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    Alright then if just few, 1 or 2 servers of this kind might exist as special servers. We have normal servers and speed servers. There could be created few special servers too, perhaps called as "Special" (if one) or as "SP1" and "SP2" (if two). There should not be more than 3 (or maximum 4) such special servers.

    So, let's say that such a special server would launch soon. Its name might be "COM-SP1". For registration a player pays around 10-20 Euro/Dollars. There nobody can buy "gold". For a first test, I recommend the first SP server registration to be set at 10 Euro/Dollars. It shall last 6 months long same as the others.

    Potential benefits:

    -Travian get enough money to keep the server running and make a profit.

    -Players gets a well balanced world.

    -New players get less bullied by experienced players who usually gold stuffs up.

    -It might lower the temptation of multi-accounts.

    Supposed benefits:

    -Increases player's commitment for playing till end.

    -It eliminates the use of multi-accounts greatly.

    Anyway, if you paid for a Special server (this idea of server) and didn't play on it, let's say for more than his first days or his first week, I suggest to include a benefit to let open an option to play again on a new SP server (or maybe with a less 2-5€/$) for the already "paid-to-play" one that wasn't played before. So it may be 15€/$ paid in total. I mean, a 10-20% less to pay for a new one.

    Let's say that there are 2 special servers, SP1 and SP2 (on international COMSP1 and COMSP2). For 1 of them you pay 10 (or up to 20) €/$ as an example. You play one and you might like to play both. There might be 20 (or up to 40) $ paid in total.

    Oh, I forgot, what if someone paid for a registration but didn't login back for a while? We know that inactive accounts don't last long. Should he pay for a new registration on the same SP or may continue forward on it?

    I totally oppose this idea!

    Perhaps in your country you can earn over 2,000 Euros while in mine a mid salary is at around 450 or 500 Euros. With 1 Euro I can buy 4-5 breads to eat, for example.

    Perhaps very few from my country plays Travian Kingdoms, but this is for international community. It should remain open to everyone to play.

    And what's the problem on playing by spending gold?

    I saw Russians and not only spending over 1,000 Euros in Gold usage. It's even more than just 20 Euro / player. Also, that doesn't solve the "multi-account usage". Who stops someone to create over 5 account paying for each of them to play on a "pay to play" server idea??

    It's the worse idea I ever seen!

    Around 50% of players might leave this game. And T:Kingdoms don't have any server ever setup for my country. If COM servers might close then where would I play this next?

    As wiki is introducing about this game, good in defense are Gauls. And Gauls are recommended for those with less time.

    Romans are in the middle on the road between defense and offense. Their troops are more expensive (that's why I recommend starting with infantry), however also a good start.

    Teutons are most used in offense by "non-stop" players while they don't have a well defense buildings like Gauls do. And no one mentioned a guide on how to use Teutons as defense player. Their advantage is that they can build more troops. However, it is easier to destroy the defense of a Teuton who don't know to play (yep, good idea).

    In my guide I wanted to attract attention to some details which are not used generally by beginners.

    "In theory, that should work". Maybe. Use simulator too, practice, calculate and compare the effects.

    Yes, you can train Druidriders in same time as training Phalanxes for a faster time. I didn't said that you don't have to use cavalry.

    However, a full "hammer attack" could kill a large amount of troops.

    Using simulator, I concluded how it could be more efficient to use troops in defense and to kill a lot more of the attacking army while defending. While you're at home, not far away in distance.

    I read some posts here and I have to argue that I wrote this post mostly for beginners to learn basic things very well at the beginning. But not for offense where mostly experience can give a large start.

    I cannot write all details while a topic has its limits of letters and not all details could be wrote here.

    First, when you're new and you start on a server where you don't know anyone it could be difficult to know who to trust or how to avoid attacks. While a name is new in game that player could be seen as a potential farm while no one knew or seen him till then. So, for a beginner it is hard to know also which kingdom is better or which king is excellent in game or even trustful. I can assure you that at early beginning the raids are frequently against many players.

