Jumpers are a good idea.

    It offers for faster construction of another village and occupation of cropes.

    So either jumpers and options like now or no more menhirs + initial settlement all fields at 1 lvl

    Jumpers are a good idea in the first four weeks of a server. Not in the last

    Is it an idea that you discuss the options to leave my e mailadress? And that you send me an e mail in a few years that the game is back and this issue is solved? As mentioned before, i will end this server and wont come back untill solved

    It's simple, travian is my life 1-2 years ago, but now i meet every server this "jumping" tactic, and i decide i stop play this game anymore, stop buy gold, finish this server and dont start again before eliminated this system. Why its possible? When you relocate a village you must lose your army to.. but okay, if the game is this now its your decision, and mine is that you will not spend on such a game. And lets proud for this attack, you are very smart boy, relocate a village and attack with 30min travel time, congratulation :) Just it's enought.. i dont want to lose more village-treasury -treasures ect. because some googd 1 village boy relocated near to me and have 200k off with 1 village (nice joke :D ) and we cant destroy the village, so he can attack what every he want, so now the tactic not build to much, make some jumper army and get a lot of treasures in latemage, and this tactic terrible I think, maybe i can do this to, but i more like a game than win this way, and i hope you will get same enemy and you will have a good relocation fight game. Thank you this 5 years travian kingdoms :) i hope you will fix this, and sometimes i can comeback, and yes, maybe now i'm just to desperate, but i think you have so much time to find a solution tis problem, so now i dont start new server with this system, thank you and have a better game :)

    fully agree. Same here. It is not the players failure, its travian itself. So stop talking, stop saying you are working on it, do it!

    I just came here to see you cry. I laugh now. Thank you.
    Its like in Monopoly. YOu start to play but game does not end well for you then you start to cry about game rules. Buhuu

    Good that somebody made you laugh. Must be a long time ago right?

    In monopoly every street will be at the same place as in the beginning. You cannot jump streets there and there is a reason for it. You will end up playing this game by yourself. Must be good fun winning like that!

    How is it possible that in an endgame you can jump to a new kingdom and relocate? Increadible that this can be done without countermeasures. Same as vacation mode for dukes in ww phase.

    This used to be a great game. I hope the Fraud players still love the game when they are the only ones left:cursing::thumbdown:

    Fully agree. Shame support doesnt do anything about this. If you go on vacation mode this should be done for all your avatars at all servers. For instance Lekker was on vacation mode on com1x3 but plays on com2x3.

    Then you know it is misused dor sure. If this doesnt get change the game will lose me for sure.