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    I know that research has been done on this in the past and the answer was simple. The current way of doing it was the most profitable, times may have changed but i very much doubt it (this was done on legends before it was "legends" about 10 years back).

    It's possible they've done a TEST server here and come up with a similar answer, it's also possible, if you get enough backing from this topic, for a TEST server to happen with those exact parameters.

    As a f2p player, i actually benefit in some sense from the p2w players from ridiculous auction prices allowing me to get the +25% boosts and PLUS for free usually shortly after t3 artifacts are out.

    Putting more time into the game for raiding and decent use of resources is much more powerful than just shoving gold into the game. Doing both is a scary prospect but there's a highly limited number of these per server.

    I just see it as allowing me to play for free and if i'm allied with a similar number that i'm against, it all balances out.

    also bear in mind it must be an attack by you, or an attack on your town.

    There will not be an option on sharing a report from your reinforcement (i.e you defended someone elses town). In this case the only case of sharing is from screenshots.

    joined at day10 on my first server which i took to the end and had no issues, even with multiple large players nearby.

    spent my BP having a chat to the most threatening kingdom and joined up with them.

    The answer is yes, do expect them to welcome you with open arms. don't ask = don't get.

    Heck with this menhir thing going on, you get to choose any kingdom in the entire game! Got refused? try another! Refused again? something wrong with the way you're asking!

    I have no idea what your issue is.

    I suppose i am thinking of Travian Tournament.

    It's still a reasonable way of achieving what Faust is looking for of a higher skill server. Once per year is plenty though.

    As you pointed out, a continuous ranked server is a bit tricky due to server lengths.

    Cash prize/forum glory for a "once a year" server which would obviously have some form of awesome prestige badge saying "best of 2019" or whatever.

    I can see multiple kingdoms showing interest just for the glory alone

    I wouldnt even call it a post beginners protection guide. It's just a very long way of suggesting:

    As gaul: get 2 cranny, third if needed

    get a level 7 trapper (upgrade upto level 12 if needed)

    Make use of oasis bonus. (if the bonus doesn't work, it's because the oasis needs to be attached to your kingdom, the guide didn't add this bit ;) )

    This literally covers a maximum of the first week. Ideally like day 2-3.

    Is this for both of your villages?

    I'm also presuming you're expecting your reader to have common sense of when to build them, but saying this common sense is that if you're being attacked and you can't repel the attacker is to get cranny's.

    Nothing wrong with going overboard, but 4 bullet points sums this up.

    I have high hopes for part 3 where getting a city, town hall expanding comes into play as there's too many first week guides and not enough main play guides.

    cancel troops: not possible

    Take back bid silver: you can only remove anything extra to what is the current bid.
    For example lets say you bid 10000 on a helmet of regeneration whos current bid was 499. you're bid will be 500 with 9500 held if anyone outbids. to take all of this back, edit your bid to 501 (500 should work also)

    Oasis: works the same if you dont add troops.
    When it's part of a kingdom, that kingdom may add troops to it, which increases influence for that player.

    as an example, lets suggest we have two players,
    one of them in kingdom AAA
    one of them in kingdom BBB
    The oasis belongs to AAA
    Lets also suggest that kingdom BBB player has 100 more influence.
    If the player from kingdom AAA reinforces the oasis with 101 or more troops, they will then have more influence.
    If the player from kingdom BBB then reinforces it also, nothing will happen. As the influence from troops only works for the kingdom who owns it troops.

    Also troops reinforcing an oasis will provide a resource bonus if it's owned by that kingdom. Bear in mind they will still consume crop.
    If it's a 25% clay, each reinforced troop will provide 1 clay/hour.
    If it's a 25% clay and 25% crop, each reinforced troop will provide 1 clay and 1 crop.

