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    i'd disagree here, i'd much rather we had the split we do now of 3-4 kingdoms going for the win.

    This means that roughly 25% of the playerbase will be on the winning team and who doesn't want to be on the winning team?

    Being "allied" or being in a wing of the winning team is not the same.

    I'm unsure how you get around larger groups of players allying together no matter how it's done.

    If you can find a suggestion which actually forces 7-8 different groups i'd be all for it. Although this seems to generally be the case on faster servers due to their being a much larger player base and more often people of other countries joining.

    I've seen some "best of the best" type servers on the other travian where 6-8 kingdoms whom won a server got invited to fight each other on a new server and got a special medal for participating.

    This is certainly possible here also i'd think.

    just think it encourages multiple wings.






    Then a reasonable number of treasures are moved to the main kingdom to give them a lead.

    That's how i'd expect things to actually go if we had your suggestion

    Thank you for the comments!

    You both make good points. I am a somewhat new player, so I don't have a good sense of the larger world. For high level players my idea probably wouldn't be as enjoyable to work with.

    For smaller players defending against larger players it might be nice to have an indication on whether defending is reasonable. That is the perspective I am coming from.

    Thinking about it more I don't know what the right amount of info would be (, if there is even one). Just knowing an attack is incoming for a small player feels too vague to work with. A small player can just lose all their troops in a single defense. In my case I just defaulted to evading all attacks and didn't bother much with defensive troops.

    I suppose working with your kingdom on defending where necessary is the intended solution and that seems reasonable.

    as a small player you should avoid every unknown attack.

    This is what cranny's are for, so you can avoid the attack yet not lose resource.

    If they've attacked 3 days in a row with 50 troops and a new attack is coming, you can have a reasonable guess how many is in that attack ;)

    If you decide to defend and kill all 50, then a new attack is inbound then you'd avoid that one as usually that's them getting angry.

    My suggestion on incoming attacks is simply cranny up to a level they get 0 resource from you, then just message the player attacking you asking if they would stop. In most cases as long as you're polite (bear in mind there's certainly no rules for attacking others, in general it's highly encouraged!) they will stop.

    Hope this makes sense as what to do as a new player :)

    As an experienced player, my recommendation is to menhir far away from the centre, this significantly reduces the chances you receive any attacks whatsoever which saves you needing to build cranny's.

    Although this is possibly considered more boring as I get literally no attacks against me for the first 6 months.

    1 week is plenty. 3 weeks is basically OTT.

    If they want to keep it inactive for longer than 1 week they can use the vacation which should maximise their time off to the current 3 weeks. (2 weeks of vacation, 1 week of inactivity)

    As others have said, if they need more time than that they may be better off with a new server.

    This is way too much free information. This is why successful kings/dukes are so important as there are many ways to try and gauge if the incoming attack is real. I suggest if you're particularly interested in that side of things and have started becoming successful yourself (until you're using up 40k crop/hour minimum, you're not really impacting a server at all) speak to them to try and get more understanding.

    As some examples:

    Large scout armies of 5k+ sent to see whether or not the army is home. If you see only 1000 troops and 10 catas, it's a suggestion that the remaining attacks will be fakes. If you see the full army + hero at home, then any attacks sent so far are fake

    1 scout sent to an attacker can also gauge whether or not the hero is at home, as in the statistics -> hero tab, you can see the exact experience of any hero. If a player has sent out attacks on 3 different targets, but a scout increases their experience by 1, you can be reasonably sure all of those 3 attacks are fakes.

    Just to be clear here

    There's nothing wrong with your suggestion BUT it would completely overhaul how the game is played and this is something developers generally avoid.

    The current system is good and actually requires a lot of skill to find out which attacks are fake and which ones are real. Also there's some skill on the attackers side in avoiding scouting attempts, as you can hide your army/hero elsewhere until you're ready to attack.

    should be entirely down to how heavily you're raiding and how much experience you have on TK.

    In general i recommend 9c for anyone on their first 3 servers, or anyone who isn't being significantly successful in raiding inactives, if you're sending out less than 500 attacks per day, you're probably not raiding enough. Although i'm unsure of exact numbers, although the farm list should make even 2000+ attacks per day pretty simple to accomplish

    My point here is that you can't rely on res production when using a 15c, so you need to rely on raiding to get your resources to build up your capital. Unless you intend to NPC pretty much daily all your crop production into other res.

