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    Gold Mine that is inside border of Kingdom, gives each Kingdom member some ammount of Silver

    Why dont you call them SILVER mines :D ?

    Hello Everyone..

    I've seen so many posts in this forum with ideas.. and thought ill add them together and bring up few more which weren't mentioned before.. Instead of trying to invent something new - why don't we bring cool stff from T4, which is already proven as great add on to he old school travian and hopefully it will give some spark to the TK community.

    1. Please update mobile app.

    a) Allow to select which troops can be called back from oasis (instead of current option to withdraw all.

    b) Login issues / delays / freezing

    c) Tributes collection - takes some delay until app allows you to click on them

    d) Allow card game

    e) Add troop simulator

    f) Access to READ/OPEN battle reports..

    Add probably there are more bugs or missing info i cant think about - but ill add it later on.

    2. Fix rally point… I think i’ve seen it somewhere .. but ill repeat myself again:

    a) Add sorting function : sorting your own troops, reinforcements , attacks

    b) show how many ress your troops are bringing from raids / attacks

    3. Replicate additional statistics from T4 - Pandora:

    • World progression – with some insights about the game world including the server day, accounts activated on the game world, and tribe distribution
    • Resource rank – with raid, trade and production details in comparison to your own alliance and the entire game world
    • Village strength rank – both for defense and attack in comparison to your own alliance and to the entire game world
    • Culture point rank – per day and in comparison to your own alliance and to the entire game world

    I dont know how about others - but i love STATS, and seeing my ranking in a whole server - gives me motivation!

    4. Maybe add more tribes..? I know its a long shot and takes a lot of time to test all / develop but.. it would be beneficial way to attract more players

    5. 2nd thing what i’m missing from T4 -> alliance bonuses : contribute resources to have alliance / kingdom bonus for :

    · Recruitment: Troop production in all troop producing buildings are faster.

    · Philosophy: Culture Points will be produced faster.

    · Metallurgy: Troop Values (Off and Def) will be increased on top of their Smithy upgrade levels.

    · Commerce: Merchants will have a bigger capacity.

    6. Aren’t you tired of WW.. ? Maybe let’s give a go for regions / artifacts? It gave a second life to old school travian, so maybe its worth to give a go in TK too?

    7. And finally… Croppers.. I’ve seen loads of ongoing conversations about crops.. my suggestion is simple.. Add more croppers with 150%.. some of the servers had 1 cropper only with 150% (com2).. add idea to add NPC to the crop is just killing whole PVP concept.. No offense for the idea.. but if i would like to play PVE i would turn my PS4 and play diablo 3..

    Thanks for reading.. any feedback is more than welcome

    Peace :thumbsup:

    Omg brother :D i cant stop laughing lol!! #mademyday

    thats the worst thing - im unable to change it, so what to do next - i dont want to keep the name he gave me. I've tried various names , even random lkfjsdlfjsd. I think he blocked me from changing the name

    Bad idea to post that here. ^^

    isn't forum a place for a community to speak up? I'm not saying anything offensive against him - its just speaking my mind and want to hear others point of view

    So, i had an argument with "Support Manager - Giorgi" and instead of fixing bug, he said that i need to change my name "iSmokeWeeed" because it is considered inappropriate and unsuitable for minors.. (Despite the fact that i've been using this name for the last 10 years in travian and other games including steam (steam most likely doesnt have minors), so he changed it without my permission to "iSmoke"... OK... how the hell its more appropriate and suitable for minors :D ?

    Also, i've noticed that in my current server COM2x3 there are players with names : Narcotic, Overdose, Jackass, Bong and etc (its just top 100 players), same as kingdom name "Bitch please"

    SO wtf.. how come these above name are OK and my one is not? also, how come my name was fine for travian 10 years in a row, maybe 12 years... but now when i started to question his knowledge about the game saying it is actually a bug, started to pick on my name. Dont you think its personal instead of inappropriate and offensive for minors :D ?


    It's a well-known display bug, if you finish the task you'll get your reward, no matter what the tooltip says.

    By the way, if one wants, one can interpret your name as political view, offensive or dissemination of statements with prohibited content, all of which are forbidden. I agree that this can be somewhat subjective, and I neither see a problem in it nor am I offended by it. I mean, I don't care what you call yourself. But I say that one can easily interpret names like yours as rule violation. If I was you I would write an e-Mail to and explain your situation ... and avoid the term "incompetent" & similar. If they leave it, then due to good will and obligingness, not because you're right. Technically and from an offended point of view you aren't, like I said.

    Again: Not saying that I'm offended by your name or that I think it should be changed. Just giving some advice which may help in my opinion.

    I get your point regards my nickname - although lets go back to the bug issue. The main issue is that i already have six lvl 10 fields and its still asking me to complete 23 levels of cropfields - which means i need to upgrade ALL my crop fields in my 2nd village as well - to receive this reward.. this is nonsense :)

    So, to begin with - i found a bug in one of the quests and it messed up my gameplay SOOO Much.

    Quest below:

    All Croplands to 10

    Upgrade all your Croplands to level 10 = requires to complete all crop fields in your first village, even counter shows : (6 remaining)

    But, once i've completed my 1st lvl 10 cropland in my 2nd village (15c) - counter in this quest changed to 46 (from 6 remaining). So it's a BUG!

    Although, according to the support it's "Normal" because quest conditions said complete all :D... wtf am i stupid here or they dont know what they are talking about??

    So if i'll have 10 villages, to get this reward it will be required to complete all 150 fields to level 10? (even tho in previous servers i've received reward after completing only 6 as per original condition)

    After their response "that it's normal" i've asked to assign someone with more knowledge to my case, as this is a bug. So, they replied saying that i need to change my name or they will change it for me!

    WTF how can they change my name? "iSmokeWeeed" - is it offensive? I'm playing travian since 2005, my name is in various forums, servers, listed on multiple server's pantheons and now, just because i've questioned their competence they will change it for me because its somehow against the rules :D ?

    Please guys, let me know what you think..