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    Our team(ОПГ) is planning to start in October-November. We made the mistake of having a connection with the 4UMA. We invite all kingdoms, with you it was very nice to play. Thanks to all

    i aggree the competition was good and overall a very fun server :thumbsup: i dont know when we will play next but maybe we will meet again
    either way i wish you good luck for your next server

    it is too late:/

    you surrendered like CodeX against META kingdoms:)

    i would suggest you to follow your own advice from earlier and "leave the talking to the leaders" ;)
    you are not doing a good job at representing your team's hoping anyone OTHER than 4uma and NewOrder win

    oh wow what did we do to you to dislike us so much? ;(

    and this has been one of the most interesting servers ... i think 5 teams still beeing in the race altough we are approaching ww level 50 proves that
    may the best team win :thumbsup:

    i think you didn't understand our policy. we created this kingdom against all META teams. A or B it doesn't matter. If u fight against a meta team in a small group you can understand it. Be relax and try to fun;)

    we will be here:sleeping:

    "against metas" but didnt do a single OFF OP alone ;-) ... everyone finds a way to profit from working with a big number of players, some just dont want to admit it

    either way your attacks were well coordinated but overall a poor choice to attack us (regardless of the outcome)...
    you drop your loyal allies (order) to later on attack them altough they are in 5th place ...
    ...instead of trying to steal treasures and VP from the #1 kingdom (who you are 1mil VP and 20k treasures behind)

    so the only reasonable conclusion that leads me to:
    - are you trying to merge with stars now to win?
    - do you guys want to join 4uma as a wing kingdom?
    - or are you just not trying to win at all?

    i like the idea of changing the current fastsettling for 15c strategy but i personally dont think that turning all 15c into NPC villages is the right way to deal with it.

    for the sake of this argument ill assume that these mentioned NPC villages will be similar to the current natar ones... as it is now rushing for natars is already a pretty viable tactic for the fact that you get a huge powerspike from the fully built up fields after you are done with chiefing... on top of this the creation of your second chief is way cheaper and faster because you dont have to build a second academy 20 and research chief a second time... so even now what you will often see is that players who went for an early natar will also go for a second one or will try to put a second chief into good use in an other way

    Because of the above presented arguments the changes that you have proposed will lead to few experienced players, who are also willing to invest the necessary time and gold in the first weeks, occupying multiple 15croppers while players, who are maybe new to the game or maybe just had a bad start, will hardly be able to find a cropper.
    a second factor is also that teutons are way better for early chiefing then the other tribes because of their cheaper chiefs and also because of their access to clubs... this would probably mean that a teuton could be able to be done with the chiefing of 2 NPC-villages while romans got one... this would make non-teutons nearly unable to occupy a good 15c (with 100%+ on oases) or force them into multiaccounting

    Scorox thats the post from Curtain in the original thread

    its a long post but basically the argument he is making is that the reason for the development of big meta kingdoms is the snowball-effect of the treasure mechanic
    for example: more members -> more treasures -> more vp -> more members again

    so instead of seting a hard limit to kingdom members a smarter solution would be to nerf the effects that keeps big kingomds growing in size over the course of the game:
    an other one of the mechanics that keeps meta kingdmos growing is that due to the faster treasure generation they get more treasuries -> more influence zone -> more members ... this way many of the big kingdoms can just cover complete kingdoms and recruit even more players throughout the game ...
    one of the possible solutions could be to set a limit to the count of treasuries a kingdom can have... for example a if a kingdom could only get additional 4 treasuries (at 5k 15k 25k and 40k) -> that would lead to "smaller" kingdoms having faster access to new treasuries to be able to recruit players by covering their territory or merge with an other smaller kingdom and overall make the choice of joining a not top-tier kingdom more attractive
    this would also be an obvious nerf to "bigger" kingdoms since they wouldnt be able to outgrow all kingdoms in size and cover an entire quadrant with their influnce zone at later stages... this would force leaders of large kingdoms to choose between recruiting new players in new areas and deactivate already populated treasury zones OR sticking to the area where they already have settled and established dominance but not beeing able to recruit smaller kingdoms by covering their zone

    also an interesting take on this issue could be making it easier to beat bigger kingdoms:
    what i mean by that is that a kingdom could recieve a small debuff on their defensive forces when defending against members of a kingdom that has a lower population by a certain percentage... that way there would be an obvious disadvantage in just mindlessly recruiting a large amount of players... this would also counteract to a big kingdom beeing able to recruit more defense just because of their large playerbase

    these are just suggestions that came to my mind so there could be some flaws in them that i didnt think of

    dont forget that you are getting a lot of ressources from quests
    especially the returns of the very early ones are way higher than the investment costs... so if you progress towards completing quests the development of your first village will be really fast.

    i would also recommend you to focus on building up your ressource fields because they give you a passive ressource income

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