    Yes, to be active is a must, but that is not enough when you start alone, even with few friends (family or just friends), to build a strong defense is from the first step. Of course, most of all (experienced) players know that not all beginners are so worth while most of all going inactive and because those are potential "farms" for raids their interests are to keep them defenseless.

    I don't say to build only crannies in village, no. As I said, those who really want to play have to ensure their defense, both in buildings and troops.

    As example, when I started on a server I was attacked since the first days and a wall, a hidden treasury (low level, yes) and at least some crannies helped me to keep my resources in safe. If you don't play with a credit card (for using gold at upgrades), then you need crannies, otherwise your warehouse will be empty after every amount of attacks and raids. Ask yourself, can you be non-stop online?

    Every player pay tributes to a king or duke and only a Hidden treasury can avoid raiders from getting resources at the beginning, even if raiders don't get from your warehouse protected with crannies. After you grow up your villages you will no longer need crannies and hidden treasury. Remember, as long as an aggressor get resources from you, he will not stop attacking.

    Upgrading resources in villages is very important, but without troops to defend that could be like an useless work, for beginners the most while the experienced ones knows that. Troops takes time in training and for that you need a Barrack growing closely to level 10 in all villages.

    I told how to get a 2nd village in the first days without to go over 200 population, but Beginner Protection lasts only 7 days. You can get even up to 5 villages slowly using troops in raids on those gray inactive (scout them first or ask your team for help) not only waiting from resource fields. While your 1st village is mixed in troops you can use Swordmen in raids/attacks since the first days for to get resources from others (inactive players are a common source to get more resources in game).

    Also, use Academy and Smithy for research on troops. Better the troops, better the defense. After you did research in Smithy at maximum on the most important troops you need, you can demolish that building. Same with Academy when no longer needed for buildings and troops.

    Playing as Gaul or as Roman you have an advantage in defense using only infantry.

    As example, Phalanxes have same characteristics as Druidriders have in defense as Gaul. The only difference is that horses travel faster and using more population. 1 Druid = 2 Phal at same deff points. Haeduans are harder to get for beginners while they're so expensive.

    Using 9 crops valleys for villages/cities and 2-3 crop oasis could be a good choice for more troops. At the same time sending troops in reinforcements to your allies gives you more space available for troops. And every 9c will need an additional village close for resources in time.

    I didn't said here how to play on getting a wonder, while that action depend on the decisions of the kingdom leaders. I didn't say how to play offensive or how to build "hammer" villages.

    While playing on a server after I learned some experience, I had up to 8 villages well developed before of that the wonders starting as available to conquest.

    About Market I didn't said much. A market at high level is useful and a Trade Office in addition for a higher amount of resources sending to other villages or in trades.

    UPDADE: I added an example about troops in this guide, where you can find it at "A good defense will be based mostly on infantry ...." in text.

    Wow !
    Thanks you so much , i learned alot !

    I'm glad that I helped you. Please, select "Like" at my post if you like it.

    Really good guide. But so many guides aimed to defensive players as if newers cann`t learn play offers in their first server.

    Thanks for your opinion.

    There are still more secrets in game on how to play, but I cannot reveal them to public. Here on forum is just a base for how to become more experienced in game while playing. A serious player can learn from best teams the most important strategies. However not all will reveal their secrets to players who they don't know (because a stranger could be a rival later). I was playing in some teams and I seen that not so many players know enough about this game and it is hard even to find good sitters sometimes.

    About playing Offense is not so hard or difficult, because a full Offense army of a city can eliminate even a Gaul defense if well done.
    I could make a guide on how to play well in Offense, but for that I will need approvals because some of most important guides about that are kept in private by some players. Some of special information about it has copyrights.

    Edit: I found an interesting thread about a good Offense operation done by a team against another team, info which can help a bit about how to play in offense, but still incomplete, see it at Born to crawl can't fly

    Hello, players!

