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    what Be2-e4 said is correct - we do care about the game rules and always enforce them firmly when needed, regardless of whether the violator has purchased Gold or not. We also do not reduce/alter standard punishments under any circumstances so please forward those cases that you saw getting lesser or no punishment to me or email them at and I'll investigate asap.

    Kind regards

    Well it was you (unless there are two Georgies working in the admin team) who reduced the punishment of one cheat after he had a cry about how much money he spends on gold.

    Are you happy for me to publicly share the message exchange I have seen without getting banned from the forum, or would you rather continue to try and maintain the illusion that this never happens

    It's obvious to me now that they don't care much - That particular account (dizzyest) looked suspicious to me a while ago and had been reported to multihunter and if they'd even bothered to check it would have been obvious what he was doing - so, for me at least, that alone is enough confirmation that multihunter isn't even trying to do their job on this server (at least when it comes to Zlf)

    Even now, after being called out on the public forum, nothing has been done.

    I still remain wholly unconvinced that the accounts like Sancak, Gestapo, Etingu, Wooah, etc that are being used to get yourself croppers aren't multi's being run by one (or more) of your players but sure, there's maybe a 5% chance they aren't and you've managed to find half a dozen losers willing to run novelty accounts for your benefit.

    And you can't claim (not that you even seem to want to) that it's only a couple of individual players, given the number of your players who have claimed croppers using this method.

    Multi cheating is still the most likely explanation for what is going on but even if that isn't the case it's still a manipulation of a flaw in the game mechanics (that the admins have been too lazy to fix) to try and give yourselves an unfair advantage. Just because something isn't "technically" against the rules doesn't mean it's not cheating - playing so blatantly against the spirit of the game is still a scum act.

    So, by their own admission now, zlf are a bunch of players so lacking in genuine skill they are going to find ways to manipulate the game mechanics to (try to) be competitive on this server.

    The only thing sadder than the fact you need to do this to even have a chance of winning is the fact that you're proud of it.

    I like the fact that you've quoted Snoori acknowledging that what happened with Heimdall wasn't abusing the rules just after making that very accusation yourself. As far as I am aware only one player from EMC has been banned for using a bot - and as far as I'm concerned good riddance to the idiot. If he hadn't had a big cry over his punishment and quit I probably would have quit EMC myself at that point.

    I won't list all the accounts I've found because I can't be bothered but I'd suggest other players have a look at the amount of croppers zlf has collected (Travian Kingdoms Tools) and then the accounts that these croppers are coming from - accounts like Sancak, an 88 pop account who has so far relocated 4 croppers to zlf territory to be chiefed by other players and is currently working on their fifth.

    And then there's the suspicious number of accounts that are growing to a certain size (enough to build some res fields, some crannys and a marketplace) and then have their resources mysteriously disappear every day despite the fact they aren't building any buildings or troops and can't be farmed because of their cranny level - but it's obviously harder to establish what is actually going on with these cities (unless you are the multihunter)

    It's pretty obvious that you guys are cheats - the only questions that remain is just how bad your cheating actually is and why your friend the multihunter is letting you get away with it.

    No, thanks for the clarification, you prove me wrong.
    I guess not every suspicious thing is abusing the rules/cheating after all.

    This is going to be the problem that will haunt this server.

    The Zlf Turks are cheating - and not even really bothering to hide it. And the Multihunter for whatever reason is either unable or unwilling to do anything about them. The only saving grace is that they appear to be pretty average players and even with their widespread cheating probably won't factor as major players.

    But such obvious cheating is going to have a few effects:-

    1. Any win on this server, no matter how legitimately earned, is going to be tainted by the question of how much of an impact the cheating had.

    2. Such blatant cheating by one team is going to make everybody suspicious of everybody - I predict a lot of accusations to be flying around on this server

    3. I also predict that there actually are going to be a few players who are going to see how easy it has become to be able to cheat and try it out themselves

    And it's a real shame because, despite the cheats, this is probably going to be one of the most competitive servers in a long time. There's some really solid teams with some really good players and no matter who eventually wins they are going to have to work hard for it.

    I personally wish everyone, both friend and foe, all the best.