    Also, how big are you expecting your final army to be?

    My army was 24k imps, 14k EI and 3.7k catas from a 9c 75% If this army is larger than anything you've built then the 9c will be fine. Also this was my 2nd army seeing i lost one army about half that size half way into the server.

    The ONLY raiding i did was to kill robber camps, still ended up being top 100 for raiding each week.

    Here's my troop consumption off of getter:

    Could I get some clarification here please?
    Are you saying you fear storing some plaintext info about a user's account because of storage costs...
    ...but then your suggested workaround is to post images instead that you are apparently willing to store?

    If so, you should probably consult with TK's development "team" about the storage requirements of both these solutions

    well, the images i posted arn't being stored by TK, they're being stored by imgur. Also storing EVERYONES data AUTOMATICALLY is a large amount of information to store.

    WW onwards alone there's probably over 10,000 attacks, hows the server going to differentiate between ones people want to keep, a certain amount of troops? even attacks with 1k+ troops there will be hundreds.

    One per account is probably the most feasable, although some people have multiple hammers of note.

    This is only attacks, there's usually 300 active players with 10+ villages each, what info about these is going to be stored?

    We already have tracking of achievements which says a lot about your previous worlds, so you can see progress in that sense.

    i also don't really see the hassle here, if YOU want to store some info about yourself from a server, doing it right at the end and posting on the forums is a simple way of making it available to you whenever you need it.

    The issue isn't filesize anyway, it's processing the data in a way which is easy to store and easy to view, both of these would take significant amounts of programming.

    In the end, how much would these really even be looked at?

    I would much rather Devs focused on things like getting another race into the game and that sort of thing. This is way down on the list of priorities.

    to be fair, we "should" use the politics and diplomacy topics more often and care less for the amount of information it really gives everyone else. I realise knowing that a hammer got smashed is useful information to basically everyone on the server, but when it's 1 of 100 hammers, how useful is it really?

    this is one of the reasons why on the server i was on i tried to get as much of the action as i could screenshotted and dumped on the politics, the banter also helped make that server in that topic and i'm disappointed in looking at some of the other politics & diplomacy topics in more recent servers.

    Here's the one i was referring too:

    COM1 Rumors/Politics/Banter/Server Situation 2

    I'm not sure i would really care about knowing how much off points and what my rank was. If the resource was available then yes it'd be nice, but i'm sure there's much cooler stuff the devs can be working on.


    Lets arguably say you did want that information stored, there's nothing stopping you screenshotting the a few sets of the top attackers/defenders/whatever data you did want saved and putting it in that topic. As you can see i could locate that topic pretty easily even though it's years old.

    It takes a few days for the game to realise you've lost your hammer and can no longer actually clear it.

    Agree with the last few responses here.

    Nothing to do with treasures

    Everything to do with "recent" troop amount (it probably checks once a day to see how many troops you have)

    Everything to do with your total resource production (can see the argument for only capitalm but i don't believe this is the case)

    I know that research has been done on this in the past and the answer was simple. The current way of doing it was the most profitable, times may have changed but i very much doubt it (this was done on legends before it was "legends" about 10 years back).

    It's possible they've done a TEST server here and come up with a similar answer, it's also possible, if you get enough backing from this topic, for a TEST server to happen with those exact parameters.

    As a f2p player, i actually benefit in some sense from the p2w players from ridiculous auction prices allowing me to get the +25% boosts and PLUS for free usually shortly after t3 artifacts are out.

    Putting more time into the game for raiding and decent use of resources is much more powerful than just shoving gold into the game. Doing both is a scary prospect but there's a highly limited number of these per server.

    I just see it as allowing me to play for free and if i'm allied with a similar number that i'm against, it all balances out.

    also bear in mind it must be an attack by you, or an attack on your town.

    There will not be an option on sharing a report from your reinforcement (i.e you defended someone elses town). In this case the only case of sharing is from screenshots.

    joined at day10 on my first server which i took to the end and had no issues, even with multiple large players nearby.

    spent my BP having a chat to the most threatening kingdom and joined up with them.

    The answer is yes, do expect them to welcome you with open arms. don't ask = don't get.

    Heck with this menhir thing going on, you get to choose any kingdom in the entire game! Got refused? try another! Refused again? something wrong with the way you're asking!

    I have no idea what your issue is.

