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    I don't think we should change how game works, because end game is most interesting part of the game for those who play seriously.

    However, if we want to make end game more interesting to casual players, It could be possible to add some kind of new round spesific achievements to end game. Like for example "send x amount of crop to ww", "settle village on grey zone", "destroy x level of ww" etc. Making these achievement would generate points which would give a some kind of new colour to "to the edge" badge when you reach a new level to it. (+more prestige points) That would let casual players have something to do and still focus on things are important to kingdom despite not having end game hammers. This would also reward those players who focus on one round instead of farming prestige on multiple game rounds, as these players would have more high level "to the end" badges in their profile.

    I had this exactly same issue when I was beginner. I was so scared of how all my troops dissapeared :p It turned out that oasis didn't belong to my kingdom (which I didn't had)

    and got a while for me to figure out where my rally point was :D

    I'm not saying you that is case for sure, but 1st check your rally point stationed troops and withdraw them. Then find out if that oasis is inside of kingdom borders or not. Having it signed for you isn't enough, it must belong your kingdom as well.

    Thanks for this reminder what it was to play as beginner, I wish you will enjoy your first round as much as I did! :)

    I would love to see some new braid styles like two cornrows for example. Even if I would like to change hairstyle, it would be hard bc my avatar would look too similar to players I play with and I don't want to copy anyone's style. Also face features are kinda poor. I like what I have now, but those are propably only face features I like.

    I have also thinked why there is no scouts in animals. But for real, this could be one thing on special rounds like birthday bash, halloween hunt etc. It is sometimes fun to try features that really doesn't belong to game.

    Before someone gave an idea that it could show name of person reinforcing grey villages. That would be a great. Anyway I would like to keep some kind of tool to community to detect spikers. It is a bit hard tell if this is an improment or if it will go wrong. Because from now on there is possibility put king or duke size deffs on inactives without having a bad reputation to kingdom doing that.

    I think there should be a way to get rid of king or VK. On the other hand votings are a lot of drama. In my opinion propably best way would be that there would be a rule change that it is against the rules to play against your kingdom’s best interest as a king or VK. In case either one began to kick all players out, players could report him and get their king or VK removed bc of the rule violation. In case King or VK gets deleted or decide to quit by themselfs, there should be a change to promote a new vice king or merge with another kingdom.

    I know we both would love to have a forum argument over this, but I will leave it here. My intention was not to insult you. I was just saying than I found it entertaining how there is so many different ways to mess up chiefing attempts. Sometimes chiefing fails because of bad luck, like in your case. I get you being mad at the beginning, but take it as a learning experience. Isn't it fun, than even with experience you have, you still keep learning new things? As annoying as it is to not be able to chief that village, if you from now on can see different possibilities how map may change during chiefing process, you will become a better player and you might be even able to use game rules against your enemies who still don't know them.

    I honestly would hate to see this fixed. It is super entertaining to watch noobs trying to conquer your villages and fail because they don't know rules. This player was in your kingdom during last 3 days, this village is inside of your kingdom protection, this player was inside your kingdom protection during last 2 days, you have no enough CP to conquer this village, either recidence or palace has not been destroyed yet etc. And when your old team mates finally learn all rules, some duke grants a protection to collect tributes and it all begins again. Yeah, chiefing rules are complicated.

    I don't like the idea. First there are many inactive players who no longer play, but have some popular names what others would like to use. I don't think it is right to force players take names that doesn't mean anything bc someone is reserving a name that describes them better. For example would you prefer to play using name Gentleman1702 instead of Gentleman?

    Other thing is that there is a very little if any abuse of the possibility choose others names before them. I have not a yet heard a case where someone has stolen other players identity in purpose to pretent to be them. And if someone does, they got no any advantage they can gain by that. If you are not as good as player as you fake to be, you will become a farm anyway.