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    So I'm new to this game, and I'm playing on a server which i guess had a problem with it. now i guess spiking is where you place troops inside a inactive village so raiders die when they get there? if I'm correct. wouldn't that actually be a good tactic for smaller kingdoms against large pre made teams and metas?

    the example i thought of was, like if a large army goes to a smaller country to fight war, and the local army uses guerrilla tactics as opposed to fighting in "proper way" it would create more of a balance right.

    now if spiking is something that is just looked down upon then thats cool. but i just don't see why. it seems dumb for me to buy gold or put in any time on this game to play in a server that has already been decided by pre made teams full of vets or giant metas. I've been reading some forums about the drop off players and it seems like stuff like this is a reason.

    so please explain why this is negative, seriously not trying troll lol. just wanna know. thank you