    This is mostly for those who want to play defensive or just as Gaul or as Roman, but as very active and doing it well.
    All those playing just for a temporary time or for curiosity should avoid this thread and this guide written here.
    If you don't play seriously, then let your villages to be open to raids.

    I won't talk much and I write what I consider myself to be the most important or essential to know, mostly for the newest in game. I say these from my perspective and from my experience. Some players will be angry on me because I put a bit more details here, and while you play in game all your enemies want that you will be a weaker target for their plans.

    A guide for Gaul starters is also at Beginner's Guide - First week as Gaul about the first week as Gaul.
    A guide for Roman starters is also Guide to "lazy romans" Don't have much time but want to play? this is for you!

    First of all, if you are a new player in game or don't know too much in game, my recommendation is that you should think on your strategy before to start playing on a server. Don't play on too much servers, or at least if you really want more than just one server, you should play on very few servers, no more than 2 or 3, and that only if you have enough time to be very active on them. Because this is a war game and you won't succeed too well in defense or offense operations without your implication in proper time. I recommend playing mostly on a single server than many.

    When start on a server, choose your tribe as Gaul if you play defensive, or Roman if you can use more time in offense troops, and be careful on the directions / coordinates on map which you choose to start, and also choose playing as Governor.

    Why playing as Governor, but not as King ?
    I recommend you to read wiki about Governors and Kings. But you should know that it is most easier for you to play as Governor and with more advantages at beginning. As a governor you have beginner protection which means you can’t be attacked right now, and don’t need to worry about defense for a while. The beginner protection will expire after 7 days or when your village reaches 200 population.
    Kings are limited by the number of tributes and influence. You can play as King after you know the game very well and when you have friends to help you for that, because the villages where kings and dukes have open treasuries are prior targets of attacks by any other foreign player or kingdom, and by enemies.

    First days
    Think careful about your position on map and neighboring kingdoms, talk from the start to kings you may trust and search for a best kingdom. Many Kings may tell that they're there for long journey, however only few really do. Mostly later in game are seen those who will play till the end.
    On many servers join pre-made teams of players choosing a wonder area, so you have a chance to find one of them around a nearest wonder to your location. However, many of them accept the joining of new players in the first weeks or in the first month, but they are closing the recruitment or stopping the joining of others later in game. I recommend to join on a server in his first days and keep your personal diplomacy on.

    When joining to a kingdom, talk in the kingdom's chats/messages and to your closest partners from kingdom, also try to attract on your side other players surrounding you (neighbors).
    You can also to relocate yourself on map if your king or kingdom don't seems competent, only if you have only 1 village and if you have an open option for relocation.

    Hopefully soon a Menhir feature could be added in game by game developers to help new players moving to desired kingdoms from the start. About that Menhir will appear a new guide in wiki or in Help sections IF that will be implemented.
    If that proposed Menhir feature (now being tested by mods) won't be implemented, and if the relocation don't help you, then you could use the common strategy of settling fast a 2nd village in a chosen location and destroying the first village after settling the 2nd.

    First Villages and Troops
    Your first village will be a bit mixed in defense and offense because of robber hideouts. About them you can find details in Wiki, Help or other guides. Attacking robbers in the first times will help you to get resources. Later you will need more offense troops to hit well these growing robbers.

    How you build the first village will be essential for building the second one in short time, even without the use of gold, and without to lose the Beginner Protection. For doing this you need to be sure first of your chosen area on map, because you should get most of your villages close to each others and to be sure of your future into a competent kingdom or a one with more chances. This is recommended for beginners. Also be careful where you settle the 2nd village.

    For building the first village in a good way for settling a 2nd very fast, then you should consider the Quests Book from the shown menu in game.

