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    I can confirm that this is the official TK facebook page, could you please send me a link to the post(s) you have in mind? I'll then check this and get back to you asap

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    this is the 1st post…845591104/?type=3&theater

    this is the 2nd…332257622/?type=3&theater

    and the 3rd…090229746/?type=3&theater

    did not go 24 hours

    Until prizes are awarded


    I think I deserved the 1st prize in the first link
    read the comments



    مبروك الإشراف على المنتدى

    ملاحظة : مستويات أسلحة البطل 3 مو 4


    إن الشيء الجميل في ترافيان

    هو التحدي بين لاعبين حقيقيين في بلدان أخرى من العالم

    ليس الهجوم على قطاع الطرق أو النتار

    لذلك أجد الهجمات الخاصة بالنتار مزعجة

    حالها كحال هجمات أوكار قطاع الطرق

    فتكون دائماً مضطراً للتوقف عن النهب وجمع جيشك لمقاتلة قطاع الطرق والآن تريدون إضافة النتار

    وأعتقد أن هجمات النتار ستكون مزعجة جداً خاصة للاعبين المهاجمين الذين لا يملكون قوات دفاع

    وخاصة الذين دخلو اللعبة بدون فريق يدافع عنهم

    فيصبح اللاعب مضطراً لبناء قوات دفاع وقوات هجوم

    وإضافة منجنيقات وأكباش لها سيكون مزعج أكثر

    أما بالنسبة للقمحيات

    فأعتقد أن اللاعبين الذين يقومون باحتلال القمحية في بداية اللعبة هم حقاً يستحقونها

    لأنهم تمكنوا من احتلالها أو الإستيطان فيها قبل غيرهم

    إلى جميع اللاعبين الذين يرغبون في اللعب ضمن فريق (مسبق الصنع + قوي) في السرفر العالمي القادم
    نحن فريق المستضعفون
    إذا كنت ترغب في اللعب مع فريق جيد
    أدخل عالم اللعبة
    الذي سوف يتم فتحة يوم 31 أكتوبر
    الساعة 2 ظهراً بتوقيت دمشق
    الساعة 3 ظهراً بتوقيت المملكة العربية السعودية
    وأستوطن في جهة الجنوب
    وتواصل معي أنا
    للإنضمام إلى مملكتنا

    تلميح #2

    اقرأ السؤال جيدا، نحن لا نسأل عن المعادلة الرياضية! بل نسأل عن شيئاً آخر للوصول اليه يجب حل المعادلة الرياضية اولاً!

    وعدد الأوسمة جميعها

    عدد أنواع الأوسمة
    8 أنواع أوسمة

    الأرقام التي لا نحتاج لها لحل المعادلة هي 4 و 9

    Yes it is a good strategy :thumbsup:
    But there are 2 problems

    1- that you will not be able to raid during the vacation time
    Some players do not rely on producing fields, but rely on the resources coming from raiding
    Especially those you see in the list of Robbers of the week
    2- the kings and dukes will not be able to use it if they have a big treasury because the treasures will not be able to produce any VPs during the vacation

    BM never even had 100 players & have won on the new Unions system with around 50 players each time

    you were more than 100 players in com5 when we took 2nd and finished the wonder
    we = Underdogs :love:
    and we were only 50-60 players and not pre-made team

    There is not enough competition or players around for the amount of servers there is.

    If you really want to compete
    All the pre-made kingdoms I mentioned earlier should communicate and enter together in the same server
    Then I'll be happy to play with one of you really

    Pointing at groups of players and blaming them for playing together in a coordinated fashion is just plain dumb. That is the main draw-card of Travian since first release.
    It is only in these dying days do you see threads asking for it to somehow vanish (which is a laugh).

    I am not pointing at any group
    Actualy I am playing with EGOTRIP in com1x3
    they are very organized big kingdom with 110 players
    but we will win that server very easy
    the small kingdoms start attacking each other and left us alone XD
    I suggest some thing like that as you said to make more competition
    with more kingdoms the organization and the calls for deff will be more difficult and less VPs , treasures
    and that maybe will give a chance for the small kingdom to take a part

    As I recall, in Travian Classic there was a certain limit to the number of players in the alliance
    Forcing alliance to form sub-alliances

    The smaller players are transferred to it as penalty for default
    It means you can establish sub-kingdoms
    BM main
    BM1-BM2-...........-BM98754878 :D
    but at least only 100member will take the medals

    I suggest 8)

    that there be a certain limit for the number of players in the kingdom
    50 player before the Kingdoms Union and 100 after or less than that also
    Because pre-made kingdoms make the game so miserable that you will not be able to win if you do not have a very large team
    There are kingdoms such as (DOOM/EGOTRIP , BM , ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , .............) has a number of players over 200 who control the server from the first weeks until
    the end of the server
    Unfortunately, they do not enter the same server to face each other :thumbdown:
    That might bother the players who play in huge pre-made kingdoms :P
    it will also be good for them because it will force them to expel the
    weak players and they will gain more farms and villages to conquer it :rolleyes:

    You have to be without any kingdom that you have to get out of the kingdom in which you are
    Then you should wait until midnight 00 GT Time
    After about five minutes in the middle of the night the game will give you an offer to move your village
    (And then fly like a princess who forgot her shoes , not like the blue Jennie did in Aladdin in Aladdin)