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    Hello Istonius

    I think you are a bit off topic.

    This is a thread talking about improving travian kingdom , not creating travian 2 or games that does not exist.

    If you do want to give suggestion, I would suggest you to play a few round of servers first before giving ideas.

    I doubt if you ever played this game for once from what you've commented

    With 1, I still don't understand why so many players want to have camp to attack with hero only. It's not a bug, it's a feature. There is no bug with that. And it's totally fine. Active players are rewarded with more camps (other than tribe balance where teuton is hard to get camp because of slow units). Camp spot design is more of a kingdom planning. I'm not sure why you want to spawn camp outside border, which doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm fine with a countdown though.

    With 3, you're basically asking travian to reduce their profit on this game. Travian is always a pay to win game. I don't think they will change the nature of this game...

    Hi Unknown

    I believed you should really post info about the server before opening such a thread.

    I'm not sure what you would expect the community to discuss without any basic information about the server

    So, if I use your example. If 20 cap/treasuries are under attack, you are able to cover 10 of them? And you say offense outscales defense? Of course you protect governors, especially huge WW hammers, but you also cover your huge treasuries, thats what I am trying to say. I am not talking about all treasuries, but only huge ones which can hold maybe 40k treasures. Have you ever let them undefended? Naturally, lets just ignore the very end game, as the last couple days are different and the priorities shift heavily.

    Also, I know a friend who has a friend who does this, is without a doubt a top argument.

    I don't understand.

    So how would the proposal in this topic improve the situation here?

    If treasuries can't be taken away, more def would stack in active treasury.

    The proposal here i see is to only leave more governors undefended.

    I don't think it's possible to defend 10 govs. But defending like 5 is kinda do-able.

    And that's what normally you need to defend.

    Tired of arguing such kind of thing, as no matter how many discussion there is, admin wouldn't change anything at all.

    They would just say they listen to your voice, and that's all they gonna do.

    So it's pretty meaningless to discuss no matter what the conclusion are.

    Lemme just reply your point one by one.

    1. You're supposed to hit all treasury when you have ops. There won't be enough active treasuries for a kingdom to transfer treasuries. Of course there can be hidden treasuries. But they will be unhidden once the mega treasuries are destroyed. In terms of saying there's not enough firepower, it's either the big kingdom have way too many players, or the other team has too little. No matter how you change the game mechanics, big kingdom wins, which makes sense i think. But generally, if the number of players aren't having a huge gap, offence should still have advantages. You simply can't defend every single treasuries and capitals. If there's some meta kingdom there, I would assume others would cooperate together against the big one? There won't be lack of firepower, unless the player sucks.

    2. Big kingdom wins. I mean that's pretty fair. And that doesn't seem to relate to the topic. On top of that, how can small team survive if big kingdom attack small kingdom's treasury when they can't even move their treasuries away?

    3. I don't see how changing the mechanics would protect better for the govs. For saying gov's capital not protected, it's more like your kingdom decision's issue. We (LIHKG) always tries to protect governors. not only treasury. So maybe you should join a better kingdom.

    Attached the result of one of the most intense speed server in the past two years. Big meta with the most treasuries and players doesn't necessary win the game.


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    Try playing in a decent server for a round.

    You would lose badly if you just defend mega treasuries.

    And as qwr said above, there's a lot of ways to force other kingdom to clear treasuries.

    It doesn't really make sense to even make defence harder than now.

    Offence outscale defence from the start of the server till the end.

    If some decent ops is made on a kingdom, like 20 target at a time, if no scouting is performed, it is close to impossible to defend correctly.

    Have a travian management team that would really try to fix the game/fix bug.

    There's way too many issues with this game.

    And the travian team doesn't seem to care to try improving the game.

    All they want is to use minimal resources to maintain the game.

    If the company is not willing to improve the game, better close the server of travian kingdom.

    e)Dukes and kings. Very little choice for defensive nobles here, its teuton and teuton only. First of all, defense bonus of the wall really matters. Second, upgraded paladins make really good farming troops and pay for themselves, where as gaul cavalry does not.

    I mean, you'll not try to defend a treasury simply because the king/duke is Teuton right?

    I'm not saying Teuton wall is weak. I'm just saying you'll probably defend based on your information to guess where the enemy is attacking, instead of just because the player's tribe.

    So if you got info that the enemy is attacking a roman king, you'll still defend him anyway.

    And second, from my experience dualing one of the best defense king, he plays Gaul and build TT to raid, and made to top 2/3 robber for almost every week for a very long time.

    With King/Duke having the most resources, you'll want them to have the most defensive unit if played as defense. And as you said before, Gaul always generate the most defense/hour.

    That's why I think Gaul is the optimal choice for defensive king.

    In terms of farming, I think Teuton has the worst farming because of the speed of the troops and the limit of 999 outbound waves each village can send.

    So Roman and Gaul can usually farm more because EI and TT can farm quicker, such that they can send more waves within the same period of time.

    Thanks for your sharing.

    One thing I don't understand though, why would you think playing defensive as kings/dukes would play Teutons as an optimal tribe?

    A king can simply build some TT to raid if he wants. And as a king usually have the most resources, he eventually can build a lot of defense to protect members withiin the kingdom

    The wall bonus doesn't really matter when you're a king/duke and the kingdom is under attack?

    A normal team would just attack most of the treasury village and you won't choose which village to defend based on the tribe, right?

    So I personally prefer Gauls to be the choice of defense for king/duke, because king usually have village spread all over the map because of the need to activate treasury in different location.

    And Gauls have one of the fastest defending troops, Druidrider, which can reinforce almost everyone within kingdom.

    Thanks Unknown for the reply.

    I do understand your point of view.

    However, I think, at least from the wordings of truce itself, is to hope to let players relax and have a holiday, not to be afraid of being attacked.

    There is a lot of way to make the game unpredictable.

    However I don't think that is one of the appropriate way bringing this kind of surprise to the game.

    It is a pure abuse especially to teams who are good at defense, taking away their ability to try having a nice defense.

    I personally think this breaks the balance of the game.

    If that is really one way of bringing such a extra dimension, then it better be something that every server have, or something that only appears in a night truce server. For normal server, I don't think it's a good idea to have such a mechanics.

    Regarding the implementation of the improvement, I have no idea of how to implement.

    But given that the administrator got all the data like the travelling time, the sending time, the landing time, etc.

    I think it is doable.

    Currently, when truce came, any attack that landed within the period are considered invalid.

    However if you send attack within the truce period and land right after the end of the truce, the attack is still considered valid.

    This brings huge disadvantages to the defender. As there is nothing you can do to try scouting others attack during truce period, while the attacker can safely send all the attack without being scouted.

    Of course you can argue that you can also send attack to the opponent.

    However it doesn't seem to be the idea of truce from administrator's perspective.

    You're not supposed to gain any advantages with the introduction of truce. It's a period to give you peace.

    Therefore I proposed to have an enhancement on the mechanics of truce.

    Attack that sent during truce are also considered invalid, no matter the landing time is within truce or not.

    This way the attacker cannot take any advantages from the truce. And defenders can do what they can as it is like the normal time.

    The game will be more balance(or back to normal) with the introduction of such enhancement.

    Yes, there should be a new 3x server in June.

    Hi Georgi,

    It would be great if there is a new normal speed server in June. The previous two night truce speed server is a huge disadvantage for non-European. That's why i am not joining any of those server. Although i don't have the database, i believe a lot of the non-European speed server player feels the same as me. More than 3 months waiting for a normal speed server is a bit too long.

    Really appreciate if there is a chance of having a normal speed server in June. Thank.