    I suppose i am thinking of Travian Tournament.

    It's still a reasonable way of achieving what Faust is looking for of a higher skill server. Once per year is plenty though.

    As you pointed out, a continuous ranked server is a bit tricky due to server lengths.

    Cash prize/forum glory for a "once a year" server which would obviously have some form of awesome prestige badge saying "best of 2019" or whatever.

    I can see multiple kingdoms showing interest just for the glory alone

    I wouldnt even call it a post beginners protection guide. It's just a very long way of suggesting:

    As gaul: get 2 cranny, third if needed

    get a level 7 trapper (upgrade upto level 12 if needed)

    Make use of oasis bonus. (if the bonus doesn't work, it's because the oasis needs to be attached to your kingdom, the guide didn't add this bit ;) )

    This literally covers a maximum of the first week. Ideally like day 2-3.

    Is this for both of your villages?

    I'm also presuming you're expecting your reader to have common sense of when to build them, but saying this common sense is that if you're being attacked and you can't repel the attacker is to get cranny's.

    Nothing wrong with going overboard, but 4 bullet points sums this up.

    I have high hopes for part 3 where getting a city, town hall expanding comes into play as there's too many first week guides and not enough main play guides.

    cancel troops: not possible

    Take back bid silver: you can only remove anything extra to what is the current bid.
    For example lets say you bid 10000 on a helmet of regeneration whos current bid was 499. you're bid will be 500 with 9500 held if anyone outbids. to take all of this back, edit your bid to 501 (500 should work also)

    Oasis: works the same if you dont add troops.
    When it's part of a kingdom, that kingdom may add troops to it, which increases influence for that player.

    as an example, lets suggest we have two players,
    one of them in kingdom AAA
    one of them in kingdom BBB
    The oasis belongs to AAA
    Lets also suggest that kingdom BBB player has 100 more influence.
    If the player from kingdom AAA reinforces the oasis with 101 or more troops, they will then have more influence.
    If the player from kingdom BBB then reinforces it also, nothing will happen. As the influence from troops only works for the kingdom who owns it troops.

    Also troops reinforcing an oasis will provide a resource bonus if it's owned by that kingdom. Bear in mind they will still consume crop.
    If it's a 25% clay, each reinforced troop will provide 1 clay/hour.
    If it's a 25% clay and 25% crop, each reinforced troop will provide 1 clay and 1 crop.

    I'm curious on what kind of hammers have you managed to make without raiding and still damage the ww? When i'm talking about ww-hammers i'm expecting them to deal damage against 2-3 million defence too, not just against barely defended wonder :rolleyes:

    i suppose i should clarify, i am a follow up after rams and stuff have destroyed the defense to some degree. If i went rams i would imagine i would remove 3 levels of wall.
    As a rough idea, what i meant was 25000 imperians 10k heavy or 15k light cavalry and 4k catas.
    This is enough to remove levels off of the WW when the wall is removed (which in general is why we have WW rammers).

    Obviously to get one of the top 10 hammers of the server, or even top 20, you're gonna be raiding a tonne.

    I'd like to say that if you don't plan to hit WW but generally just get offense and fight people then setting yourself up for success even later is pretty good idea for casual play.
    Get 5 or 6 villages and then start prod from barracks, stable and workshop lvl 20's it takes about 25k ress per hour to do that and you can easily do it with 5-6 well built villages (possibly even earlier than that if you don't have cap as 15c).
    Not getting units is a trap but so is getting permanently stuck with weak army and weak villages as too high investment into troops you don't raid with can choke your account and end up being useless that way, which is a trap lot of beginners also fall into (though no troops is probably more common)

    For active player troops produce way more resources than fields ever could so if you can raid then you should go with that and good WW hammers obviously need to be started early as well.

    This perfectly sums up what i was trying to say. Both players who raided me in the first week of the server are still around, both have less than 10k troops total at WW start (one went 15c capital and i doubt it even had level 12 fields, it's not even a city!)

    If a player wants to go off, but isn't raiding efficiently, it's still possible with well built villages/cities.

    I'm not going to argue in this thread any further as we're derailing it.

    Apparently i'm a terrible off'er (i fail at both "significantly raiding" and i've not even started off troops by 5th village), which is totally correct, but i still manage to get an army able to damage a WW, which is good enough for me and should be good enough for a lot of beginners.