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    You are pretty ignorant of what many people said. Here are people that have experience more than you telling you the truth but you can't accept it. Just accept it. Your other post you protest on how your 8.5k army vs 25k Army lost

    From number alone is shown that you will lose. Just play teutons then if you really feel like they are OP, im sure you will feel differently once you played it

    Basically what you are trying to say is you want to make Romans Stronger? If the wall system changed, Everyone would just play romans , because how strong the Wall Bonus are.

    And i like you to play Teutons for next COM, let's see what you can build. Can you maintain your economy while your crops constantly getting raped by Your "huge army". While the other Tribes are just chilling because they have Better Crop/Army ratio. Especially Romans with Horse Drinking, It is just so powerful that you can reduce Crop Consumption with that., Romans Are a really powerful tribes. Number is not everything .

    When the game hit Midgame, what can teutons do? basically they scrap for resource everywhere while romans and gaul go around and fastly take stuff.

    Teuton is really slow and if you change from Romans/gauls then you play teutons. You will feel how slow they are.

    Why you lose

    1. Outnumbered THEY HAVE 25K ARMY WHAT DO YOU EXPECT and 1 TK Nearly equal to 4 Clubs. So basically What you are fighting are close to 40K clubs strength -___________-
    2. Clubs LVL20
    3. Siege Bonus 30%
    4. Hero Bonus 20%
    5. Brewery Bonus 20%

    So basically that is teuton strength now you

    1. 8K Phal + 60% Wall + 10% Water + 20 %


    Do the math bro. I see you keep complaining over Teutons. Why don't you try playing it. Im sure you will " love" it :)