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    Hi, I'm currently playing roman on fr5, and I've recently trained my three settlers. Only after I realised that there was no longer a quest and a reward for training the settlers. Is this normal or am I having some kind of bug?, because I can clearly remember that there was such quest in the past.

    Hello! I think that it would be great if kings or founders of secret society could attribute titles to their subjects. I don't think it would change the gameplay that much, but it would be really nice if we could boost the roleplay part with such titles (ex: a duke could be names "Duke of the west"). It would also allow kingdoms to better organize themselves, since they'll be able to attribute role to their different members (ex: Off/def commanders). So, what do you think about this?

    NON, il ne pourra pas tuer tous les légionnaires car le défenseur en question, avec les ressources présentes dans son village, ne pourra jamais dépasser la limite des 40 phalanges, qui sont trop peu nombreux pour tuer les 45 légionnaires. Si j'avait été à sa place, j'aurais construit des pièges, car peu coûteux et très rentables, ils sont idéals pour lutter contre les petites attaques/pillages. Le défenseur pourrait éventuellement tenter de tuer tous les légionnaires grâce à une combinaison phalanges/pièges, mais le résultat serait incertain...

    Hello everyone,

    The international comx3 is coming to an end and I was wondering why we didn't had more speed servers. I wanted to suggest to the Travian's Team to create more speed servers on the international worlds (we could name them Com1x3; Com2x3; Com3x3; ect...) and to create at least one speed for each regions (I'm still waiting for the new French speed btw). I think students like me don't really have the time to play on normal servers for 4 months, and it's easier for us to play speed servers, which are also way more funnier and dynamic than the classical ones...

    So that's it, thanks !