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    the current stats on the server:

    it's actually amazing to see such an active server. Just a look at the current week (we're still mid-week!), you can see crazy numbers in the weekly defense/attack points

    I haven't seen reports from the other side of the map, however in the Czech/Unit battle, Czech tried to zero one of Unit's dukes capital. These are the main armies defended before breaking into the capital, which survived eventually by 35 pop (ouchhhhh)

    looking forward for more action especially coming this close to the Wonders era

    gg all

    So summary:

    - Rebel met Teutonic defenses in misfits
    - Misfits launched operations same day as Teutonic on Rebel

    On the other side of the map:

    - Czech met Teutonic defenses in Unit
    - Unit met Rebel defenses in Czech

    Does that sound accurate?
    So the current blocks you are talking about are BR - {misfits, unit} vs Teutonic/misfits/unit ?

    How about accomplishments in the server so far?

    I know teutonic have done multiple accomplishments destroying capitals and taking treasures, as they have published their own posts for that.

    What is happening in the Rebel/misfits battle? Any big accomplishments there? Nice battle reports?

    As far as the czech/Unit battle, it seems like a fun battle, with czech taking a piece of the land next to Unit's WW and taking many villages inside the Unit influence. Have czech been able to zero-out a capital yet?

    From the unit side, they seem to have been able to demolish one of the kings' capital/main treasury lately, without taking much treasures tho. Any other big accomplishments?

    Overall, the server sounds pretty interesting with a lot of kingdoms trading hammers and losing a lot of defenses aswell. We're nearing the WW era so more fun is yet to come ^.^

    He's right, you're wrong. The next stage has to deal with whatever leftover from the first stage. It shows in the report even if it doesn't show directly in the robbers troop