    I'm going to have a bit of fun with my hero for the next week and then finally quit Travian for good. I've always had a big issue with cheats but in the past have always considered that it is one of those things that is hard to stamp out so you need to work around it. But it's become clear from my discussions with the Multihunter on this server that the cheating is spreading not because it's hard to stamp out but because they aren't even going to try to do anything about it.

    And I can no longer in good conscience support a company that refuses to support its users.

    The problem are the players who abuse their multiaccounts to funnel resources into their mainaccount and not the players who play two accounts on their own. If there was a rule like in T:L, that an account must be played on its own benefit (and that abusing accounts that aren't is bannable), questionable tactics like the TE metioned would be forbidden, "funneling-multis" could be banned without multiaccountingproof and so on.

    Exactly - it's a two second fix that would greatly reduce the problem but they still haven't implemented it for some reason. And they wouldn't even need to run it on a test server - it's already been tried before on different versions and they know it works.

    I realise that they'll never be able to completely stamp out the issue but there's a big difference between a few individuals doing it to try and make up for shortfalls in their own ability and an entire kingdom doing it so blatantly and with so many accounts.

    I appreciate that you want to support the developers and I 'm sorry if my insults towards them have offended your fragile sensibilities. But they've chosen to ignore this issue for too long and will have nobody else to blame when Kingdoms continues to lose players at the rate it currently is.

    like others have said MA's always have and probably always will be around, but they are usually still crap even with 2 or 3 accounts, so i've never let them get under my skin (I consider myself better than any MA with just one account, so if they want to make their life complicated then that's their problem)

    In most instances this has been true - usually the players that feel the need to multi do so because they are shit at the game and can be easily dealt with.

    Even the Zlf teams on com3 are still pretty useless despite the extent of their cheating and I doubt they will prove to be anything more than an irritation for the rest of the players who decide to stick around. I'm not even going to bother suiciding my troops against them - I'll target a real player instead.

    But even if they're easily dealt with why bother continuing to play a game where your time is taken up dealing with them rather than playing against decent players because the developers are either too lazy or too stupid to find a way to fix the problem themselves.

    Mate - it's the entire fucking Turkish alliance doing it on Com3, not individual players - with just a quick look at them before deleting there's at least 5 multi accounts they are using that they aren't even bothering to hide and several more that are incredibly suspicious

    I'm not some frustrated player either - I'm one of the top players on the server, like I have been most times I've played. But I'm finally done - if I'm going to spend my time and money playing a game (win or lose) I'd rather find one with real players - not a bunch of fuckwit cheats like you.

    Well your experience about how much extra leeway players are given as gold users is different to mine. And mine isn't (always) second hand information - I've had players share their conversations with the multi-hunters with me.

    But regardless of whether it's because they use gold or simply because the multi-hunters are useless it doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of players getting away with using multi accounts and/or bots with nothing being done about it.

    And even more players that have found ways to abuse game rules like village relocation, vacation mode,etc, etc against their supposed intention

    Which still makes my original point valid - This game has become too much who can find the best ways to manipulate the rules rather than a game about skill and teamwork.

    My complaint about gold users is probably an exaggeration but I have seen players get their bans lifted and/or have their punishment reduced by pointing out how much money they've spent on gold so don't try to pretend it's not a factor in what players can get away with, when you know that it is.

    It's a shame - Travian Kingdoms had a lot of potential as a game but the developers got lazy and let it turn into a game about who can find the best ways to manipulate the rules rather than a game about skill and teamwork.

    I hope the new changes do improve things but for me, like a lot of your dwindling user base, it's too little too late.

    Edit: And make that 2 accounts (at least) this Kingdom is using to do this - what's the point of trying to play a legitimate account when you're up against obvious multi accounts the admins don't care about

    So there's this account I've found which is doing nothing but settle in croppers, relocate them and then let them get chiefed by members of a Kingdom

    4 so far, and still going.

    But according to the multi-hunter this is a legitimate strategy.

    This game has become a joke. As long as you buy enough gold you can do whatever you want.

