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    hey guys

    recently i have realized that building a wall is very useless , later ingame, people always attack u with rams destroying ur wall with a single attack... especially roman walls so tell me why should i build a wall when they will get destroyed with a single attack!!! at least the attacker shouldn't be able to decrease ur wall level more than half meaning of ur wall is lvl 20 , he should only be able to decrease it to lvl 10 ...

    who agrees with me that building a wall is very useless later on ingame especially for roman tribe

    You have the x3 servers so stop crying about normal servers, for me a x3 is unplayable and im not always saying "ey x3 is so fast, slow it to x2" ...

    Other thing is to implement a x1.5 special server or x2, that could be really interesting ٩( ᐛ )و

    i agree with u that x3 server is unplayable, ull have to literally be active 24/7 and we do have lives to live in real world.. and standard server is so slow, so 1.5 or even x2 is much better

    hi everyone

    i am wondering whether the rewards from adventures are mostly resources .. i literally did 10 adventures 1 after another i got 6 resources , 1 ointments, 1 badges, 1 silver 1 troops as a rewards

    i hear gold buyers are in much better luck to get better rewards from adventure is that true?

    recently i had a chat with couple of gold buyers, and all of them told them they got all of their gear as a reward from adventure, they had ful set of high quality rewards, like shield, sword, armor with reduced damage and regen ..

    every 5 level we MUST be able to reset our heroes attribute !!!! plus the hero should get a full health when he levels up !!!!!!! ... hero is too squishy and before people tell me u get gears from adventure , well good luck with that.. i have done over 60 adventures all i got is shitty drops

    i am a defensive player and i place all my heroes attribute points on resources as it will benefit me a lot on the long run especially on normal servers where the resource production per hour is shit compared to speed server...

    if i am not mistaken when they first implemented the hero idea in travian legend , we were able to train our heroes for a specific amount of resources...

    The game has a lot of mistakes that developers can not fix for many years, and you create an infinite number of topics, hoping that they will be able to add something new

    so what do u suggest me do .. see all the things which this game desperately needs and decide to not talk about it ? or taken another 10 years break hoping that developers can add new features to the game?? this game is more than 12 years old and we haven't seen any major feature added except the kingdom and hero concept within 12 years .. no mater how many times i hear that this is separate game from travian legends i wont believe it , its so similar to the original game

    hi again

    as we all know most defensive players decide to place the attribute points of there hero on resource field instead of strength , this leaves them vulnerable and they can even die from a single adventure at a full health or lose most of their health, so basically the player doesn't have the opportunity to get his hero experience to level up

    so i wanna suggest a training ground where ur hero can level up steadily as long as his staying in the village for a specific amount of resources this way at least we help defensive players hero to get exp while they are siting in their village


    if you release the trapped troops, the traps will be repaired for free. But it is not instant, check your trapper, you will see that the trapper is building them again.

    still it doesn't make any sense , i released the soldiers ,which means traps shouldn't get damaged

    hey guys

    so today i was attacked by a poor guy whose 350 units got trapped , after some negotiation i decided to release his troops and guess what happened!!!! i lost all of my traps.. is this some kind of a joke ??? i released his troops its not like he attacked my village again and destroyed the traps in order to free his troops.... this is absurd !!fix this situation please, it doesnt make any sense even in the real world it doesnt ..

    tell me about it ... they are telling us that its a separate game from the original game, yet it has same tribes, same combat mechanics, same map, same items, heroes same designs.... 90 % of the game is the same as the original game ...people see this game the same game as the original game NOT DIFFERENT thats what confuses many people, we want new tribes !!! its about time we get new tribes ... we have been playing with same old rusty tribes for the last 12 years

    i even suggested to add variety of horse items , variety of mounts like camel and elephan which were used during war ... nothing.. no one has even bothered to respond ...

    they want from us new ideas, we are giving them our creative ideas ,yet were not seeing even a single response, like
    "thank you (user) , your idea is creative, why we havent thought about it before, we are definitely going to implement ur idea, we will keep u posted with the updates, thank you for being so much motivated about our game and playing our game , we highly appreciate ur support "..

    hi guys

    u guys have placed the horse behind our hero which is a massive mistake, by doing so u have devalued the role of the horse,horses played a major role during that period of time only wealthy people were able to afford horses ,horses need some massive love !!!

    so i would love to suggest the following changes and see them implemented into the game rather than my ideas staying on this forum

    1- place the horse beside the hero showing their full body
    2- give horses items, like different body armors light and heavy (head, body,legs). different saddles, even robs like they used to wear during medieval ages
    3-have different types of mounts horse ,camel even elephants ,

    -horse which come bulky and tall ( these ones can be slow but they can carry resources as well and add strength to ur hero), others which are normal size but come with especial markings on their head (they can be faster than bulky horses but they provide with much lower strength value)

    -camels could have medium speed ,can also carry more loot than horses and have more strength than horses
    -elephants will have slowest speed, most strength and will be able to carry way more loot than other two types of mounths

    what do you guys think? please share ur ideas

    hey guys

    why devs dont give us 50 % discount on the most expensive gold package 1 time at the beginning of every server for a limited time ?currently the most expensive gold pack is being sold for 90 $ , why not offer it at 45 $ within the first 72H of every server ?i believe this would motivate almost every single player to purchase gold .

    let me tell u why am offering this idea, there is a game on steam called warframe, its free to play ,with in game micro transactions ,every once a while i receive message from devs saying i received a 50 % discount on my next purchase and guess what i do? this motivates me to spend money and buy the package ,why not implement that idea here?

    after all ur aim is to make money right ? so why not provide additional incentive for players to spend money ?on this deal ur not loosing anything ..on contrary ur motivating players to buy gold ,this way even the poor people who live in underdeveloped countries could afford to buy the most expensive gold package

    thank you @BridgetB

    these articles were really helpful, it seems i have made a lot of mistakes which i am afraid hindered my development process, will there be any new normal server soon? because starting the latest server again which is 7 days old isnt really advisable i think since i would become a farm

    and starting speed server isnt my thing since its too much time consuming

    what do you suggest me do?

    hi all

    would you guys share some of the strategies for the first week for each tribe ? i have tried to search on the internet about guides,sadly most guides are outdated and dont include travian kingdom...

    i see some players who are robbing millions of resources per week yet i cant rob a damn thing ...!!

    i am playing as a roman tribe currently on the latest server , i am not able to attack anyone without suffering a massive losses ... yesterday i lost 60 leg and 25 imp in a single attack and got nothing in return ...eventhough i had already scouted my target ,sadly the attack took 1h30min to arrive ,which gave the player enough time to call for help ..

    after yesterday loss which took out 35% of my army i decided to play defensive only because i am not able to get any resource from my surroundings

    plus the resource fields production rate is so damn lame , i have already activated 25 % bonus yet i am getting shit production rate despite fields being lvl 6 and 7

    seriously guys, how are u robbing so much resources with so little losses ? i am so frustrated and wanna quit if i cant find a way to get resources ...i really need ur help

    thank you in advance