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    Easily at least 10-15k swords for below average players, experienced ones can build close to 50-70k or more swords during that day especially kings or raiders.

    Возможно, однажды эти люди будут говорить о тебе (UNREAL) так же, как о DOOM и RAINBOW, но сначала ты должен прекратить обманывать))))

    Just look at this clown circus. Want to know what georgi did to punish darkske and his 20 multis? -Banned 4 empty accounts

    As a fellow game developer I am disgusted, appalled and many other words seeing how cheating goes unpunished, what is to stop me from making 20 multis except myself? How many times can I see cheaters get banned for 1-2 days instead of permanently?

    On behalf of all of doom and gangstas- "seriously wtf?".

    This has been a problem for so many years where is the phone verification?

    I like your idea, but in most cases that extra 16,4% might not be enough to result in the death an extra troop, but it is certainly a step in the right direction and I would be more than happy to AT LEAST see this next patch

    So spiking has been around for as long as Travian has existed, but it should have no place in the modern version of the game at least in its current state, here's why:

    99% of the time it is not used as a "tactical" and coordinated strategy to benefit kingdoms and to give them a slight upper hand of not touching the spiked villages and letting the enemy lose small amounts of troops on it, usually it is some person who is not even in a kingdom doing it, or someone who is, but is doing this in secret.

    Spiking is done for 2 reasons, to gain easy def points or as a stupid way to frustrate, but not towards specific players, but simply because the cycle of spiking continues and people hold grudges and decide to do so themselves.

    And most importantly one person can screw the whole server over just because they can.

    Makes no sense to why troops would be defending an abandoned village with their lives.

    People are abusing the system by spiking villages and going on vacation, even going on in test right now...

    My suggestions:

    ☀ Limiting how many units can be sent to defend an inactive village;

    ☀ Add a hidden attacker bonus for inactive villages to favour the attacker when small amounts of troops are fighting (5 clubs kill 4 out of 10 phals or something);

    ☀ Have starvation on reinforced troops regardless of crop/h.

    ☀ OR AT LEAST show the name of the person spiking the farms in the report as it would not only make spikers better known targets, but also take away the frustrating way of finding out who it is by screenshotting every fucking top defender page and comparing recently gained defender points, because we ALWAYS find out who it is regardless.

    However, making a change like stopping people reinforcing inactive villages all together would result in EVERYONE on the server farming the same inactive villages, leaving barely any res for anyone to find, this is probably the reason the developers decided not to do so after many people had asked.

    Constructive criticism and other ideas are appreciated :thumbsup:

    So as it currently stands COM1X3 just finished and the next international X3 date is unreleased yet, I see there are so many specific X3 servers coming like ES, NL etc, which is cool and all for people who speak these languages or like playing in smaller servers, but for us who want to always have an English speaking X3 to play we must always wait for at least 2 weeks before the next one starts, which does not make sense for us who ONLY play X3's. I do understand that people need a break especially the ones who have been playing during the night and so on but having us wait for 2 weeks or more is simply unacceptable X/