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    uhm i wish to understand more:

    more ppl can put soldiers into outpost, is there any kind of defense like walls?
    if someone attack the outpost, notification will be sent to? all players who have soldiers into the outpost?
    Troops feeding remain to the owners cities?

    substantially this outpost function is to move easily hammers around world and crush enemies faster?

    My suggestion is to change totally the attack detections, actually people know they are getting attacks even if soldiers are just went out their castle even if from the other part of the world, it could be nice attacks need to be detected from outposts or friendly cities that are on the enemies route
    For example, if i attack a city in the north but that city lack of the "lookout tower", my attack will be detected when will be really close to it, with this new building a town can cover a bigger land to detect attacks
    an outpost could improve greatly the control of the world detecting attacks far away and generating an influence area bigger (not 1 tile but 3-4 tile or more like a little city

    secondo me si so scordati, avranno pensato che era domani l'apertura... questa cosa influenzerà ENORMEMENTE il server, perché allo start ci saranno poche persone che avranno un vantaggio sensibile