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    thank you all for making this server particularly difficult. We took a great deal of satisfaction out of winning, without prolonging myself, I think it has been proven once again that quality is better than quantity. a heartfelt thanks to all the BM directivo.

    Forza Juventus Mayo ⚪⚫

    Yeah Im very satisfied we won that server. You can win a server in many ways.

    Are you happy you maybe win this server when you attack and helped turks attacking Empire? I cant see any difference if we compare to last com2.

    loser mentality, it doesn't make much sense to answer you. :)

    continue with your ideals, see you in game 👋🏼

    well said zillow .. you summed up in a few lines the only difference that distinguishes BM from the other realms, we look at ourselves and play to improve ourselves, regardless of the opponents.

    a month ago the empires were sure of victory, now they start shaking,

    regardless of the end result, I'm more than happy to be part of a group of people 100% consistent with their ideals. without changing them for convenience.

    @jethro_tull81 ,

    I don't know you personally, but I was in the last com2, and I know many players who played in your kingdom (GGG),

    you won the server, but are you really satisfied with winning a server where you were all against BM? and despite everything he also risked winning.

    I am never happy with such a victory. but in any case these are ideals, personal ideals.

    and as I said before I'm happy to be part of a group consistent with our ideals :)

    Sunday night we hit capital city and biggest treasure of OnlyoFF , grab 15k goods and almost destroyed the village. Same night ОПГ decided leave the competition for top 5 and began wing of Turks and transfused last treasures to Turks , and I assume they wanna take second mount for them . Monday night ОПГ planned big operation against GGG but hit our deff

    is the second server in which I see ОПГ give treasures to other kingdoms, last com1 to 4uma and this not so to whom, good reputation :)

    If I remember correctly, I decided to merge with ex water after half of their core players left to arsenal.. go to keep server interesting to play.

    Honor, Water, Hong kong, Titans and Own, soon Marshes .. and maybe the list goes on 😂

    Do you like to win easy?

    merge all server kingdoms into one and call them "Warriors" without winning a treasure in battle.