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    First time we have to make resources to 5 lvl
    develop only resource fields
    we have the opportunity to dismantle the ruins and get resources we have the opportunity to get resources from mission
    building a warehouse to 6 lvl and building a granary to 5 lvl because we have to take resources from mission Residence
    don't forget to make 25 Legionnaires for to farm robbers
    if you start playing in the evening
    before the night you have time to build
    1) all resources 5 lvl
    2) all grain fields 3 lvl and one grain field 5 lvl
    3) warehouse 6 lvl
    4) granary 5 lvl
    5) Residence 1 lvl
    turn on 25% resource production and go to bed
    when you Wake up in the morning you will have a lot of resources and two camps of robbers
    well, here starts another story...