empire. They don't have or accumulate victory points or treasures. However, players are encouraged to attack them for resources. Warehouse and granary of Natarian villages are always full. Though it is not easy to successfully attack them, once their defense is overpowered, the returning troops carry 5-10x more resources than their carrying capacity. The hero on the successful attack gets an item (if Point no. 8 is followed). But this hero item is an upgraded version of the ordinary item obtained from nature.

    11. The heroes of this special server have obtained the secret of immortality. Ointments and buckets are redundant. They can never die or get wounded. However their attack strength is reduced to half. "Is it a fair trade for immortality? But life is unfair"

    12. The Natars wants to establish their supremacy on the surface as they already have control below the ground. Natarian villages spawn randomly and develop, however they relocate their location every 7-10 days. The usual rules of resource tiles getting popped off to zero, etc. on relocation is not applicable for Natars.

    I can think of a lot more. But I think my suggestions are more of a fantasy than real life applicability.

    Anyway, Thanks for reading.

    And Thank you Travian team for producing newer varities of servers.

    We have known Natars for quite a really long time.
    How will it be to play as Natars?
    What if the usual tribes like gauls, romans and teutons become NPC and all players are Natars and the soul aim of that game is to prevent the NPC in completing Wonder of World to level 100? Maybe the game will end once 150 day mark is reached. The Kingdom who defeated the most NPC villages or the most WW levels decreased will be announced the winner.


    The game will go on as usual. A few selected players either mid game or winners/ veterans of a recently ended servers are invited to play as Natar and cause chaos in the server That might spice up a bit ;)

    Instead of Natar attacking others by A.I. if some human brain works, the results might be amazing, I don't know.. :rolleyes:

    What do you think of my wild imagination guys?
    Is it possible/ Will it be nice?

    Please share your thoughts. :)