    I'm curious on what kind of hammers have you managed to make without raiding and still damage the ww? When i'm talking about ww-hammers i'm expecting them to deal damage against 2-3 million defence too, not just against barely defended wonder :rolleyes:

    i suppose i should clarify, i am a follow up after rams and stuff have destroyed the defense to some degree. If i went rams i would imagine i would remove 3 levels of wall.
    As a rough idea, what i meant was 25000 imperians 10k heavy or 15k light cavalry and 4k catas.
    This is enough to remove levels off of the WW when the wall is removed (which in general is why we have WW rammers).

    Obviously to get one of the top 10 hammers of the server, or even top 20, you're gonna be raiding a tonne.

    I'd like to say that if you don't plan to hit WW but generally just get offense and fight people then setting yourself up for success even later is pretty good idea for casual play.
    Get 5 or 6 villages and then start prod from barracks, stable and workshop lvl 20's it takes about 25k ress per hour to do that and you can easily do it with 5-6 well built villages (possibly even earlier than that if you don't have cap as 15c).
    Not getting units is a trap but so is getting permanently stuck with weak army and weak villages as too high investment into troops you don't raid with can choke your account and end up being useless that way, which is a trap lot of beginners also fall into (though no troops is probably more common)

    For active player troops produce way more resources than fields ever could so if you can raid then you should go with that and good WW hammers obviously need to be started early as well.

    This perfectly sums up what i was trying to say. Both players who raided me in the first week of the server are still around, both have less than 10k troops total at WW start (one went 15c capital and i doubt it even had level 12 fields, it's not even a city!)

    If a player wants to go off, but isn't raiding efficiently, it's still possible with well built villages/cities.

    I'm not going to argue in this thread any further as we're derailing it.

    Apparently i'm a terrible off'er (i fail at both "significantly raiding" and i've not even started off troops by 5th village), which is totally correct, but i still manage to get an army able to damage a WW, which is good enough for me and should be good enough for a lot of beginners.

    There are very good reasons to limit your population.
    Population is honestly the most useless statistic in this game, and the fact that it provides you your key rank in-game leads to a lot of wasteful efforts and misleads beginners entirely.

    Simming is certainly not the most important aspect of this game.
    Building the rights things at the right time, particularly early is important yes, but building for population and CP alone is wasteful.

    i'm not suggesting to completely spam random building upgrades. I would agree population is "a useless stat" in that respect.

    I am suggesting that after getting res fields to 10, that getting the marketplace to 20 will do far better than rushing your barracks / blacksmith until you get your 5th village. (marketplace in particular because it's the most effective CP/day gain for its resource cost). Getting even just 1x level 1 town hall in the capital for the first 2 months will provide an immense amount of CP, far outweighing the cost if you can get the residences up in time to continue expansion.
    6k/hour res production of everything is enough to choose what you want to do with your game.
    Given it's got no insights of raiding either other than robber camps, where it basically says "you might want some TT's and swords" it should be suggesting to get multiple villages, which it does, but not how to do it.

    Perhaps my opinion is wrong but there's too many beginners running around with 10k troops or less and i dont feel this guide really says anything of how to get further. At least if they get to 1-2 cities and 6 villages by the time WW comes out, they will have the resource production to make plenty of troops.

    Really good guide. But so many guides aimed to defensive players as if newers cann`t learn play offers in their first server.

    Mine was actually aimed at off (my guide was linked early on in his guide)
    I have never ever played defense.

    Personally disagree with the following:

    Testare wrote:

    Focus on iron production first, Romans especially, so you can start upgrading that Barracks and Smithy as soon as possible. It shouldn't be hard to get a village upgraded to a city with a level 20 Barracks and a level 20 Smithy (buildings).

    Focus on building up 5 villages before anything else (clay being the most important resource), then worry about the level 20 barracks. I only just hit a level 20 smithy about 10 days before WW came out. (it was 19 for the past like month though).
    Once you have 5 villages, you then have the production to go for either def or off.
    Ideally in your first month you should have 1 city and at least 2 villages. There's still many players in the FNF kingdom on com1 whom have 3-5 villages when WW's about to spawn.

    It's "possible" to raid enough to support yourself with few villages, but if you can raid that much, why limit yourself?