    Read from the spoiler:

    If your first village is indeed in a good area since the beginning, or even inside a big / stronger team surrounding you, then you don't need to demolish anything in the first village. You can settle in less than 48 hours even without using gold and without to demolish buildings. You really need to stay active on server for doing that. So, if you are fortunate along a good team/kingdom, you can even choose a 3w/3c/3i/9c (9 croppers) valley for your second village to settle. Remember that all these 9c and 15c are the most wanted in game for feeding more troops. As Gaul, or even as Roman, I recommend you to take mostly 6c, 7c or 9c (cropper valleys) for settling villages, being defensive, while each 15c ( 1w/1c/1i/15c valley) is moslty used by offense players, like Teutons and even Romans.

    Best (first) defense
    In the first villages, as Gaul, after you solved with a fast settling, from the beginning build a Trapper and as many Crannies you can use. Each Cranny should be at maximum and it would help you to keep your resources safe from raids/attacks. And if you have villages within any kingdom borders, build a Hidden Treasury. Also build a Wall at a higher level. No one will be interested to raid you again if they don't get anything. Later you will be attacked for other reasons and Crannies won't be useful more longer while your development is growing, so later in game you will need to demolish Crannies for to empty spaces to other buildings. Remember that only the Gauls have Cranny at 2000 resources, all other have at 1000 res protected. Romans don't have a Trapper building.

    In the first weeks you can focus on resource fields, while you did the first defense structure, but don't forget on military development too. All resource fields at maximum levels will help you to build Barracks and Stables faster at highest levels. Romans don't need Stable as much as other tribes.

    Your first village or where your Hero is located to as a Capital village, as Gaul, you will have mixed troops: Phalanxes, Pathfinders, Swordsman and even Theutates Thunders, mostly used against Robbers. Every player by each tribe will get robbers at his capital or at his first village.
    In the 4rth village you will focus on Druidriders (and Stable obviously at maximum). In all other villages you will focus on Phalanxes. Also Pathfinders to every village against Scouting.
    3 villages should be focused on resources, while all others focused on defense at the maximum levels.
    Gaul units in defense are the best in game. Phalanxes are cheaper and faster. Each Druidrider use 2 population and with a defense power similar to a Phalanx, however cavalry is used for long distances.

    For Romans the best use of troops are Legionnaires and Pretorians as defense infantry. Training thousands of them with non stop production with a level 20 barracks will take less weeks. Cavalry is used by Romans mostly for attacks/raids. Infantry is cheaper, easier and faster. And you don't need to focus on Stable as Gauls do, unless you choose to play offensive.
    In attacks Imperians are good, however a good amount of Legionars/Pretorians is also good in attacks on small targets.
    Focus on iron production first, Romans especially, so you can start upgrading that Barracks and Smithy as soon as possible. It shouldn't be hard to get a village upgraded to a city with a level 20 Barracks and a level 20 Smithy (buildings).

    A good defense will be based mostly on infantry, horses are too expensive since you look for speed which you don't need as a true defender. Horses (cavalry) are used mostly for sending defense on longer distances in a shorter time. As example, the most Gaul and Teuton offensive armies will contain more infantry than horses. Therefore infantry defense is worth a bit more than cavalry defense. As I know Cavalry defense is best used as standing defense since standing defense is primarily used to prevent quick sneak attacks by enemy cavalry.
    The most of tribes can support 24/7 production of defense infantry from a level 20 Barracks in a city (with all resource fields at level 12).
    For Romans that means 408 Pretorians (with iron oasis or 5 iron fields) or 444 Legionars per day.
    For Gauls 594 Phalanx (with clay oasis or 5 clay fields) per day.
    For Teutons 551 Spears (with wood oasis and 5 wood fields, or with 2 wood oases) per day.
    And, each Scout of a Roman or of a Teuton consume only 1 Crop and cost 250 resources to train whereas Gaul scouts cost 270 resources to train. Romans need Horse Drinking Through level 10.
    Teuton scouts would be best for blocking enemy scouts and Roman scouts would be best for scouting the enemy.

