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    i am wondering when a new server will start?:/
    Are travian management trying to push people into local worlds for then not to be so dead?
    If so it's a step in the wrong direction :thumbdown:

    • Arabia1n
    • CZ1n
    • DE1n
    • FR1n
    • IT1n
    • TR1n

    Let the community know when you plan to start. Because we are wondering and frustrated.
    Nothing wrong with announcing further then usually.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

      Georgi or BridgetB8) Hope for an response with a positive answer.

    Btw -7 on the server announcement post;(


    i have some problems with searching in the forum.
    when i search outbound attack, i get nothing. But i know the is a topic about this. But cant find it.

    Symbols or somthing to make the search easy? :saint:

    Thanks for the answer guys ;)

    Lerned somthing new today also.

    Defense in a village with HDT: Romans > Teutons > Gauls
    Defense in a village without HDT: Teutons > Gauls = Romans
    Offense (with HDT naturally): Romans > Teutons > Gauls

    Thanks for this :thumbsup:


    I am geting mixed feedback when it comes to scouts.

    1. Defence VS scouting: Her it's the number of scouts the determined if you are successful or repelled. Are all scouts equaly good at defending against scouting? But then Teuton scouts will be prefered if they are equal. right? or are the troops defence against scouting diffrent? :saint:

    2. Scout hammer. Her Roman scouts are prefered since they only eat one crop with HDT?


    Playing my first server now and started as gaul and i do not regret it.

    Did not get attacked earlygame becaus trapper, high level of wall and alote of phalanex. The loss of raiding you is to big. And as mention above they try to herobomb you... great feeling haveing a hero sitting in you'r traps.
    Phalanex is excellent to spam becaus of it's short training time. Only problem is that it will cost mostly clay, try to find a Roman within you'r kingdom and trade iron for clay with him. They want the iron ;)
    I have been useing Haenduan's for clearing robbercamps and mobile cav defence.

    The Druid is great mobile defence (inf/cav) per crop/h to reatch those attacks that your phalanex cant reatch. They are expensive, but you get the advantage of mobility.
    TT's are great for farming the whole game, from early to late.

    Have looked around on the forums, and people claiming phalanex is useless becaus of pred/spear combo is better. I do not agree with that statment, at war you can never have to mutch defence, and the phalanex usualy comes in the biggest numbers.
    At WW stage of the game fill you'r barracks with Phalanex and dont stopp!

    I chose Gaul mainly becaus of Phalanex and TT's. Best defence and raiding unit in the game.