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    What are you even talking about lol Maedhros left, Elwing chiefed his villagess

    Should we ask the same to how many of your players? (Oh and we have screenshots, many screenshots don't worry)

    If you want to come with accusations post screenshots and proof, because of that BM has a book for Untold's

    Did you say screenshots🤩 Is getting intresting8)

    To any readers that may finish here, the server is not ass quiet as it apears in here... is actually much fun an intresting... :thumbsup:

    :/ It is strange peoople do not share more of it 8)

    I think is a good idea. Would be nice to see a limit up to 60 players and 120 after two kingdoms get united.

    Another option can be that if the top kingdoms offset by a set limit the ones fallowing them in ranking they can not take their treasures anymore. The only thing here is that the game will be more intense for those in the middle because they will be attacked from both sides, the bigger and smaller ones if the difference between them is not that big.

    If a limit is set (and I think is the best) to make it harder for the wings to play together, when they reinforce each other the foreign troops to take extra crop (2x or 3x) same when reinforcing the WW with foreign troops. Also the wings leaders should be prevented from jumping the boat just before WW, this way if there is a limit they can't just kick out somebody in the last part of the game to make space for somebody else.


    I am interested in the travian API for external tools that allows other to develop 3rd party tools that can use data provided by travian. All I could find on this forum is this closed post API for external tools

    If anybody know where can I send my request for the api key, or is there any documentation related to this api please replay.