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    I gonna do that way :

    match the production of your villages with troops and after NPC in each village

    I hope that gonna work

    I come for pice and quiet server build villages, get some achivmants and read forum trash talk. Tomorrow I will activate kingdom far away from hustle [-6|59] . Welcome to my rehab, if you need some rest. No drama (enough after com2). All love <3

    Hello guys,

    unfortunately during the holidays an issue appeared on COM2 which caused chat disconnection and few other connectivity issues.
    We were in touch with our tech team the whole time and they attempted to fix it several times but unfortunately the applied fix didn't work permanently. At the moment they are still investigating the root cause and are hoping for a quick solution. We're sorry for the inconvenience caused!

    Best regards

    and that is it ?

    Players collaborate from all over around the world to show Travian still ALIVE ! We make that beautiful server with many strong teams without any help from the admins , we all know that COM2 bring BIG MONEY for the project , and also bring many suggestions from passionate player how to improve the game. We all know you DONE NOTHING for that!!! We don't ask a lot !!! We just ask SOME RESPECT to us !!! And if you thing you are gonna give us 30golds for our "inconveniences" and we will be fine !!! GO F...k yourself

    People from COM2 your are THE BEST ( even OPG:P)

    That seems nobody cares about the project except players :( Are you joking second week server fucked ???? We are feeding yours families by the way, please show at least minimum respect to us. Say something , keep in touch with active players and explain why we get those problems. 100% disrespect!!!! Feel so sad about(((