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    This is very dissapoiniting.
    Not only towards us who have gone out and tried to organize a high participation server with multiple strong teams which we have labelled the "Battle Royale" but also towards the players on those local realms.

    How can you suggest we go with our multiple premade teams of 40-50 players per team (at least expectation IF we can start in November) and invade a local realm where those local players are used to their own playstyle and mechanics.

    How would the Travian team feel if they have a nice quite house party and 200 loud brawling people come barging in and completely take over?

    And we do not even have a guarantee there will be a December start. All the momentum we have been trying to build as players will get lost. With the uncertainty the teams might fizzle out and the opportunity will fly out into the interwebs.

    There goes the Christmas bonus...

    Thanks Bellatora.

    A November comx1 server would be really great. 4 teams are eager to start a true battle and have skipped the September ot make sure everyone is available in November.

    I know the Misfits team is ready to put some boots to butts...