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    You don't need to get residence to 10, just 5... 5->10 is done by the quest reward.
    you need to wait a while to get the settlers, but this should be the fastest way to get your 2nd village overall.

    i'd doubt that anybody playing a speedsettle tactic, is an easy prey^^

    you can chief your own village ... and it's a very important game mechanic to move an used expansion slot to another village to rebuild your 2 (or 3) chiefs after successfully conquer an enemy village for example.


    you are missing a component in your scenario, how did you acquire A1?

    Source Action Target Result
    Village A Settle Village B A used up 1 expansion slot
    -> A (1/x), B (0/x)
    Village B Chiefs Village C A has still used 1 expansion slot,
    B used up 1 expansion slot as well
    C is conquered, so if you are really unlucky you would have all expansion slots used, but to execute your scenario you have to have at least 1 slot left
    -> A (1/x), B (1/x), C(x-1/x)
    Village C Chiefs Village B B has still used 1 expansion slot,
    C used up 1 expansion slot,
    1 expansion slot of A has been freed by C,
    -> A (0/x), B (1/x), C (x/x)

    to sumarize: yes, you can chief a village from a village, that has been chiefed by the first village, but the effect of this action will be on the source of obtaining the first village.

    If you have a lvl 10 residence in village 1 and you used the expansionslot to send settlers and the residence has never been higher than lvl 10 there is no way you could have a chief in that village. You need to have at least one free expansion slot in the village you want to have a chief.

    The new version is a step in the right direction. Sorting by distance is a very good feature and to see how much treasures are in the tributes is also very helpful but ...

    i'm still missing this overview ... i know, the bars but the old way was much clearer in my opionion :(

    Multi-select zum Zurückschicken von mehreren Truppenverbänden aus unterschiedlichen Dörfern in einer Aktion
    Zusammenfassung von eintreffenden Unterstützungen/Händlern und dem, was an Ressourcen rein kommt (Filterbar auf Zeit. z.B. innerhalb von 30 min, 1h, 2h, 3h).
    Filter für Unterstützungsanzeige nach KRs

    Eventuell auch einige Features an die TP-Stufe koppeln. z.B. das Multi-select zurückschicken geht nur ab Stufe 10 oder so weil ein Stufe 1 TP nicht genug "Personal" hat um eine große Rückschickaktion zu organisieren.

    3 is the correct answer.

    This question has been answered on the german forums ( here ).

    In addition: the highest bonus is the one used if multiple heroes with weapons of the same kind are present in the village.

    After deactivating your treasury every treasure will go into the tributes of the village and will be transfered back to your treasury after reactivating it as a duke of the new kingdom.

    If your village is inside of a kings/dukes territory your treasures could be collected by them via the tribute system, so be sure to deactivate tributes (if possible on your game world)

    They have a huge advantage, but not everyone wants to Dual

    Exactly as you said... wants ... it is optional and it has been a game element for 10+ years. If you don't want to play as a dual or a trial (the 2 valid options through the lobby system), it's your decision and that is totally fine but you shouldn't force your prefered playstyle onto everyone else because you think you have a major disadvantage. You just have to spend more time and/or play more efficient to keep up with the dual-accounts.

    I used to play solo and was totally fine with it. Recently i have switched to playing dual because i didn't have enough time to play solo anymore and to play really casual is nothing i could be happy with. After having played with several people i have to admit that i prefere playing dual/trial in a team and really don't want to miss it anymore. Not because I don't have to spend that much time or because i felt disadvantaged solo, but because it's way more fun this way.

    I think sitters are far more of a problem since they have way to much power. Maybe the problem could be solved by limiting the sitter-access a bit...

    But to address the main topic "delayed troop movements" ... i don't think i'd like to see something like that in the game. There are several problems i'm forced to think of when considering such an option. what should happen if the troops are no longer available when they should be sent (killed by an incomming attack) for example.

    Wird es noch irgendwann in der APP den Chat geben?

    Das ist ein längst schon überfälliges Feature und essentiell bei einem so teamorientierten Spiel. Ohne Möglichkeit zur Kommunikation zwischen den Ally/KR-Mitgliedern, kämpft man auf verlorenen Posten...

    Wird die App Benachritigungen senden können z.B. über Angriffe oder neue Nachrichten?

    Hoffentlich wird das nie passieren ... Push-Benachrichtigungen bei Angriffen würde die bisher nötige Anwesenheit eines Accountbesitzers oder eines Sitters absolut unnötig machen. Man müsste nie mehr abschätzen, was die Laufzeit des Gegners ist, man wüsste es immer ganz genau und hätte somit quasi optimale und vollständige Analysemöglichkeiten von Off-Aktionen, selbst wenn keiner da war. Die Folgen davon wären kaum abschätzbar und würden definitiv das Spiel, wie wir es bisher alle mögen, verändern.

    Ebenso wollte ich fragen ob ihr in Zukunft überlegt z.B. ein Nachtbonus für Verteidiger einzuführen (muss auch nicht auf jeder Welt sein).Das aktuelle Problem ist, dadurch das Rund um die Uhr Angriffe kommen können und kommen, können viele "normale Spieler" nicht mit den extrem aktiven mithalten.

    Ich glaube so ein Bonus wurde schon diverse Male diskutiert und uns allen ist das "Problem" von daueraktiven Accounts bekannt. Das Problem ist und bleibt allerdings nicht so einfach, sondern ist vielschichtig: Wie soll so ein Bonus aussehen? Wann ist eigentlich "Nacht"? Wie soll jemand, der hauptsächlich in der Nachtschicht aktiv ist noch ordentlich das Spiel spielen können, wenn Nachtrestriktionen Aktivität zu diesen Zeiten unattraktiv machen?