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    Hey guys,

    Just a quick question, if I already have 2 dukes and would like to change one. How can I keep the treasures from the Duke that im abdicating? This question might have been covered already but I can't seem to find the thread. hoping to hear back soon.. Thanks!

    Kim :)

    Right, so yesterday late evening and this morning the game was working fine. Able to speak to people and see which kingdom and people are from and where they are in the map with no problem. Then for some reason I decided to buy gold in hopes that I would be able to actually be able to put it to good use over the weekend.. Yet the weekend is here.. and the problems are here.. again. for the 3rd day, out of the 3 days the server is up.. frankly i cant be bothered with it. You guys aren't providing the service I paid money for the gold for.. who may I speak to about a refund?

    at the moment its purely unplayable..


    I am having some complications in this server also. Especially now, it is impossible to send any messages to anyone in the game, I am also unable to see which kingdom each player is from and the overall feel of it seems laggy and unkempt. I am thinking about using Gold for this server but this unreliable and laggy server is putting me off from playing.. I love travian and play both TK and Legends but this is just ridiculous..

    when will this get fixed?