    Inspired by the couple of recent threads about players cheating using the Vacation Mode function, I thought I would start a thread for people to tell the developers about some of the other forms of cheating (include abuse of the games rules against their intended function) they come across and make some suggestions about what should be done about it

    Here's my initial thoughts

    1. Vacation mode: has been covered in the other threads so I won't say much more

    2. Travian needs to recruit more Multihunters - at the moment it feels like they are relying too heavily on players reporting potential abuses rather than actually actively hunting out people cheating

    3. Much more needs to be done to crack down on multi-accounts - if it's obvious to other players which players are using multi accounts it should be just as obvious to the admins

    4. Kingdom stacking is one issue - Kingdoms that are stacking their kingdom with as many accounts as they can get away with to boost the amount of treasures/VP they get. So many accounts are clearly being opened with no intention other than adding to the population of a kingdom and generating treasures/tributes and maybe extra defensive troops. I'm not sure how to best tell the difference between these accounts and players who are simply not that active, so open to suggestions

    5. Same as above with obvious farms. I regularly run into accounts that reach a certain point and then don't build any buildings or troops, but still remain active and generate resources. A lot of these accounts are clearly being maintained by somebody as a farm and multihunter should be auditing any accounts like this to identify who is doing it.

    6. Again, open to suggestions about the best approach to do this but something needs to be done about players using bots for farming and building up their cities. I think at this point the level of programming available has overtaken the ability of the Travian mods to identify bots. I think that multihunters should be regularly auditing the accounts of the top raiders and any player that shows a sudden spike in activity to identify the discrepancies between when they are online and when they have bots running their account for them. At a minimum it should be obvious that accounts that a running their farming lists 24/7 are using bots - I know some Travian players don't sleep much but everybody needs to sleep at some point.

    7. I think that the punishments for people getting caught cheating need to be stricter. If you are caught cheating your MAIN account should be banned completely - not whichever smaller account you don't care about.

    8. This will probably be controversial but I think that there needs to be a punishment for the Kingdom when a player gets caught cheating too. I think that any treasures,VP and tributes that the cheating player has generated should be removed from their Kingdom. I appreciate with this view that it can be hard as a King/Duke to know if one of your players is cheating, but at the same time I don't think a Kingdom should be allowed to have gained anything from a player that was cheating. Imho I also think that the leadership team of a kingdom needs to take some responsibility for the behaviour of the players they choose to recruit.

    I regret that I only have 1 like to give to this post, I couldn't agree more with what you have posted.

    In particular I think the following needs to be done urgently if vacation mode is still to be allowed as an option

    1. Any attacks that are incoming before vacation mode commences should land and be counted as normal. It's up the the player going on vacation to leave enough defence for the attacks they can already see are inbound before going on vacation. Players should continue to be able to launch attacks during the countdown period also.

    2. Players should not be allowed to log into their account during vacation mode. If a player logs in during vacation mode then the vacation should be cancelled and the countdown start again.

    3. Kings and dukes shouldn't be allowed to enter vacation mode. If they want to they can abdicate and shut down their treasuries

    4. Everything should be frozen during vacation mode (and imho for 12-24 hours after returning). Your account should be in the exact position it was in when entering vacation mode (except for the passage of time) and when leaving vacation mode.

    5. I also think that once a Kingdom has either started building a WW, or the WW has reached a certain level vacation mode should be disabled completely.

    I think the game could survive without vacation mode, but can also see the advantage of having it for a game that can last 6 months plus. I certainly found it useful in the older versions of Travian when games could last for ages and ages.

    I also think that as a matter of some urgency Multihunter should start auditing any and every account that goes into vacation mode and completely banning any player found to be abusing the current system.

    @Marshmallowman - I think you raise a valid point but I wouldn't discount the idea straight away. Like I said above though it's just a spitball idea from me at the moment to give the developers something to think about. But it would have to be restricted somehow both to prevent big players "bullying" smaller players to get the VP and to make sure it actually results in a gain in the amount of "fun" for the players. Maybe restrict the VP gain to certain buildings (e.g. Town hall, Residence, etc) so that there's no need to completely zero a village or restrict it to being able to steal VP from players within a certain % close to you population wise (i.e. big players can only steal VP from other big players, smaller players can target other smaller players).

