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    Big NO for me, raiding is a job, so you need to work for it, if everything is auto then the game would also allow bot, the step is just easy to cross


    If you want to try, kill your troops, they will come back just as strong.

    If you play with a Teuton and get 50k of club per day 10, the robbers will not give you 600k of resources per day.(in the day 10 sv)

    But, if you move treasures, successfully open a treasury and take many treasures, they will come out very strong the next day.

    You can also try not to draw troops and not raise resources, clean the robbers with your hero, you will see that they will come stronger because you change treasures (you can use the treasures to raise your buildings and not touch the resources)

    Soooo …

    Why when you go out of vacation mode resources are very high ?

    Why you can see some players with babies hideouts ? Thoses players start same time as you but they don’t do troops, just attacking robbers with few troops for long time, then start to troops and get highers hideouts ? Like romans for example ?

    There is not much to say...

    if it’s right, then you found the secret, which is not sure at all.

    But it cannot depend on treasures you sell imo, it depend on production of res. Easy way to see it when somebody go out of vacation mode.

    Then res are very huge, don’t know about troops tho.

    But if you found the right answer, then you are Nostradamus gaul-idea

    Peut-on délocaliser une cité (sans autre village construit) ? Genre on a un village, qu'on transforme en cité, peu-on le délocaliser, ou ça compte comme 2 villages et donc, on peut pas délocaliser ?

    Oui tu peux, mais attention, si la cité passe en dessous de 1000 pop il reviendra en village.

    Tu perds tous les champs donc c’est vite arrivé

    Yeah vacation mode is totally rewarding, just use it every servers to get big advantage on ennemies, community knows that but the Travian team still pretend they don’t know it.

    Or do they didn’t understand ? It could be haha

    Thanks, but most players disagree you, I can see that :)