    If you are NOT raiding within the top 50 raiders, then you will need AT LEAST 8 villages to provide the crop and res required to make a hammer which can damage the WW.

    I may do a week by week guide on how to get to top 20 population without paying $ or raiding. I managed it and could have remained in the top 20 pop. but I knew I was running out of time to start my offense so back down to 54th just before WW's.
    Simming is actually the most important aspect and i spent a lot of time in my guide on how to sim without getting heavily raided.
    Unfortunately it doesn't go into how important some key buildings are, in particular the marketplace (incredibly useful for moving res AND for CP production) and the town hall, in particular, level 10 town halls. To get top 20 i had 3 of them going 24/7.

    Also not particularly keen on even suggesting going as a king for a beginner whatsoever. The current meta is that you get 2-3 super kingdoms and generally you are best off moving to join one of them asap, especially if the new menhir feature gets implemented allowing you to relocate more easily.

    Saying this, a lot of what you said is on point. The only thing i would emphasize is that if you're going as king without at least 10 people joining you, you MUST eventually disband and join another kingdom unless you dont mind not winning.

    Testare wrote:

    In the first villages, as Gaul, after you solved with a fast settling, from the beginning build a Trapper and as many Crannies you can use. Each Cranny should be at maximum and it would help you to keep your resources safe from raids/attacks. And if you have villages within any kingdom borders, build a Hidden Treasury. Also build a Wall at a higher level. No one will be interested to raid you again if they don't get anything. Later you will be attacked for other reasons and Crannies won't be useful more longer while your development is growing, so later in game you will need to demolish Crannies for to empty spaces to other buildings. Remember that only the Gauls have Cranny at 2000 resources, all other have at 1000 res protected. Romans don't have a Trapper building.

    Please only recommend this if you are actually being raided. I would highly recommend joining the most powerful kingdom in your area and go for resource production with only 1x maxed cranny. On my previous server, i didn't get raided erm, ever. This is because i started day 10 so was put out miles from the middle and joined the most powerful local kingdom on my second day which eventually got absorbed into one of the top 3.

    On current com1 i had an awful start where i actually followed pretty much this, i had 6x maxed crannies. Spoke with both my local "raiders" after making sure they get 0 resources raided and got them to join my kingdom = raids stopped. But still lost a settler which is super nasty early on.

    If you do get raided when you only have 1 village, this advice is on point. Apart from kingdom hidden treasury. I would never ever recommend this building. It's not only not very good, it's also expensive as heck.

    There's a lot of good information here though, would love to see more info on settling multiple villages quickly as honestly it's the biggest thing new players fail at.

    Maybe, just maybe governors limit is a must. because this exist in real world, having so many governors only happens in empires which are very different from kingdoms.

    I really think the kingdoms model of travian has to be different, it should be about world dominance and holding on economical and resources regions. this will develop the diplomacy aspect of it and give chances for more kingdoms to shine

    So lets suggest the max is 40 and a group of 40 players joins the server.

    Are you truly expecting a random group of players from the server to rise up against them? On Com1. 100% of the top 10 pop are in the top 2 kingdoms.
    only 6 out of the top 40 are not the top 2 kingdoms.

    The short story here, is limiting it is likely to get the other kingdoms destroyed. Also what's to stop them making a "support" kingdom? This used to happen all the time 10 years back. Heck i tried one of the servers of another country for lolz, they had 10 wings! 10 groups of ~30-50 players for the same kingdom (or alliance as it were back in the day)! this was common for that particular country oddly enough and the other group was "anti xxx" and a few solo players.

    Unfortunately, your solution will not solve the issue we're looking for. Unless they specifically punish "wings" but there's hard to do,

    when does a confed basically become a wing? As you'll both attack the same people and often help defend.

    At least you're trying to think of a suggestion/solution which is good for the topic. Ideally need some other suggestions as this ones hard to get to complete what the topic wants to achieve.
    Unless you get a "test" server which specifically limits the number of players to ~20 per kingdom, which would be... interesting!

    Answered here: when are we going to get new races in travian kingdom ?


