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    I missunderstood your question Georgi, so will rather give my opinions on the questions you asked.
    Before that i belive you shood rather fix things things that get abused like:
    Banned player abuse, and an easy solution
    Or deactivate refocing of grays.

    1. "When sending resources to my villages some indicator would be nice how much resource can I store there. (like I have wood: 650/4000, a number would show I can send 3350 wood)"
      Answer: This changes so fast with incomeing ress from raids and other trades. So then it need to accurat inclued everything, i belive it will be abit excesive.
    2. At baracks/stable or workshop at the bottom where there is a white space now, the required resource production per hour could be added to see whether I need to level up my barracks for the current production or not for the selected unit. For example: If clubswinger for a given level of barracks takes 30 seconds to produce, there numbers would be there: wood: 10200, clay: 7800, iron: 3600. It would be helpful to balance the level of military building production with resource production fields.
      Answer: Sound okay, but not usefull becaus it needs to involve barracks,GB ,stables ,GS and workshop. without it gives a fales picture. Other improvments shood be focused. if you deside to implement something like this look something like this.


    Some ROI calculation for the resource fields, I think most of the players thinks higher the better but after level 12 it could take 20-30 days to produce the resources it was invested into the upgrade. Of course this ROI depends on connected oases bonuses, travian plus and resource production bonus buildings.


    Positive :thumbup:no players have buildt to hight only to low.

    Could the king be allowed to see his/her own kingdom member's troops somehow without using getter tool.
    Answer: Yes

    1 Total balance of ress income. Crop it cood show income and if you hover over it gross production.




    Ad stats page to village overview.

    For instance this can be some stats that are tracked.

    - Troops straved total

    - Troops straved last 24 hours

    - Raided ress Total

    - Raided ress 24 hours

    - NR of Farmlist attacks sendt total

    - NR of Farmlist attacks sendt total

    - Ress spendt on units

    - Ress lost to overflow

    - Units produced last 24 hours

    - Units produced Crop/h last 24 hours


    Improve the WW page

    WW suggestion.png

    Servers for say next month march will get announced 28february, judging by by previus anouncments times. Thats to late, they shood be announced atleast 15 days before the month starts.

    Example servers for march shood be announced 13 February,


    This might be kinda on the ballance of the game, but i like the idea.
    [Farmer Building] - Vote for 15C game mechanic

    I like the hall of fame, i cood use some improvments. But i dont think you shod stopp makeing the forum posts.


    I have intresst for an log of who you sitt and who sitting you. There name on travian, Not that server's name.

    Eksample belowe

    12.12.2019-06:30:00 Paul added you as sitter Com1

    11.11.2019-15:33:12 John removed as sitter on Com2

    10.10.2019-14:32:12 John added as sitter on Com2.



    Recomend takeing a look at Guides

    Some points.
    Clubs are bread and butter of Tetuons.
    Bring ramms
    Farm active players
    Find a roman defender to trade with caus you have to mutch iron, and they have the wood you need.

    Hall of fame cood use more statistics8)

    A Bot that sends you a pm with some stats of what you have done that server.

    For some of the strategy games there is a good endgame summary. For instance:

    -Raided ress

    -Farmlists sendt

    - nr of raids sendt

    -Units made

    -Units Value

    -Villages chiefed

    -Buildings razed

    -Treasures collected

    -Treasures looted from robbers

    -Tribute collected

    - Nr of incoming attack

    Other people probably have more suggestions :thumbsup:

    Dont know if you think this post belongs her, But since you'l get it from a bot her i hope it counts pasted-from-clipboard.png

    This does sound awsome.

    Some progression as the game goes on. My toughts goes into a typical "skill tre" or her laws it will be something like law's.

    And it might follow the relases of item, like T1,T2 and T3.
    Maybe have them between those moments to not feel like it's to far betewen game changing days (it feel's slow sometime)

    Looking good :thumbsup:

    :thumbup: Limiting 1 or 2 WW per kingdom

    Limmit it at 2 and not mutch will change, and i se no reason why to implement this.

    Top 10 "stealing" reinstaured

    Now you are talking about scorescreen?

    But i anyway agree, more stats to look at are fun.

    3. Player Roles:

    • Instore a hierarchy within the kingdom (could be fun to engage governors to be more active to climb the kingdom ladder, such as count, or noble or stuff like this)
    • Create internal managing role names such as Commander in chief, Deffender in chief, diplomat, etc..

    This sounds very fun, and gives the game a bit more depth, dont know if there shood be eny benefits.

    If it incresed the tribute they generateted or somthing. maybe som automated roles(tax collector for those who are topp 5 in brining in tresurs with stealing and selling)

    Maybe have them generate abit more oasis influens.

    Positive to everything you are saying her :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::D