Posts by Milch#EN

    My name's [...] and I'm living to my name,
    building a lot of Horses is my Style to game!
    So i like to farm and I like to kill plenty,
    But my Horses came back from the Camps very empty ._.
    They attacked very soon, with the Spawn I got lucky..
    but as they're emearging some Pawn just got cocky.
    Teutates are fast with the Tournanemt Square,
    I even put up a sign so you a aware!
    I know we're a Team and a big robbing Nation,
    but the next Poem I'll write for you, I'll call it "Starvation" </3

    In micro-raiding I'm a Champ
    don't sending now, because of Camps.
    I'll keep waiting, what I can't stand
    late spawn of Camps, late spawn of Camps.

    Raiding just don't gives so much,
    only Camps would be enough.
    Give me the Loot,
    to queue some Troops
    I smell some blood, I'm in the mood ♫

    Ain't raiding now 'cause I'm feeling it
    the lack of Camps starts out to stitch
    the spawn would make me really rich,
    but the algorhytm is a snitch <3

    I sinking in this really deeply,
    slowly getting really sleepy
    My eyes are bleeding, from so much screening
    but without the Camps, live has no meaning </3

    It is just like it ever was,

    they only spawn when you're at war
    Should send a raid, this will be bait
    it's tempting but I'll have to wait..

    it's common sense, I'm not alone,
    they only spawn when you're not home
    this waiting really gives me heavy cramps
    where are the camps? where are the camps?