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    Attackers can take resource from your tributes (if you are inside the borders of a kingdom)
    Teutons have 20% robber bonus if the hero is part of the attack
    There are items for heroes (bag of thief) that can also provide a few% of robber bonus

    Hi Georgi  

    Thank you for your response! I did not plan a whole feature request, it was more like an idea.

    In my opinion a possible solution can be to introduce a new tab on the village overview modal called something like Production, where you can see a table of production like wood/clay/iron/crop (when hovering over crop, it could display gross production and consumption). With a total row on the bottom (same hover on crop of total)
    But the proposal from Tiitana is also a good idea, to enhance the resources tab.

    I would probably prefer a new tab, as I think it is easier to have an overview of your production if you can see the prod of all the villages at the same time. But if I can get the information about total prod by hovering over a few fields, that is already really helpful.


    Hi devs!

    So in the end game, I always have to maintain an excel sheet of all the production in my villages. I think it would be an awesome feature to have a summed up view of the production of all the villages in the overview tab. I'm especially interested in crop, but others can be useful as well.
    Do you think it can be implemented?