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    So, currently. top attackers have 100x100 farm list, with which they farm the entire inactive server.

    I won't discuss if farming lists are made for this or if they should be limited - the result is as if you would give strong players a bot.

    The only counter to this is send def to those inactives, which requires :

    - scout for hambars capacity
    - send small def
    - pull def after attacks come in

    At this point this kind of counter play is hard to execute because there is no option to use the 'farm' lists for scouting or sending def.

    It would be fare if there is a def list as well as the off list.

    Last but not least, i've seen top players sending 1 unit of def to multiple players. I don't know if they do it manually or not but - it's not a smart mechanic to be able to send def to someone, when you are not even in friendly relations with them. If the reinforcement is not pulled in time, they can get free information about attacks. I don't want to receive reinforcements from enemies - i want to kill those.

    Please think about my suggestions. Implementing will be bring fairness to the game.

    Thank you.