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    hi all

    Recently i have been seeing a lot of post on travian fb page regarding additional races like Huns, Egyptians....

    so my questions are

    1- when are we going to see these races among other races in travian kingdom?
    2- i really would like to see other races like sparta/athens/persia/celts/germanic tribes,britons

    we really got bored of playing the same races over the last 15 years ...

    so today i wanted to try something so i went on and bought book of wisdom which cost me 450 silver the ongoing price of it was anywhere between 400 up to 800 i go curious i wanted to see for how much i could sell it back and guess what ?!! it was barely half of its price ....the entire idea behind auction house is to be able to farm silver ... not get fucked by the system ....

    is there anything fair about this game seriously !!! as far as i have seen they have broken system in every aspect of the game mechanics.. in one word its a pay to win game game which favors gold buyers

    If you have US dollars you can just choose united states and pay with the dollars directly, at least it should work like that.

    Lot of the smaller currency types just aren't supported, luckily I think at least Paypal has pretty smooth currency exchange (not sure how it works with the smaller currencies but at least mine works fabulously)

    we dont have paypal also in our country , so i would try choosing US hope it works otherwise its really unfair system

    so today i wanted to buy some gold and guess what, i couldnt find my country so i was forced to choose international, i realized that it was in euro and in my country we dont use euro only local currency and $, so basically the 90 $ package would cost me around 120 $ and i would receive less gold for that value ..

    this isnt fair at all !!! i DEMAND to receive the same rate as people who live in US !!!!

    so today i have decided to enter a bit old server which started 21 days ago , and guess where my village was spawned ?? in the middle of kingdom whose in top 10 where the lowest village has 300 pop and the strongest having 1.3k pop... is this some kind of a joke? where is the balance for new players ??

    ok guys , i have been playing a lot of similar strategy games ,last time i played this game was 12 years ago, since then the game core mechanics hasnt improved at all!! , the defending team is always at disadvantage in this game !!! , i mean seriously why on earth i cant heal a portion of my defending troops back !!! it takes so much time to build a big defense army and 1 guy can simply smash ur defending troops and keep farming u, this will result deleting ur account after major defeat !!

    imagine i lost 10 k troops while defending my town, after that lose i surely will delete the my account and never play the game...

    its unbalanced ... especially for new users... i mean seriously now at level 4 all my attributes is on resource ,if i send my hero to long adventure he looses half of his health !!! thats crazy !!and they have given us 15 % health regen in 1 day ...which is total BS... they really need to work on the damage which hero gets during adventure, at least for the first week ...

    hi guys

    so i started playing this game recently after 5 years break and i realized that the hero system in the early game is so broken !!!

    let me further explain my point, during lower levels (1-10)players are going to give all the attributes point to resources instead of strength, which makes the hero so vulnerable when he goes on adventure ...

    today my heroes health was 21 % and i have sent him on a short adventure ,guess what happened , he died !!! i mean are u kidding me .... now every single day i have to revive my hero !!!

    at least reduce the damage which hero receives from adventures on low levels or within the first 7 days where the player protection is still active .....!!!!!