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    Je suis pour !

    J'ajouterais la possibilité pour un roi de supprimer un message (exemple supprimer un rapport de def complet ^^)

    Je pense qu'il faut revoir le système de chat un petit peu, même si je le trouve déjà bien fait, quelques améliorations seraient pas mal !

    I believe that you can find the answer here :

    But this one was made on the Test server, I'm not sure if it's already done on every servers, even on the upcoming ones yet.

    I think that an announcement will be made soon about the updates after the Test, in case of the updates are made already, thanks to the Staff to warn us.

    Hopefully that helped you :)

    Your question is not really precise I could tell you :

    • When does the robbers camps appear ?

    Robbers camp appear every couple of days.

    • When robbers camps attacks players around ?

    They attacks when the countdown is finished, which you can see if you click to enter in the camp.

    Hopefully one of these is what you expected.

    Robbers Hideouts and Camps (Wiki)

    My opinion is that if you have a hero level 100 with 8320 strength exactly (without items) and you army is, imagine for a small ghost hammer only like EI's for example the calculation looks like that :

    15k EI's are, without smithy, equal at 120 attack strength so :

    • 15K Ei's * 120 = 1.800.000 attack strength

    result of the gain in % of attack strength actually already without the upgrade you mean :

    • 1.800.000 / 8320 = 216 so the strength of your hero is equal at 0.46% actually :D

    So we can calculate for a level 200 :

    Related infos : first point give you 400, after it is 80 per points so we could calculate a level 200 (200 points of strength) are exactly :

    • 400 + (80*199) = 16320 str
    • 15K EI's = 1.800.000

    Result of strength gained in %

    • 16320 hero strength for 1.800.000 strength Ghost army = 0.91% gained

    Just an example so imagine for an entire decent army :D

    In my calculation I calculated for 200 points of strength, because you gave no infos about your expectations, or even gave us how much you think it could be decent so I calculated that for a level 100 it's 100 points because it is 20*4 points (level 20 you have 100 points if you upgrade only the str) so for level 200 it should be the same added.

    So, sorry for the big text but I believe that some other stuffs could improve the game more efficiently than add less than a single % for gain strength.

    Except if you want attacks with your hero alone but a Rally Point mounted at level 2 could see you coming, even if the hero is fast it's relatively easy to stop a 16k str in my honest opinion :D Especially when your hero is at level 100+, normally players have some troops available ^^

    To be clear about my last sentence (you attack part with hero alone) :

    • Hero 16k str against 1K phalanx could kill 180 of them without wall

    Here the simulator screenshot

    My calculation could be false somewhere, but honestly I don't think so, otherwise just correct me :)

    L'idée de limiter les royaumes à déjà été évoqué, plusieurs fois, mais ca ne ferait que plus de PNA donc ca ne changerais pas beaucoup les 1v1 mais plutôt conserver les 3v1 par exemple.

    Par contre les artefacts seraient un ajout plutôt sympas à mon avis en donnant un objectif en plus.

    Le fait que l'artefact appartienne au royaume et non à un joueur en particulier colle tout à fait avec le style de jeu Kingdoms.

    Pourquoi pas y mettre quelques atouts comme :

    • Reduction temps de formation troupes
    • Reduction consommation troupes
    • augmentation capacité de cdt
    • augmentation VP sous forme de % (dans une limite raisonnable)

    Pour résumer tes idées, à mon humble avis sont motivés par de bonnes raison mais pour ma part uniquement les artefacts ajouteraient du piquant.


    Alors je n'ai pas la réponse précise mais ayant posé quelques questions à propos des limitations déjà je pense pourvoir t'aiguiller.

    Les limitations s'appliquent dans ces cas :

    • Partage de connexion, par un moyen ou un autre
    • Population plus basse que le joueur vendeur
    • Moins de 7 jours de jeu

    Tu peux vérifier sur ces trois pages d'aide, je l'ai fait mais je n'ai pas trouvé la réponse précise.

    Je pense que ces 3 pages couplés ensemble devraient t'aiguiller.

    well, you seems proud. But no reasons to be tho, noobs like you normally spike also.

    Mmm :/

    A speed is about time, farming 17/18h a day is already a big management of res.. so since that reason imo if you raid only 12h a day I believe that I will follow the Gossip thread, I wonder how will be the "Hammers" here :D

    UNTOLD and some other teams were planning for normal COM server in April.We were waiting for the announcement but we were very sad to see that it was not announced.It is surprising that the normal COM game world announced every month in the last 3 years does not open these days because we have a lot of time due to the COVID-19 virus.We think that the game management made a wrong decision and we expect them to announce the game world within a few days, as we always believe that they take into account our wishes. Georgi we would appreciate it if you can give us a positive or negative feedback.Thanks for your reply in advance.

    I'm not Georgi, unfortunately, but I can tell you the COM1 started really not long ago and they give you a start about 75 golds, which is already a good thing. This server was opened precisely right after the announcement about the covid19.
    So I wonder aout what you complain exactly.

    I don't cry, you are not concerned by this because you open account in every single servers, no matter local or so, only for prestige and annoy players everywhere. It's why I'm sorry for your experience about the game, but of course you are the only one guilty about your own situation.

    I'm sorry for your bad experience about the game but it's not the good thread to complain about ;)

    Hey Mycro,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I agree that some players keep hope and learn about their own experience, good or bad, of course, and grow afterward but it's not the case of the common players imo. Also I agree that everybody should have a chance to be king because experienced about leadership in Legends but this game is totally different.

    I mean that being king is of course something who can give you knowledges about the game relatively quicker and a different point of view about, but on the other side I personally think that being king ask you time, knowledge about the rules about treasures, opening new treasuries etc. and some skills like for example how to take care of a minus etc. Also you got the responsibilities about your own governors and their experience about the game. Which is not least.

    The game got already a limit but this one is too low imo. Then, why Travian has set a limit if it's not in a goal of avoid theses points.

    Hello everyone !

    I have a suggestion.

    In the goal of keep the players we have and bring some others I believe that could be a good idea to set a minimum of prestige for start as king.

    For which reasons I exactly think about that ? you wonder ? I would like to avoid it :

    • Have an inexperienced king who make fall the whole kingdom
    • Player who open a kingdom, again and again, inside boundaries after be kicked
    • New player who had hope but no future, then delete after a while

    I believe that would bring the game more fair for the governor but even for the game itself. Being in first a decent governor experienced and then after a while get enough of this experience to become a king.

    Tell me what do you think about, if you agree tell us why, if not tell us also why.

    Have a good game and stay healthy !8)

    Everybody will register on the server to get them and try to bring them to the lobby by delete, that won't work I think, so people will be just disappointed of course.

    Thanks but useless tho, Travian would be stronger alone by this present, don't try to tell us that it is by sympathy ^^


    The language used here is English and you don't have right to share a private conversation, I believe.

    Also, it's not the good way to report a multi account, then I could recommend you to contact the Help Center instead.

    Have a good game.