    Another alternative that I think is worth putting out there is to make the Natar's more active - increase the number of Natar cities (e.g. have a small percentage inactive players randomly convert to Natar cities) and have them randomly attack nearby cities

    I don't even necessarily think that the idea of "steal via destruction" needs to be the only idea - just that something should be done to provide more options for ALL players to participate in actions. Getting cata'd can be demoralising, but just as many players simply lose interest because by mid-game they have been too far overtaken by the larger players to really do much except sim and then send defence/resources to the WW. I think finding a way to provide more options for smaller/less active players would both encourage more people to stick around and encourage those that do stick around to become more active.

    Hopefully it would also do something to limit the advantage currently being gained by certain kingdoms who are stacking their kingdoms with as many passive players as possible (and let's be honest, probably quite a few multi accounts) to simply sim away knowing that most of these accounts will never be actively targeted.

    Ageed - I don't think it would be a good thing to completely get rid of the feature but something needs to be done to limit its use to it's actual intention and not as a tactical move

    I think one thing that should definitely be implemented is that you should not be allowed to delete your account while in vacation mode and for a certain cool down period after returning from vacation mode (or make deletion take longer if you've just returned from vacation mode). It's super frustrating to attack a player only to have them go into vacation mode and delete their account so you don't even have a chance to recover any resources from them.

    But otherwise, yeah I don't really have any ideas either. Perhaps limiting the protection offered to only troops/buildings and not resources or slowing down a player for a period when they return from vacation mode? Maybe also limiting the number of treasures/tributes a player can generate after returning from vacation mode as well - something to encourage other players within the kingdom to use sitters/duals rather than vacation mode.

    Can you explain this idea a bit more?

    It was a bit of a spitball idea rather than something I've put a lot of thought into but I was thinking of maybe something along the lines of having a VP value similar to how there is a culture point value for each building.

    So if you completely knock out a level 20 building you get the VP value for all 20 levels, but if you only knock a building from level 20 to level 10 you get the VP value for each level you knock out. Same if you only hit a smaller level building, you only get the lower level VP values. Does that make (enough) sense?

    But like I said above, bringing in an approach like this could easily encourage abuse through multi accounts and/or metas - I'm not sure how you would restrict it to prevent this.

    I think the main issue with such an approach would be that it has the potential to allow players to get VP from metas and/or multi accounts - not sure how the dev's would deal with that (I think that was part of the reason why they brought in the current system)

    Maybe putting a limit on players being able to send defence to a kingdom unless they are part of the kingdom or an allied kingdom and then not allowing players to get VP from allies?

    My two cents on the issue:-

    I don't think there's anything THAT wrong with the current treasury system. I think it should be hard for kingdoms to steal treasures from each other and putting the balance in favour of the defenders works well enough because it rewards the kingdoms that work together as a team to attack as a group.

    But I think there should be an expansion of the opportunities available to steal Victory Points from other kingdoms (and ultimately it's VP that wins you the game). For example - you could assign a VP value to each building and resource field so that if one kingdom attacks another kingdoms non-treasury cities and knocks out a few building levels they still get some VP to show for the effort.

    This would (I think) provide an extra option for attacking kingdoms - they could either go for the big gain by attacking a treasury city or a series of smaller gains by attacking satellite cities. It would also add an extra challenge to the defenders and balance things out a bit, because the defender would have to try and figure out if the attacking kingdom was aiming for the treasuries or aiming for the smaller cities - instead of the current approach where they just stack most of their defence in their treasuries knowing they can just rebuild any damage done to their other cities.

    Abandoned villages disappear after 21 days

    If it is their Capital reducing the population to zero won't get rid of it quicker because you still can't destroy their last village, even if they are inactive

    If they have two (or more villages) though you can destroy the capital and the next largest village will become their capital

    I think a (possible) better solution would be to allow for more than 10 farms in the start-up farm lists and start encouraging more players to farm inactive players. If every player on the server was actually trying to farm as many inactive players as possible there wouldn't be such a lions share available to the bigger players who are putting in the effort to make their farming lists.

    The same amount of resources being shared around between 5 times as many players would mean less for the bigger players and they would have to start putting their troops at risk at attacking active players instead of just simming away using easy resources until they are too big to stop

    I'd also personally like to see a return to when a certain percentage of inactive players would randomly be taken over by the Natars after a while