    Hey there @Azurite_COM
    unfortunately that isn't a possibility. Please keep in mind that Travian Legends and Travian Kingdoms are two separate games and through the years they grew a lot different than each other, it isn't possible to just take a feature out of one of them and implement it into the other. Even if some of the features are similar, they have to be developed from scratch in Kingdoms(as was the whole game) since it's a lot newer than TL
    Best regards

    basically it's not a case of copy and paste from Travian Legends. I wouldnt be surprised if some work had been put into this, but unlikely to happen any time soon.

    If you are talking about the team and server I think you are, I think you will find that server has many other competitive factions so no free win for anyone.

    he clearly stated the team and server lol.

    Anyway on this, As i've said before I will say again, if you can't beat em, join em. Usually they will be highly organised as they've been together for another server. Whilst it makes being a king exceptionally difficult that server, there's no reason you cannot join them and try and get involved so that next server it could be you who is king/duke.

    Until there is a reason to punish this and a way to punish it, It will continue.

    I'd much rather join an organised group than a new group trying to work out what they're supposed to be doing. I tried a speed server and the King and vice king of the top 10 kingdom hated each other which led to pointless arguements and nothing really being done. I do not wish to play an entire server under that. I soon deleted seeing I was miles away from the top 3.

    Guys main problem could be, who is over 200 pop, cant get relocation :) i analyze map 3 days, all player was less then 200 pop

    definitely wrong.

    There is a strategy in the guides section where you relocate daily to avoid receiving attacks whilst you raid absolutely everyone by relocating whenever possible and getting a very high population village.
    These villages hit a solid 1200 pop+.

    All i can recommend is be quick at the midnight mark and try changing from governor to king or back again. Also try and make sure you do not relocate to someone who is a high population King, as then you're literally stuck unless you become a king yourself and get a relocate that way.

    also in general there is either too many inactive kings or too many inactive governors, rarely both.
    If you are struggling to move, try switching.

    Also try checking at day change (midnight on server time setting) as inactives are calculated at that time.

    Also bear in mind you will replace an inactive person (grey village) 100% of the time. It is impossible to relocate to an area which isn't settled. Getter actually treats it as conquering but this isn't the case as it's a village swap (so if you have a 9 or 15c, you obviously keep it).

    The amount of active treasuries is always limited (1 by king, 1 by duke1 and 1 by duke2). More active treasuries can be obtained by having enough treasures in your kingdom (I believe it's 10k for the first one).

    I hope this is a decent answer to your question.

    Correct. To clarify each additional treasury requires 10k treasures. So unless you're a reasonably large group you're stuck with the 3.

    Have you been part of one of the teams? I've tried a few servers, none of which went particularly far until I joined a kingdom who'd played another server.

    The level of organisation they have shows you how you should be playing the game. Also the top raiders like a bit of a chat, who doesn't like to show off just a little bit? (or a lot in some cases!)
    I would highly recommend joining them as you'll learn way more than on your own.
    I've also been part of poorly led kingdoms where the king and vice king hated each other. I don't need to be part of their arguments, I just want to play a server, do my own thing knowing that the kingdom is being well run.

    Also, it makes sense to use a winning method to win a server. It will be incredibly difficult to prevent teaming with relocation in place, as i managed to eventually relocate half way across the map to be with a group i've been with before.

    So i would question:
    1. How you're going to stop them from doing it. I'm unsure what you'd change to make it impossible for them to join up.
    2. Are players are really "learning more" from playing alone? Or learning more from highly successful players who've won other servers?
    3. Would preventing "teaming" even accomplish anything?

    If you can answer any the above 3 questions, you'll have a case.

    Pretty simple, as a sitter you cannot finish immediately for free when a building takes 5 minutes or less if gold priveledge is disabled.

    for those who don't know, the timer goes green to make it easy to see at a glance it can be done for free. If it takes longer than 5 minutes it requires gold to do (hence why there is a block in the first place)

    Seeing it costs nothing though, i can't see how this is a gold option. Not the biggest problem but i would appreciate it.