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    It would be really nice to have a server without menhirs, not all players like it. It takes away from having to really be good at strategy to deal with the luck you have been handed. Menhirs are fine, and it allows for this group of players that group together server after server and do the same thing over and over. Nothing wrong with letting that happen. But it would be nice to have an option to play with no menhirs, where you can't just group as you like, where you have to strategize around the map turf you land on.

    Will there be any more servers in the near future with the us timezone night protection ?

    Asking for DrugsInc cause he wants to know but was too afraid to ask. ;)

    Yes, this would be nice. COM might include US players, but it always starts on a weekday on UTC 2, That's between 5 a.m to 8 a.m. for the continental US depending where you are at, very difficult time on a work day. 

    The above is for June

    I agree this info should be known MONTH in advance. Perhaps the full year. Why can't the same speed server not run each 4 months on the same dates...

    Thank you so much for your response.

    I do agree with you, we should be able to see what's in July, August and so on. I want to play the USA server and I have no clue when that's starting. Would be nice to plan ahead.

    Is it me or is it difficult to find info on upcoming servers? There's only 2 servers being announced in the lobby. I would like to know what's starting in July and August? When will an USA server be starting? When will an International speed server be starting?

    I checked Facebook and there's a few speed servers starting, why are those not announced in the lobby?

    What am I doing wrong that I can find this information well organized in one place?

    Thank you for your help.