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    It has always been like this, only with bigger numbers. In the old days a new server maybe had 25k players but after a few weeks, 10k were inactive and it ended with maybe 5k or less.

    ur numbers clearly point out my concern .. the number has decreased from 20-30 k to 2-3 k within last couple of years ... numbers dont lie. loosing 40 to 50 % of the player base within first 2 weeks of a server which has 6 months life cycle says that we have a major problem .. let alone loosing so many player base over the last few years ... if this trend continues the number would shrink to 1k per server if not less ...

    i dont understand how u guys think to be honest ... here i am trying to lay down a critical problem which this game is facing like loosing 40 % of player base after 14 days of the server... like com 8 started 15 days ago now it has a total number of players registered 3500 out of which 2000 are only active ... ..if this number isnt alarming to u than i have no words to u all

    hi guys

    so today i noticed we are getting less adventures per day as server ages... its hasnt been 1 month yet since the server 8 started and were getting only 1 adventure point per day... is this some kind of a joke??!!!

    going to adventure is always fun and filled with mysteries and excitement... yet the game developers clearly dont care about that excitement which going to adventure provides to the players.. ><QQ!!

    plus long adventure is so broken and not worth choosing it over short adventure...when a player chooses long adventure he should get way better rewards than short adventure...

    man i really wanna love this game, however as i play i am finding so hard to keep loving the game.. as if the developers intentionally are creating obstacles to make this game harder to play by the new comers ...the game lacks so many important features !!

    when i returned to this game after 10 years break i was expecting a vast improvements on so many levels..sadly i am disappointed of what am seeing here ....from lack of new races.. to lack of implementation new ideas which can make this game great ... to a broken mobile app...i mean seriously people nowadays are spending way less time in front of their pc ...the mobile phone is the new pc ...yet the game crashes every time i use the app..and to be honest the app doesnt stand a chance in front of other mobile strategy games like clash of kings,vikings and many more out there

    the number of people who play this game is shrinking with every server :S ...they arent trying to acquire new player base ... and with lack of innovation people are getting bored of playing with the same races and implementing the same strategies on every server

    the server starts with 2-3000 players after 1 week the server would have already lost 1000 players at least .. thats almost 33 to 45 % of the servers population... and its a major problem.. this can be due to so many factors like bad location on the map, lack of 9 -15 croppers which most probably will be occupied within the first 2 days ...lack of right oasis ..

    my point from writing this small rant is to try to give a wake up call to the developers to listen to their audience before its too late ...we want new innovations within the game !

    Teutons are not overpower otherwise everyone is using it and the fact is its least used.
    And gauls are the best at def, the fact that most servers top 3 defense players are gauls.

    Test what you think by fact and experience not by number or just pure thinking. You can be better.

    then why all the experienced players play teutons?? if they are the weakest tribe in the game... all the suicide attacks are done by teutons, i rarely see a roman player playing as aggressive as teuton especially on speed server ...with the bonus which they get from brewery it makes their troops equal in strength if not stronger than romans.. since they can produce their troops faster ..

    u say gauls are the best defender i beg to say thy arent best ideal defense in a kingdom... if ur playing solo yes they may be the "best" but if ur playing in a kingdom.. praetorian and spears combined are way stronger than phalanx ...making gauls totally useless..after all its all about teamwork right ?

    Indeed, cause they make you win. The real challenge is to force the ennemy not to defend treasury.

    easy farm their villages which will be undefended then people like me get pissed and delete their account ,thats what i did on my last server , kingdom was so busy protecting their precious treasures that all of the villages were getting farmed and they werent doing a damn thing about it , not even attacking enemy villages

    as a defensive player who only relies on the village income to train troops , my options are limited so if i loose a village i loose a large portion of my basic income stream

    and i cant defend a normal 4446c village against massive 11115c village army .. so its a loose loose situation

    if u experienced players have some advice for a defensive player am all ears

    the system is broken dude , u can send fake siege attacks all day long creating chaos in the alliance forcing it to call for defense ,doing so will force the players not to defend their own city against incoming real enemy attacks... this way their villages turn into farms ...and as a defensive player u cant attack the guy whose attacking u , u should kiis another players ass to send an attack on that target which most probably wont attack him ,instead they are going to attack the treasury to get more treasures..

    its all about the precious treasures ...

    hi again :D

    another rant heheh

    recently i was in ranked 1 alliance and all they cared of was their precious treasury ... no one was defending their own villages or their teammates anymore, all the efforts were sent to this broken concept called treasury,leaving empty bases to be raided for resources .. and if u dare to voice ur opinion, they went on offensive and were like we dont give a damn about u, all that we care is to protect our treasury ...

    is this what travian is all about now? protecting treasury??what happened to those good old days where players rushed to help and defend each other basis ?where is the teamwork?

    and when u call for help no one attacks the player who is robbing ur villages, they tell u " his hammer is needed to attack enemies treasury to get us treasures" .... its all about treasures ....!!!

    change the name of the game and call it "my precious treasures !!"