    Don't forget about Crops to feed your troops all the time, otherwise your troops will "die" by starving. For this you will need more oasis in Embassy, even if before or while you upgrade your villages to cities. Assigning crop oasis are the best choice with an Embassy at maximum level. For Gauls and Romans a oasis with 25%clay + 25%crop or a 25%wood + 25%crops is also a good choice, more than just 25%crop, mostly when you don't have 50%crop oases available to you. Also, compulsory to build those buildings which give bonus in crop production. See them in Wiki.
    If your village and your assigned oasis are inside your kingdom borders, then you can send a specific amount of troops (Phalanxes or Legionars) in these oasis for to activate a crop bonus.
    And all Crop fields should be at maximum levels in villages or at the highest levels in cities. Remember that villages could be upgraded to cities when and if you have enough culture available (mostly a bit later in game).

    Wild animals are also a good choice for to get a free additional defense. Animals don't cost crops, however the best animals in defense are the most rare and you need cages for them. When you get cages (from adventures or from auctions), you can send your hero equipped with cages in attack on the oasis from where you want to take animals.

    After you researched Phalanxes, Swords, Pathfinders, Druidriders, Haeduans, Rams and Chieftains (even Catapults if needed) in Academies and when you no longer need the Academy for new other buildings, then you can demolish it. You can do same with Smithies after you had upgraded all units to maximum tech levels. The same you can do as Roman (of course, about your specific characteristics).

    At beginning you will train settlers and most of your villages will be always requested inside kingdom borders. Later you will be able to train chieftains for to conquer inactive (gray) villages inside the kingdoms borders or close to you. I mean, not villages with lower population. For to succeed well in game, your villages or most of them will be closer to each other, mainly because of travel distances for troops.

    However, if later in game you would want to resign or to leave the game, it would be better for your allied partners to give them your so well developed villages, more than by settling again or by conquering weaker ones.

    Playing as King
    If you choose to play as King, then you will need a group of friends playing and helping you.
    Most of all, at the beginning you will need 2 or 3 kingdoms lead by you and your friends, such as it is written in Wiki, and each King and Duke need at least 1 dual and 1 sitter. Read the Rules about Duals and Sitters for that you will not confuse between features.
    After 1 month playing, you and your friend king could choose to create an Union (united kingdom) together, which will result in 2 leaders and 4 dukes.
    All Kings and Dukes should be most active in game.

    As King, and also your dukes, should ensure that all members joining in your kingdom will settle/take each valley inside kingdom borders. Doing this, you will get more tributes from them and sometimes more treasures. Recruiting players to your kingdom indeed will take more time and more talk. Most common are the recruiters doing this job, even on the server or even before that server starts.

    Read the wiki about treasuries and influence and a guide about a wonder. Settle and occupy areas close to a wonder desired by you or which is close to you. Plan on the valleys where the villages with active treasuries would be and that these would not override on each other's influence. My advice is to build 2 villages each to the valleys with planned treasury, ones for villages at maximum extend (those with 3 tiles of influence at 500 population) and ones for future cities (those with 4 tiles at 1000 population), from the early beginning in game, because Treasuries should have a distance of 6 - 8 valleys/tiles between them and all of them should connect with the King' Treasury. In this way you can cover more valleys on map within your kingdom. Only a mistake could break your plans on this.
    Every time a Treasury is a wanted target for attacks and raids from foreign kingdoms. Like in this image:…-gross-Quelle-Travian.jpg
    Every influence depend on the population of your village, or even of a city.

    Diplomacy: Remember that as King you will need some relations with other kingdoms in order to fulfill your missions. It depend on how you choose your strategy to be and on how good you are or your diplomat is in negotiations. Not all kingdoms will be open to diplomacy, but most of all not opening chances in diplomacy much later in game. If you chosen a wonder (or not) and you found a neighboring kingdoms same stronger as you or more than you, you can try make deals. As example, you can think to a NAP, to a Confederacy or even to an Union with that king. If you are unlucky to find a rival kingdom which is stronger and his king don't agree any deal, then you should alert your own and try to rally other kingdoms on your side and against the potential enemy. Your enemy surely will take actions against you.
    However, remember that in some kingdoms are joining other kingdom. If you got a pre-made kingdom as a potential rival, you may be indeed unlucky. Sometimes best options may be showing to be the joining into a stronger team than yours, but not before to be sure that that kingdom will not be one disappearing over night or one without good members. Or you can choose not to join.
    If you find active players with a not so active kings or not so happy in their kingdoms or even who may consider joining to yours, then take this chance and try to invite them.

