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    Hey is the idea still on the way?

    maybe start a test server like halloween hunt? dont know for anything special or just normal game round. wouldnt mind if you just test it to see whats going on start one international and see how it goes. what i saw on comx5, lot of action, lots of people and much more than on a normal x3 world. like in dex3 right now we have like 300 people and its beginning so i guess the world is finished by 40 playern? maybe only one kingdom

    You should also finish the 25 troop quest, at least when you Uwe Gold, for Romans is a - off 500 resources, i only Play on x3 Servers and it helps a lot with raiding robbers.

    If you can Carry 350 or 1350 is a big Deal in time of Speed.

    ofc if you destroy the village the troops are gone but its Saving Good time if you want to get all resources from robbers