    Thats the beauty of travian, there are a lot of things you can do, but it doesnt mean you should do them,

    it doesnt make any sense at all leveling resource fields (clay,iron,wood) up to lvl 15 16 ... the cost is out of this world,probably the guys who decided this was having a bad day to come with this ridiculous cost vs ROI..i can understand getting back roi after 2 weeks.. but i can not understand getting ROI after 6 months... its insane !!! thats the entire length of the server !!

    maybe i wanna be a farmer and level up my resource fields instead of robbing other players.. which isnt profitable there is risk where u loose all of ur troops and start over ,but no i cant do that coz theres no point in leveling above lvl 12 maybe 13

    -thats why u rarely see a big roman hammer compared to teuton hammer so it evens out , i am playing os speed server its been around 20 days, the largest teuton hammer i have seen was 19k clubs 6k tk while roman hammer wasnt even half of this number

    -spear fighters are the best anti cavalry unit in game as u know , they are way stronger than phalanx,while roman have the best anti infantry unit in game, making the gauls the worst defensive tribe in game ,they dont excel in anything , the ideal defense would consist of praetorian and spear fighters phalanx is just useless in my honest opinion sadly no one plays defensive teuton nor defensive roman ...

    -whats the point of a wall when its gonna get smashed by a single hit .. they should place some sort of limit where walls cant be destroyed in a single attack if u were successfully able to defend ur village against enemy attacks , especially if ur troops obliterated the incoming force while suffering minimum loses .

    -let say if u lost the battle ur wall will get completely destroyed from lvl 20 up to lvl 0
    - if the battle was even ur wall would get destroyed only by 50 % from lvl 20 to lvl 10
    -if u were able to successfully defend ur village by eliminating all the incoming troops while suffering minimum loses , ur wall shouldnt loose more than 3 levels

    thats the most logical case..

    i often see hammers who are getting wiped out by the defense ,while being able to destroy the from from lvl 20 to lvl 0... thats nonsense, its illogical

    hey guys

    so today i realized that a Teuton can double their army strength by the following way, 20 % hero bonus 33 % siege mode thats already 53 % which every faction has, plus from brewery which makes this number up to 96 % in total ... plus their troops are extremely cheap and fast to produce, and their wall is extremely durable against attacks

    so seriously why play romans? their offensive army cant match teuton army in strength, their wall doesnt match the durability of teuton wall.. their troops are expensive and take so much time to train compared to teutons... give me 1 good reason why someone would choose a roman tribe instead of teuton?

    hey guys

    why limit hero lvl to only 100 ?? i am playing speed server which have been going on for 18 days and there are already people who have above lvl 80 why limit hero lvl cap???

    dont place a maximum level on heroes and let us give him strength and resource point for unlimited amount , as game progresses, heroes strenght point become worthless in battles ... so why cap his strength and resource level?? after all resources would become abundant as game progresses too..

    and why hero doesnt gain medal as he levels up?

    thats in the perfect word.. u g onna be super lucky to have these circumstances

    hi guys

    is it me or this game is so broken on so many levels?

    upgrading resource fields clay,iron,wood above lvl 12 just doesnt make any sense give the return on investment being extremely low which doesnt benefit the player ...

    i really wanna play this game and enjoy it , however there are things in this game which make me wanna break the pc in front of me , the resources production per level is one of the reasons !!!..

    after lvl 12 the amount of resource which is needed to upgrade a resource field is getting ridiculous when u compare it with the ROI ...CHANGE IT Dammit !!! make it more profitable!!

    imagine upgrading an iron field from 19 to 20 will take 4.5 mil resource and its gonna need around 5 to 6 month to get ur ROI ... was the developer who developed this math ,smoking something during coding ??the math behind this is making me so pissed at the game

    plus concerting exchanging resource with npc is so expensive which is 5 gold... for real !! a gold buyer does this activity couple of times per day as the server ages.. 5 gold is ridiculous!!! change it to 2 gold!!!!!

    thank you for the guide

    however i must say, how do u get resources after u deplete every single resource reward on getting ur second village?u literally are destroying ur basic source of income this way and most people will be under beginners protection for at least 5 days

    this guide is only to get ur second village in 15 h what happens next ?how do u servive

    hey guys

    i have started com8 server yesterday, and it hasnt even been 24 h, yet i am seeing people who are getting their second village already ... how u guys do it !!! whats ur secret come on spit it out please!! :( , people tell me its all about the build order and following the quest line, well guess what , i have followed the damn quest line and didnt even manage to get all of my resource fields lvl 5 ,yet people had their second village in less than 15h...