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    Supposed to put the name on the card in the info name on card cause it it's prepaid . I think I'll have to revive my PayPal account and do it that way.

    Thanks for answering.

    Tried to buy gold with a prepaid Visa card and it did not work... It asked me for cardholders name and I wrote " prepaid" ... Didn't know what to write. Can I get this to work? Do I have to call in by phone? What would that number be? Any help would be kind. Thanks

    question ---
    i am attacking oasis with animals -
    i want it to be (my kingdom) oasis so i can increase resources with troop bonus.

    the Oasis is within kingdom borders.
    my attacking village that will clear the oasis is NOT in kingdom borders.
    I will use embassy from village THAT IS IN kingdom borders for use as soon as its cleared.
    WILL it be a (my kingdom) alliance oasis IF I USE A VILLAGE THATS NOT IN THE BORDERS TO CLEAR IT ????????
    and does my hero have to be part of the attack?

    new to trav kingdoms - do i build my first village near my capital ? i notice some players going a bit of a distance to build 1rst village, not for a big cropper, and no free oasis to speak of, they just build it right in the middle of where i think they got no place being. I am new, and i know i am missing something, this is obviously strategy? Is it for long term view of possibly thinking they will "join" all the kingdoms in between there capital and that village? Or is it more sinister.? the server is six or 8 days old and these are experienced players.
    why do they start their 1rst build so far from their support?
    thx folks