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    Well, I don't like idea punish whole kingdom when some people in it cheats. This is really bad idea, because no kingdom have only members from previous games. There is always lot of random people and I really don't see single point why they should be punished only because they were spawned or menhired to kingdom.

    There is some kingdoms who use mostly core members and habit same on every servers tho.

    Accepting known cheaters make you partner of it.

    But Th0mm didn't mean punish the whole kingdom I think, but some players are banned several times on every servers and continue to cheat on other following servers, thoses kingdoms gather a lot of bans across the servers and there is a common point.

    The meaning of it is, if they continue to do, it is really worth and then why legit players wouldn't do themselves ?

    It is about the imbalance of troop stats in X3 speed. We have to realise that same troop behaves differently in X1 speed and X3 speed.
    Travian have made romans to be slow and efficient, but because in x3 speed servers crop consumption is only x1, romans become just slow... and never efficient :D

    It hurt my maths, stats of troops on x1 and x3, x5 and x150kkk are exactely same.

    I play Roman off, always, been first off several time, 2nd on last Halloween Hunt.

    I don't know what are you trying to change and what is your project.


    que doit on comprendre par "La brume se transformera mystérieusement en quelque chose qui renforce les troupes et affaiblit les éclaireurs."

    Les attaques et les defenses des village dans la brume sont plus efficaces.
    Les chefs sont plus persuasifs aussi en venant de la brume.

    Tu pourras calculer dans le simulateur de la place de rassemblement pour estimer la difference.
    Ce doit être de l'ordre de 5% si je ne m'abuse.

    Le serveur Halloween est à ma connaissance le seul serveur qui prend donne un bonus à la brume.

    Pour préciser, on parle de la brume qui se trouve autour des merveilles.

    I"m ok with showing just question marks for troops. I just want to know what player took what / how many camps and treasures.

    There are many changes needed for camps, but this would be a start.

    I would like to have intels about it too, but I think it would be better if Travian itself can block the sending once it's full, or use a Trick like force to use the hero to get the goods.
    I tried already my way, let's hope someone succeed by any ways, I'm fine with it if it getting fixed.

    Fixing theses robbers camps mechanics would be so good, but show armies to all members of a kingdom is in my opinion not the best option, it's an idea tho.

    It's one of my top 3 important changes actually.

    Yeah I found in several servers players were encouraging others to vote for 25. But the way that threads 'vote' is posted it's a question of how many you THINK there will be. Not how many do you wish will be there.

    Indeed, otherwise why there is not 100% of the max amount ? ^^

    Nobody will ask less achievements, it makes no sense.

    Alors il y à eu un changement concernant les durées, toutes les durées.

    Jusqu'à maintenant T2 arrivait jour 8 et T3 jour 16.
    L'union des royaumes jour 10 correspond à un x3.

    Le reste à peu d'importance, avoir les apparitions 2h plus tôt nous changera pas la vie, même si le changement d'heure n'est que d'une heure ^^
    Mais les changements dans les arrivées des items pourrait être annoncé.

    I have not much to tell about it, except that I cannot agree more thoses points.
    I just have an idea to share about one of the abuses.

    My solution for Tournament Square Abuse :

    The attack limit a player can send based on distance cannot be changed in any other way. The tournament area should only be used to increase or decrease the attack time.

    Maybe we could just make it non goldable, the limit will be reached pretty quickly and the abuses wouldn't be anymore. The downside about this idea is that if we missed a sending, then we couldn't anymore up the TS quickly to repair our mistake.

    But I agree more with your point tho, but the system is based on travel time actually, if it's possible to change it and use distance, then it would be way better.

    Thanks LovëGood for this thread, once again hope born. But we know that they will kill the idea in the egg.


    I know that a lot of players have a personal interest in their own nickname, a nickname is also a way to be recognized, a nickname is something that you like.

    I would like to put something like a copyright on a certain nickname, that could be approved.

    We know that sometimes CM cannot take a real decision and when someone ask for a change of any nickname he can get, and it bring to anger cause a player can finally choose to change a nickname.
    If anyone judge that your nickname don't fit with his day, he can ask to CM to change it, they will.

    I would like to be able to put a kind of copyright to our nickname, that we can use regardless to the opinion of others, approved by the staff.

    Tributes are always about 20% of prod and 20% of collected tributes.

    A treasury owner always get thoses 20% from every villages in his area.
    A king get also 20% of collected tributes of the dukes + 20% of production of every villages of the duke, regardless of their position except if his villages are outside of borders.
    You can find the tributes of your dukes in another part of the tribute tab.