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    then he got an gaul-idea , just he need to let the settlers build lot of villages and got lot of ppl, and after remakes them as troops, all of these will make him teuton-strong

    What my experience is, this game TK, Russians, Chinese and Muslims are always the target to be destroyed. You will say, they are cheating, using scripts, multi accounts, like zerg. However, don't you do the same thing? Like what I posted, will you deny they are not multi accounts? Racism is created by the white people, because you are always racializing to black people, to russians, to chinese, to muslim, to who are not exactly same like you. Have you ever heard racism from black people, from others?

    hmmmm.. i seen MUSLIM !!! Sorry but you wrong AF, i've never getting insulted or hated from any person here about my islam, if you have problem with some bad group ppl, it's not mean all of ppl here are bad, and please correct your infos..

    Where is the trouble ???????
    Feels like the message was not spoken by a Man. No attempt of making trouble at all.
    He left his team behind and found a shelter far away from G.W.
    SOUR SMELL???? L.M.F.A.O.

    Tbh GW they get smaller and smaller over time bcs it lacks the confidence of its members, and bcs players like you they bring trouble to their main kingdom G.W, keep talking, and let the men's working..

    I smell a soursmell from some mouths.. Who talk about me as i'm H.A.C.K.E.R really :) !!!

    There is no problem between GW main leaders and me , the problem is.. on governors.. they makes lot of misunderstanding, they bring trouble to their main kingdom G.W

    They can check PM, in first days, BUT NOW GOOD LUCK ALL PLAYERS



    :/يعني طلع تأثير الرومان اكبر بكثير مما كنت اتخيل هم من قسمو شمال افريقيا لثلاث ممالك

    شمال افريقيا من تونس الى موريتانيا، منذ بزوغ تاريخ الحروب وهم تارة يتحدون وتارة يتقسمو بسبب اختلافات العقليات بينهم، وهذا سبب راجع في الاعراق التي سادت فيها، انت تعرف ان الفاندال والبيزنط والرومان والاغرييقين اكبر الأعراق المحاربة كانوا قد أتوا و عمروا و سكونوا وامتزجو بالأقلية البربرية السكان الاصليين، وهنا نحصل على آخر الحروب بين النوميديتين و موريتنيا

    Hi again everyone,

    I'm on com2nx3 right now and I understand how frustrating these issues are. I also want them gone as quickly as possible but sometimes it takes a bit more than expected. Still, I forwarded this to our technical team again and hopefully the situation will improve very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

    Kind regards

    I hope fix it soon !!

    انا عندي مملكة واريد انقل قرية واحد الى حدود مملكتي كيف ؟

    مع العلم انني ارسلت له دعوه وقبلها سابقا وقريته لم تنتقل وهو ضمن المملكة اصبح !!

    يجب عليك معرفة اولا اي قرية يملك ، واحدة ام 2 ؟؟،

    ان كانت له قريتان يمكنك دعوة قريته الرئيسية فقط

    ان كانت له قرية واحدة وتم دعوته من طرف ملك اخر ولم يقبل فيعني ان هناك له دعوة معلقة ويجب عليه عدم قبولها اي يحذف الدعوة وبعدها ارسل له طلب بالإنضمام

    غير ذلك تحدث للمسييرين

    طاب يومك