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    Clowns from STARS don't even get to have an opinion. Take a seat.

    I'm sensing a lot of hate...Did someone steal your lunch money? It's a game dude, cheer up :D

    Also STARS was like 3 servers ago, keep up my dude

    But then again,
    - BM: accuses of cheating

    - Untold: challenge to prove it
    - BM: Changes topic.

    Keep it up.. lol

    Bla Bla Bla, *inserts MA here* , Bla Bla Bla. That's all what BM is doing here lol.

    I asked above to give me a proof but you just talk to talk. Anything to make u feel better about yourself i guess :shrug:

    As for winning, still a long way to go, anything could happen. Having fun is winning imo :)

    I keep reading about cheating.. Is this like a constant thing you do on all servers to make yourself feel better about not being able to push as fast?

    We went in from the start knowing what we wanted to do. We had a plan of being able to run GB/GS at a very early stage. None of it was done through cheating as you are trying to paint it. I've had a hammer of similar sizes as the top ones in UNTOLD although i already splatted twice, and I personally challenge you to give me a single proof of me cheating.

    I've seen some comments about early raiding vs now. It's just different philosophies. I personally like pushing early in the server on raiding and then start getting tired soon after. The early push for me makes sense bcz it does compensate for not having a strong economy. Few weeks into the server, other villages start getting maxed on economy and you don't need raiding as much. I still do raid consistently to be placed in top 10, but definitely not as much as I was during early stages.

    The other comment was about Unlimited Power's high raids early during the server, although that was refuted after with the argument about dukes tributes being raided (since territories were not connected), but i guess you try to come back to those accusations hoping people forgot about our reasons?

    This is petty guys. Just play the game. It is a very fun server, well for those who are fighting ;) . And it will keep going :D

    Hum Rabbit, from where is this coming from? Why did you feel the urge of flexing about people asking to be recruited? lol
    Thanks for the nice recruits if you sent them our way :) You are welcome for ours as well ;)

    Glad to see you are doing things properly this time around! Keep up with the good work.

    PS: Of what inferences are you talking about? Because if you read back messages you won't see any inference about I don't know what you are imagining. Has anyone talked about UNTOLDDD or UNTD? Calm your tits Rabbit, I hope you guys will beat down BM :)

    Do you post and forget what you post? xD

    It was ur way of starting the banter on this thread by talking about recruitment and about UNTD and UNTOLDDD. Guessing Bay was referring to that?

    I'm guessing all top raiders currently are farming full map anyway, being next to each other wouldn't matter too much ;)

    PS: Teach us how to farm millions week 3 when all top farmers are next to each other