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    nur mal so interessehalber.. wieso schickst du nicht direkt die Ress hin und her, sondern machst das über ein Angeobt am Markt?

    Da ich das bisher nie versucht habe, musste ich es grade mal im Spiel testen und kann bestätigen, dass bei mir die Angebote anderer eigener Dörfer nicht auftauchen.

    I'm guessing chiefs have to attack seperately to lower the loyalty succesfully. You can have up to 3 chiefs in your capital, but you can't send all 3 in one attack and lower the loyalty times 3, right?

    You could - and should - send your chiefs in one attack and gain the same result.

    Can i build the Palace and demolish it in several villages in order to have 3 chiefs? You'd need the palace to be able to use all 3 of them for conquering 3 villages but you could still use them to lower loyalty even without any palace/residence?

    Yes, you can build a palace, train 3 chiefs, demolish it and build it in another village where you can again train 3 chiefs. Theoretically you can use up to 3 expansionslots in every village, but it's really pricy and if they die in an attack you have no option to rebuild the 3rd chief while your palace is in another village.
    You can fully use every chief regardless of there being a palace/residence in the village, the expansionslots are bound to the village not the building you trained your chiefs/settlers in.

    Last but not least i wanna know how much loyalty-decrease is to be expexted from each chief. How much difference is there between roman senator and the other chiefs?

    You can use this tool to calculate the effects of the different chiefs in combination with population etc:
    Kirilloid Conquering calculator

    @Be2-e4: Sei mal nicht schneller als ich, wenn ich schon mal was schreibe :P

    To be honest, i think switching cropper with 4446 tiles is a very heavy modification of the mapdata that shouldn't be in the game. In my opinion disallowing it is no "restriction of player freedom" but a necessity to preserve map consistency and giving player planning reliability.

    Regarding the current "solution":
    Even if the possibility of being offered a position near your allys with decent oasis is very low or even more especially because of this excat luck dependency, i'm no fan of this "feature"

    1 - it would be better to move your offensive troops to your crop-capital (if you are useing one - and you really should)

    4 - Scouts are a very importent ressource for your kingdom and since your stables as a def-roman are not needed in any other way, you should build some scouts but not prioritize them over praetorians

    you should minimize your legionaire production as much as possible... in the best case build none at all, 1:3 sounds way too much from my point of view.

    i'm totally aware of the romans cav-heavy hammers, on the other hand against the usual club-spam teutons your praetorians would be a dream.

    maybe i shouldn't assume a kingdom to have enough structure/planning to avoid such horrible ratios ...
    but i don't think it's the right way to plainly suggest him to build legionaires even if it's kind of a waste of the romans potential if you could provide enough cav def in an other way.

    to com to some kind of reasonable compromise i would suggest to build some praetorians first and if you can asusme there is a lack of cav-def (mainly def oriented teutons) based on getter rankings or anything like that, you could plan to build a few legionaires.

    but to be clear, praetorians provide exactly the same cav-def value as phalanx where the phalanx are providing decent inf-def as well. cav def values @lvl20

    do not build any legionaires ... totally not worth building, to defend against cav you have teuton spears in your kingdom. Praetorians are the strongest inf-def, you should focus on them.

    The most important thing is to build in as many villages as possible and spread your villages over your kingdom because your def-production lacks a bit in movement- and productionspeed compared to gauls/teutons.

    Schnell ist relativ. Es Kommt auf einige Faktoren an, wie lange es einem Truppen bzw. Helden-HP spart.

    Wenn man sich anfangs zu Gunsten der HD-Felder mit dem Truppenbau etwas zurückhält, dann auch ausschlielßlich deff/späher baut, den Held in gewissem Maße immer up to date pimpt und bereit ist nicht unerheblich in Salben/Eimer zu investieren, kommt der Held relativ lange mehr oder weniger solo damit klar die Verstecke zu clearen.

    Als Offer, wo man früher Off produziert oder auch als aktiv farmender Deffer sammeln sich natürlich schnell einige Truppen mit viel offensiver KK an, wodurch die Verstecke merklich schneller stärker mit Truppen bestückt sind.

    Grundsätzlich macht es nur Sinn die Truppenart des Helden zu ändern, solange er einen relevanten Anteil an der Kampfkraft des Truppenverbundes hat.