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    Leave current setup for some servers, add new setup for other bunch. Compare where you have more user activity (as it's for sure not a business pitch to spend more gold on exchanging resources for crop as surely that's not the goal you want to achieve right?)

    in my opinion idea is least to say weird. Whatever the approach will be - the starting phase will require more gold investment. It is a naive approach that people will now "stop rushing" and will be no speed settling... if anything it will only make it happen more.

    I like some of the idea, don't like execution.

    Making more NPC's and making them more interactive - that's nice.

    Finding some weapons / armour (maybe Legendary+) only by completing certain objective - that would be nice.

    Changing balance of 15c alone? disaster. Someone here wrote about the worse case scenario "players with multis will take all".

    It's not worse case, it's simply logical and realistic and based on this game reality. Nuff said.