    Communication. Not all teams use in-game chats, however a Secret society is open in game to be build for private/SS chat messages. Some kingdoms are using SS chat more than a kingdom chat. Rarely may happen that they don't use any in-game chats, but on outside sites. However, kingdom members need to communicate each other and even with the King and his dukes.
    Remember, those who don't care of your kingdom affairs or not interested to give any help to you, they won't be worth to keep them inside, but rather to conquer those who defy you, otherwise they may become your source of enemies.

    Sitters. You should ensure that all your kingdom members would have active sitters and that those sitters are based on close trust. Also put your close friends to keep their eyes on them as sitters, and even on their communications. Those hiding some of their messages from sitters could be suspicious or even spies sometimes. Your trustful friends should not be only your dukes or your undercover allied dukes. Every stronger team sees and know what their members are doing through sitters. No exceptions.

    Mark tiles on map. You can mark valleys, players or kingdoms with different colors or flags, and short messages on them, also sharing those marks to your kingdom or to a secret society.…5/11/feldnachrichten1.png…s640/robber+hideout+2.jpg

    Organize battle officers. Surely you will need to organize military actions. A chief for defense and a chief for offense are the most common. This depends on you how you decide to be. You will know how this could be done after you played before as governor into a good kingdom or at least a competent one.
    Every team in game is planning a defense strategy about their villages or cities with Treasuries, Hammers ("hammer" meaning Offense army, (primarily in 15c or 9c valleys and upgraded to cities for Crop fields), Scouters (villages with Scouts primarily) and other villages/cities inside or outside the kingdom borders.
    Standing defense will be a priority for each Treasury village/city hold by king or dukes.

    Wars. Every war has targets prepared before that war starts. The most common wars are on wonder areas and on players. Hammer attacks are the full offense troops from a village/city developed generally at maximum, for cleaning enemy villages from any defense, and before these attacks usually fake attacks are started for to annoy and to make confusion among enemies. Hammers also contains catapults and rams, attacking specific buildings. About these hammers and tactics used surely exist more info in another guide. The most common targets for hammers are Treasuries from kings and dukes, especially. After hammer attacks may follow conquering attacks with chieftains. The purpose of these wars are to destroy the enemy targets and their villages in a way that they cannot strike back.
    A well done hammer attack can clean an entire village of troops and also destroying defense buildings. Many use catapults against Crop fields usually. Even the wonder has in fact a village in it.

    Don't worry, this is a game. Even if you lose once, you will get more experience for the next time.

    Oh, I was to forget, buying Gold in game sometimes it is recommended, even as king, because it would help the game. And game developers would expect for that. However, no one is forced to do, so it is not compulsory to buy Gold or Gold Premium, but it is nice to mention this. You can also to exchange silver to gold, thankfully, if you know what or how to do with.
    I recommend to use some gold in game for to open 1 more space for buildings in construction progress.

    Good luck!

    If I forgot something, please, feel free to complete info details in it.

    Alright, thanks to all for your answers.

    As I see, every new Treasury is open at every 10,000 treasures.

    Anyway, making unions / united kingdoms from the early beginning is not so good idea unless it is a planned movement for a long commitment from both king and viceking. An inactive viceking is a nightmare mostly all the time.

    I learned that only a kingdom with all valleys within its borders has a good chance to collect more treasures and then preparing for an union with other one for increasing additional treasuries and borders.

    Hello, players,

    I am wondering how could a king or a duke build additional treasuries or more than just one active and what are the requirements for new ones?
    I mean why I can't activate yet a Treasury, more than one, and what is needed to do for this.
    Also why not working if I'm building more villages for it as wiki says.