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    Perhaps after thinking so much that Travian Kingdoms is nearing its end we find it hard to believe that there are new players. 8o

    Please don't scare them, offer them milk and cookies. :saint:

    Sure, but then don't cry that Travian is playing less and less. Hope u will be happy when u will play game with another 1000 people which half of them have BOTs. Not everyone wants to be there 24/7 or play with 5 people like u. Btw this exactly is the reason why I play only TEST or regional servers, because on COMs there are always tryhards 24/7 online with 50k gold spend per round which make no fun for normal people...

    In this post I am only referring to the double storage feature.

    But, you're right. Nobody likes to face Tryhard players who never sleep. That is why the developers implemented the servers with a night truce :)

    The point of a speed x5 is that everything that happens in a normal speed world happens in a fifth of its time.

    If they start to implement features like double storage, you alter that time ratio.

    Players who support double storage are those who want to sleep 8 hours at night, not have a sitter ... they don't want to be attacked and get a medal every 30 days for doing nothing.

    It is ridiculous to support double storage on the grounds that they can sleep 8 hours without the warehouses filling up.


    What is the purpose that during the truce the troops don't starve, instead of just stopping the consumption of crop?

    I mean, the troops are not starving, but are they still consuming crop. ¿Why? That makes no sense. :/

    That would save players having to station their troops in gray villages.

    The x2 storage function that was incorporated in this new test x5 server is in my opinion somewhat unnecessary, even contradictory if you want to preserve the x5 speed ratio.

    We have all enjoyed it on this server, and we thank the developers for putting the community's suggestions into action, but the game is more interesting when you have to sacrifice construction slots to build more warehouses or granarys.

    I really think that this x2 storage feature doesn't help at all, it even makes players lazier, decreases the strategy on which buildings to build and which to demolish.


    Why when I want to enter one of my servers from the lobby do I need to log in, if I was already logged in? Also after logging in (again), the animation of entering the server appears, but it returns me to the lobby to log in again (for the third time).
    I have had to log in up to 7 times in a row :cursing:.
    This is new to me, it didn't happen the last time I played travian (about 4 months ago).

    Does this happen to someone else?

    How do I solve it?

    Greetings and thanks ^^

    La verdad da algo de pereza contestar, yo solo dir'e, que no tomes 9 o 15c si no vas a estar 24hrs activo y metiendo oro. Solo has falanges, falanges y falanges. Puedes hacer algunas espadas y eduos para los escondites, y pillar algunas vacas. Por supuesto falanges a 20 en herrer'ia. Normalmente hacia final de server yo estoy sacando falanges 24hrs desde 6 aldeas. Toma en cuenta que en promedio 2 aldeas (no ciudades) con recursos a nivel 10 te da para producir todo el tiempo falanges desde una aldea, con eso quiero decir que, en mi caso por ejemplo, con 6 aldeas produciendo falanges, voy a necesitar en total 12 para sostener tal producci'on. Prepara bien las rutas comerciales hacia el final de server. A, y no olvides el ariete para atacar en modo asedio los escondites, y perder menos tropas.

    En mi experiencia jugando galo, suelo tener una off de 4000-6000 espadas para eliminar escondites y campamentos de ladrones.

    Y efectivamente, eso puede retrasar el desarrollo de deff, pero solo al inicio del juego y solo desde una aldea. Una vez que yo he alcanzado esas 4000-6000 espadas, normalmente solo pierdo 100-200 espadas en cada ataque, y se reponen rápido con cuartel nivel 20.